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Legends. YNWA
25th May 2013 9:49
25th May 2013 9:54
25th May 2013 10:19
"Harry kewell UNATTACHED? STILL?"
25th May 2013 10:25
"Thank you for the memories. YNWA"
25th May 2013 11:48
"Loved the reception John Arne Riise got a few weeks ago. Remember LFC FANS - we always cheer our ex players - unless they dis the club."
25th May 2013 11:53
"...and then there was one. Stevie G, the lone survivor"
25th May 2013 11:54
"Im made wiv this article, i was watching this game on ESPN the other day and was thinking i wonder were they are now. As DPLFC says Legends."
25th May 2013 12:08
"Rafa Napoli u mean lol ... But Alonso special player"
25th May 2013 12:08
"It feels like yesterday and so long ago at the same time. Thanks for the great memories."
25th May 2013 12:20
"Heroes, they all are. Forever in our hearts, they will be."
25th May 2013 14:07
"Imagine reading this article 8 years ago finding about the future - the shock at Jamie retiring, Benitez at Chelsea and Alonso at Madrid and relief that Stevie is still playing!"
25th May 2013 15:53
"If you could choose one of these players to have all over again for a full career at Liverpool, who would it be? For me, it's easy : Sami Hyypia."
25th May 2013 16:52
"Story of the past few seasons tbh. Gerrard is the only one that left at the club, now Carra has retired, no stability in the playing squad in that respect. Legends that this team are though. Would've love to see Carra and Hyypia in the dugout someday and Xabi back on the pic in a red shirt."
25th May 2013 17:25
"Stevie said in his autobiography that he gathered the team together before the match and told them if they won they would be legends forever. It worked, and how right he was. YNWA 25/05/05"
25th May 2013 17:46
"miss them so bad.. :'("
25th May 2013 18:02
"Rafa and Sami have done really well. Kewell not playing? Surely he could go to MK dons too! Nice Smicer and Baros both went back home and Riise got such a great reception last weekend (including the pub I was in!) Great team-let's try to be the same."
25th May 2013 18:36
"GAGGZY for me it would be a tough call between big Sami and Didi Hamman. Just as his introduction in Instanbul swung the balance in our favour, his bizarre withdrawal in that quarter final against Bayer Leverkusen cost us that game."
25th May 2013 18:49
"Let's sign up Kewell!!! "
25th May 2013 19:28
"We are grateful for every one of you, Thank you. "
25th May 2013 20:20
"Credit to all these legends! Inc Rafa who made them a 'team' !"
25th May 2013 23:18
"Every LFC Supporter sees them as Legends forever... 8 years ago and where did the time go? Anyway according to Wikipedia Harry Kewell plays for Al-Gharafa wearing shirt number 99."
25th May 2013 23:51
26th May 2013 1:19
"Great legends. If it hadn't been for the ban on English clubs from playing in Europe, we would have won more than five of the European Champions League cup."