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I would love developing this guy rather than going for a new defender. With 6.6" he can be a beast against big bully teams..
22nd May 2013 11:06
22nd May 2013 11:08
"So basically he's going on loan. "
22nd May 2013 11:08
"If we can't give him games then loan him out for a season, WBA would be best with Steve clarke, but fulham or some team like that , Coates will come good with games , would be a great CB pairing Coates and Papa if he comes both young and both tall, loan hi out for a season if we can't give him games "
22nd May 2013 11:12
"unfortunately i see him leaving this summer, hopefully can still get 5-6m for him somewhere"
22nd May 2013 11:13
"That sounds like a firm 'cheerio fella', if I've ever heard one YNWA"
22nd May 2013 11:21
"needs playing time! still very young and could develop to a very decent CB, dont sell him, better loan him out for half a year!"
22nd May 2013 11:22
"Sebastian Coates deserves a first team place next season. You have to reward his loyalty! YNWA!"
22nd May 2013 11:31
"Doesn't sound like he is in BR plans for the next couple of seasons if at all, I like Seba but his confidence has been tered and Rodgers obviously doenst see him as a genuine threat to Agger/Carragher or even Skrtl. BR looking at more CD so perhaps time ot move on!"
22nd May 2013 11:31
"I like Coates. He has potential. Sure, he's made a few mistakes as have all defenders - and I'd like him to stay. He just needs to learn how to cope in the Premier League and the best way to do that is to play on loan in the Championship."
22nd May 2013 11:46
"BR says good bye to seba"
22nd May 2013 11:47
"Too slow for me although game time may bring him up to speed. This guy stinks of a season on loan somewhere for me where he can play every week."
22nd May 2013 11:48
"Hope Seb stays he's still young and will only get better when he gets more games."
22nd May 2013 12:00
"I'd prefer to loan him out, but he simply doesn't fit in with the system with possession sides theres no room for anyone that's clumsy and not a good passer of the ball. But as a defender he's fantastic, loan him out or sell. I feel sorry for him though as he hasn't been given an opportunity. "
22nd May 2013 12:11
"In truth Seb does'nt deserve 1st team football based on what he's shown. personally think he never appears mentally ready for the game. too relaxed. slow on the turn, season-long loan. "
22nd May 2013 12:19
"I love Seb and I hope he stays and is given more opportunities. He wasn't the young player of the tournament (Copa America 2011) for nothing. YNWA Seb."
22nd May 2013 12:19
"It would be criminal to sell him on only for him to develop into a world class defender.Remember Fergie selling Pique back to Barca? Should deffo go on loan to see what he has by playing week in week out. Then by all means if he doesn't cut the mustard then sell him on."
22nd May 2013 12:26
"I just felt he should do more speed training and he will start fighting for first XI anytime soon! YNWA COATES!"
22nd May 2013 12:27
"his the softest big guy i ever seen lol ..EPL didnt suit him "
22nd May 2013 12:31
"I like Seb but I don't think he's good enough. He's not the ball playing defender like Brendan Rodgers wants.. He's too slow for me.. The only worry is that he is good friends of Suarez, Coutinho & Lucas! Rodgers is trying to bring more footballing centre backs in Papadopoulos & Llori, and I think this will prove a success in the coming few years.. Toure will provide vital experience!"
22nd May 2013 12:39
"it'd be clueless to sell this guy, Ince is a good example of what am talking about, play him alongside Aggar, give him more game time and we will be fine, he is skillful, although slow but he can dribble his way into midfield like Aggar does, he is confidence on the ball. try to develop him further, play him regularly and we will be fine."
22nd May 2013 12:48
"This lad needs games and if he is given them I think we would see him develop into a world class defender, he didnt get the young player of the the last copa america for no reason !!! either start him in every cup game next season or give him a loan spell at a decent side for a season but please DO NOT SELL !"
22nd May 2013 12:49
"Are some of you lot mad? Hes never gonna be good enough...It was a hell of a poor buy from that nob Commoli"
22nd May 2013 12:56
"I rate this player big time he is a proven international and has been with the Uruguayan frist team since he was 18yrs old. I like De Virj but Coates has a bit about him keep em and toure for free might be the way who knows."
22nd May 2013 13:31
"this guy don't need praise just play him and then thank him i remember the goal qpr .that says it all play him now so he gets play time nwa liverpoolsuperfan"
22nd May 2013 13:44
"We don't need to sale Seb, like KidofKop88 has said this guy has a lot of potential and talent. I would rather we keep him because now he knows and understands LFC."
22nd May 2013 13:46
"Strong and solid- seems best in a 3-5-2 formation which we will see more of next season"
22nd May 2013 14:15
"Would love to see Coates given more opportunities with us. He deserves the chance to show us all what he can do. We have already seen glimpses of a very decent player."
22nd May 2013 14:36
"Is this BR's way of saying Seb will be gone next season? I hope not. He has great potential and given a few more games can form a great partnership with Agger."
22nd May 2013 14:54
"I tend to agree with others on here, loan him out if he isn't going to play with us next year to develop him further. He seems to have good potential. YNWA!"
poolman 96
22nd May 2013 15:46
"in other words coates its time to pack your bags."
22nd May 2013 16:20
"My my, remember his goal against QPR lol, deffinately needs another few chances until we can come to a final decision on this guy. "
22nd May 2013 16:21
"Then do the honourable thing Brendan and reward his loyalty or loyalty means nothing. Seba needs to be here, not just for his outstanding potential but for Luis Suarez's sake, he's a great mate of Luis Suarez, who was used to persuade him to leave his home in Uruaguay to come here in the first place. South American young footballer of the year and best player in Copa De America..Keep Coates!! "
22nd May 2013 16:29
"If we sell Coates then I'm afraid it won't be long before Suarez gets restless and decides it's time to move on, these guys are mates, sell Coates at your peril Brendan, he must be given lots more games and really developed, I believe he'll come good given the chance, great loyal young man with the perfect att-i-tude KIng Coates!!"
22nd May 2013 16:34
"Carragher said some time ago, that the future of the team is Daniel Agger and Sebastian Coates, I couldn't agree more, Carra's wise words should be heeded."
22nd May 2013 16:34
"I agree KidofKop. We need to toughen him up. Protein supplements etc and get him to improve his 'time off the blocks'. He has everything but his confidence needs a big boost - if we are not going to use him immediately, we should loan him. He must not sit on the bench next year... he has done that two years running and that for a young man is demoralising. "
22nd May 2013 16:36
"I'd rather our younger CBs like Coates, Kelly, Wisdom be given a chance in the first team than us sign a replacement for Carragher. There must be a reason we've given them contracts, and an opened up space in the first team will aid their development."
22nd May 2013 16:37
"Seems RB wants to Carol Seb, "
22nd May 2013 17:04
"he certainly needs some gametime against other prem side in order to flourish. I thought his passing has improved as shown against Fulham. Skrtel didn't come good in his first few games for us too but he improved since he played more consistently, so hope he'll hv more chances to partner with Agger. Of cuz he also needs to improve his physical attributes (strength, agility & jump) as well"
22nd May 2013 17:04
"Coates will do all right in ast a full strenth team. Quite often he's played in cup games when Rodgers has made wholesale changes to the line-up. Cover is needed for Enrique's position more importantly, lest we see Downing playing there again next season."
22nd May 2013 17:20
"If you don't reward his loyalty Brendan you will simply pour contempt upon it and Suarez, his Uruguayan friend will see you do it and that may damage his faith in you and our club."
22nd May 2013 17:28
"I think we would be mad to look for another CB elsewhere, waste of good money when we have the likes of Coates, Kelly, Wisdom and Samir. Getting another guy elsewhere will harm the confidence of the guys we have on the books already. A Uruguayan International and will play in next years World Cup no doubt, Coates must be used regularly, it's a no brainer. "
22nd May 2013 17:32
"You can't simply reward loyalty with cheap words of praise, you give him, stacks and stacks of games, even if he has the odd stinker, so what, don't all the superstars have the odd stinker? Mistakes are to be learn't from, even managers make them Brendan as you well know, so put you praise into action."
22nd May 2013 17:36
"love this guy has great potential played against city last season and was fantastic in both boxes maybe 6months loan, if we were in Europe he would get games,please don't sell."
22nd May 2013 17:37
"You praise his loyalty Brendan, like yould praise a dog's loyalty, let's get really honest here, is his ability, awareness, technique, vision, tackling, passing, pace, heading, blocking and decision making praiseworthy enough for you Brendan? Then say it for Pete's sake."
22nd May 2013 17:38
"Loz99 do you mean sama"
22nd May 2013 17:44
"You talk about Carra's outstanding form keeping Seb out of the team, well Carra's gone now so what's the problem? What's all this tripe about finding a replacement for Carra? We have good young players on our books already, including Sebastian Coates, are you saying they are not good enough to fill Carra's shoes, that is nonsense. Cara' gone bring in Sebastian Coates now!!!! "
22nd May 2013 17:47
"Redopium 22nd May 2013 17:38, Sama is correct! well spotted, where did I get Samir from?? Yes Nasri's first name of course. YNWA "
22nd May 2013 17:55
"Players thrive on playing lots of games, they learn on the job and MUST be allowed to make mistakes, we've all seen Carra and many other great defenders, make stacks and stacks of howlers over the years but some players don't seem to be given the same forgiveness for some reason or another, give Coates a chance, build his confidence up, reward his amazing enthusiasm and loyalty. "
22nd May 2013 18:11
"Hopefully he gets called up for the Confederations Cup so that he can show his quality like he did in the Copa America. "
22nd May 2013 18:17
"Sad it may be but face facts Brendan, Carra is gone and going by your logic, can no longer be keeping Coates out of the team, so what's the problem now? Why the need for a sit down? Be true to your own logic and just put Sebastion into the team, Carra is not here anymore to keep him out anymore, no need to sign anyone else for defence."
Dede 7
22nd May 2013 18:38
"Every player needs enough game time to improve. especially if still young. i would suggest he be loaned coz i believe it will benefit him alot. Coates improve on your agility and game reading. you will be a special player at Liverpool in the coming years. i can see that."
22nd May 2013 18:39
""He has been here a few years now." ....I think BR needs to check his facts a bit...Coates has been with us less than two years...not exactly encouraging for the lad."
22nd May 2013 19:18
"Loz99 and Rushjob, I completely agree. He has potential and needs games, but I do ultimately fear that his size is too much and he lacks the quick feet needed to stop players like Walcott, V.Persie, Bale. They'll run rings around his so he needs pace first and then he'll be a winner."
22nd May 2013 19:18
"i think he a monster but he needs to play with agger 10 games strate to get sharp he reads the game well good in air just a bit slow i think we need a very fast cb like a Cheikhou Kouyaté tall to "
22nd May 2013 19:38
"scousemorals does that mean hyppia wasn't up to it either,"
22nd May 2013 20:12
"The people on here saying he needs game time would be the same people to moan when his errors cost us matches...Sorry just because he scored a great goal against a poo QPR team doesnt make him have great potential..Trust me he wont last here"
22nd May 2013 20:13
"I think he's be better up front. The only reason he was there was because he was going back to get a bottle of water from behind the goal when Kenny saw him and thought he was a Centre back. He kept trying to tell Kenny but Kenny couldn't understand his Uru-Scottish accent. "
22nd May 2013 20:21
"Its simple- he needs to go out on loan. Grt match fit ect- then we will see what hes really like"
22nd May 2013 20:35
"Stop patronizing Coates and put your money where your mouth is and let him play stacks of games now since Carra is no longer keeping him out of the team, he can't possibly get any better unless you give him the experience he badly needs to prove his worth. "
22nd May 2013 20:42
"he definitely needs games a yr loan would be great for him, would hate to see him sold off, as hes not really had the chance to prove himself "
22nd May 2013 20:54
"He praises him for his loyalty and support? The tea ladies at Melwood could be praised in the same way. This lad has left his family, friends and former teammates 100's miles away back in Uruguay, Suarez too, just to sit on the bench. People on DHSS Benefits are demonized for less and many of them were made redundant against their will. Give Coates games now! "
22nd May 2013 21:06
"Make it your business Brendan to mould this young stalwart into a pillar in our defence, I've watched him play lots of matches for Uruguay and some for us and feel he hasn't had a fair crack of the whip yet. players like Phil Jones and Chris Smalling and Johny Evans were all given their chances at manu, I believe Seb is better than them. "
22nd May 2013 21:06
"I don't think he has found the pace of the premiership yet with the number of games he has had. A few more cup games would have been good but unfortunately that didn't materialise. A loan spell is the only thing I can see if we are already going out to buy experienced defenders."
22nd May 2013 22:01
"Id rather see them give him a chance than sign someone like Toure. They should slot Kelly, Wisdom, Wilson, and Coates in to cover Skrtel and Agger"
22nd May 2013 22:15
"He may turn into a good player one day but if we could recoup 7 million for him, id take it. That performance against oldham still gives me nightmares. I just dont think its going to happen for him at anfield unfortunately"
22nd May 2013 22:22
"hayward, spot on mate,"
22nd May 2013 23:00
"As someone posted before, for his size he is not a beast at all. In fact seems reluctant to try and bully strikers. Always seems to be more stand off. Maybe it's a confidence thing, if not then he probably won't get a chance and maybe rightly shouldn't. "
22nd May 2013 23:28
"Give him a chance BR... Look how many games Hendo, SD and Jonjo have had to prove themselves... He needs to be toughen up and he'll come good... He has some good skills, just needs time and games to prove it..."
22nd May 2013 23:37
"Wasn't he voted the best young player in last coppa america. Was so highly regarded and suddenly like the most of our defense, in just one season, turns into a dirt!? The boy has bags of potential, and could possibly be bedrock of our defense for the years to come. It'd be a dumb thing to sell him."
23rd May 2013 0:32
"Sebastian Coates is first class. He has a fantastic football brain and intercepts possible danger before it eventuates akin to Dieter Hamman.Anyone would make mistakes if no beleif shown in him. He was defender of tournment at Copa America The majority of supporters here see his quality. Please Brendan keep this guy.. "
23rd May 2013 1:14
"Stop talking Brendan, just LET HIM PLAY!!! "
jjj jo
23rd May 2013 2:05
"The truth is he is agger-like type defender,if they play together it doesnt look good. Id rather play him as a defensive midfield cover for lucas,cause i saw him dribbled pass players last year . maybe we need one defender that can play left back also."
23rd May 2013 3:10
"I think it will be up to Seb if he wants to Stay, go out on loan or leave permanently. He certainly has the potential to be a very good defender but he needs to be playing in a top league for at least half a season for Rodgers to judge if its more than just potential. Could play for us next season and be great but that would be a risk i wouldn't be comfortable with us taking. Loan please"
23rd May 2013 4:40
"I would love to see sebastian coates being groomed, he can be the next Kyrgiakos, whom has more fancy move with defense and attacks!"
23rd May 2013 6:16
"Very solid young defender with huge potential - i just hope he remains patient. For my money, He surely looks better to keep than Skrtel."
23rd May 2013 7:29
"give the boy a change, he is awesome for Uraguay"
Ken Maxwell
23rd May 2013 7:33
"Dont Buy New Defender, Liverpool has a lot talent Defender, Place Coates,Kelly, Wisdom, Jack, Jon, and Sama, Give them a few games, or eventually they will leave! or loan them, Keep them all!!! Liverpool Forever "
23rd May 2013 9:10
"The has got talent..please give him chance..he will prove it "