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hope the guy can go a season without any sort of ban, he will be influential for our chase for top 4
22nd May 2013 10:58
22nd May 2013 11:03
"Luis will stay. We love him. He loves us back. He must look at only for his teammates & Liverpool fans if he wants to make any decision. He's vital for us next season. YNWA Luis"
22nd May 2013 11:07
"Hes going no were hes our player....ok hes got issues but who has nt? They all pillered him but there is not one club in world football that would not have him.They are jealous we love you luis you will be a legend at the home of football..."
22nd May 2013 11:24
"He owes us big time for next season at least and help the club get CL footy, if he wants to go then, let him but I think you will find Suarez is a loyal rogue and not one who runs off easy. same again next seaon Luis but not so selfish with the ball, find your team mate also with shooting chances."
22nd May 2013 11:24
"Okay, so let`s move on and create even stronger Liverpool with Luis with us!"
22nd May 2013 11:47
"We love Suarez, Suarez loves us. But... In my opinion even if we do sell, 40 million can be well spent without a doubt. Carroll - 15 million, Suarez 40 plus our added budget would be around 75Million. Sturridge will get us goals, personally with or without suarez we're on the up."
22nd May 2013 11:48
"A 50 million pound phone call would instantly change this view IMO!"
22nd May 2013 11:52
"What I'm worry about who will play were when suarez is available, it looks asthough suarez will go behind sturridge which is were coutinho is currently, which means less creativity personally coutinho needs to be in the middle and we need to decide of who to pick out of suarez and sturridge. Coutinho is a vital gog and he isn't as effective from the left. "
22nd May 2013 12:04
"I believe he will stay, we need to support him in every way."
22nd May 2013 12:34
"I think Coutinho will be effective in either position. Even on the left, he still seems to manage that fantastic outside-foot-through-ball thing which we all love to see. What about a 4-1-2-1-2 with LS and DS being the 2 and Coutinho being the 1 (just behind them)?! :)"
22nd May 2013 13:04
"dont worry who going to start :))...we need options and at least 18 players for rotation....every type of game suits for different formations...we need more options....we need classy box type striker for home games and we need CDM for away games - hopefully we get Papadopoulos."
22nd May 2013 13:07
"i will be a lot happier when I see Luis himself saying that he is going to stay. Money talks and if some club offers him telephone numbers he will go, which will be a huge loss for us. Lukaku????"
22nd May 2013 13:08
"Ok what about news on Carroll to West Ham for 15M??? "
22nd May 2013 13:10
"Matt1966 - Coutinho, Sturridge, Suarez in the final 3rd comprende? "
22nd May 2013 13:14
"Lots of talk and words written about who is in and who will stay and who will go. I will believe it when I see a smiling face holding our shirt with his name on it. Unfortunately big Andy will never play under Rodgers he doesn't like big players look at his signings.... all smallish like him. Anyway lets wait out the silly season and see come August who starts for us"
22nd May 2013 13:17
"spurs are in the same boat with bale, money bags won't leave you alone."
22nd May 2013 13:34
"suaerz can go no one player is bigger than this club. he bit another player and he will do something worse next time. people can moan bout replacing him he cost 22 mill we can get 40 mill so theres enough money for a better forward "
22nd May 2013 13:36
"rodgers dont start bending over backwards to keep him get him out while the windows open"
22nd May 2013 13:52
"He will come back stronger. Look at how he came back after the evra saga. He is a fighter and he belongs to LFC. No amount should sway us to let him go. Good teams keep their best players."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
22nd May 2013 14:13
"I hope he stays. He's a true world class player."
22nd May 2013 14:15
"hulksmash - We were lucky to land Suarez for starters. Now that we cannot offer any european football, which top strikers would want to join us. Have a think about that! "
22nd May 2013 14:33
""Dr David Banner smash" -this isn't your Xbox games. Selling Suarez doesn't guarantee a world-class replacement! He'll play in the summer, then get a good rest, train to get sharp and come back(probably against you-know-who) and get booed until he shuts them up with a world-class performance and goals!"
22nd May 2013 14:39
" calm down children suarez can be replaced like torres was replaced "
22nd May 2013 14:45
"suarez will be off he wants to playin champs league and the way were going that wont be for at least 3 seasonsif were lucky chelski,asrnal and the 2 manure clubs will get the best players and we will get the left overs we cannot compete with them we have owners who wont spend the big bucks "
22nd May 2013 15:18
"hulksmash... fittng name!LOL if he does go then we'll make lots of money from him like we did with torres but I think we'd all prefer him to stay. how many seasons did it take mancini to get the le?? and that was with a bottomless pit of cash!! BR said said "judge me at the end of the season"..... Well its starting to look pretty good to me BR!! YNWA"
22nd May 2013 16:21
"Suarez has a point to prove. He will be back next season, stronger and better than before to help us to the top. On the way he will face controversy and abuse from all those for whom he does not play. He will be in his best behaviour and not likely to see any red cards.'mark my words'"
22nd May 2013 16:34
"Oh look! Suarez transfer stories again. Never mind, it'll make for some very interesting light reading over the summer."
22nd May 2013 16:52
"Want Luis to stay, his mindset on the melwood training tells me that he is a winner, that nothing deters him from his goals, when he turns this into stronger self control and he will in time as he matures, he'll grow into a Liverpool Legend for sure!!"
22nd May 2013 18:48
"they always say the same thing what will they do with out r top striker first was keegan replaced np daglish then rush replaced np fowler then same fowler along comes owen then the transvese torres now suarez. all 25+ goals a season loads strikers out ther dont worry wen a striker leaves the pool they go anyway ask torres or miss out on the best ever game played 2005 lol "
22nd May 2013 18:51
"LS going nowhere 3rd best forward in the world, hope we get CL footy next year so he will stay longer."
22nd May 2013 18:52
"hulksmash- I'm not sure if you're saying we should sell and get a better forward or if we sell we won't get anyone good?! You're contradicting yourself I feel, though I could be wrong. Keep the quality you know should be our thoughts for Suarez."
22nd May 2013 19:36
""hulksmash" Can't agree with you Suarez is the only World Class player( Stevi G is getting old) in our team and we want be able to replace him because we are not in CL, I would say on current form Suarez is about 3rd or 4th best in the world so £40m want get you anything."
22nd May 2013 19:46
"Every player has a price mind - Ronaldo's was 80 mil."
22nd May 2013 19:52
"Hmmmm. Now for the staticians ast you. How many games have we lost without Suarez since he arrived? Would it shock you to find out that our win ratio is far higher without him?"
22nd May 2013 20:01
"If we are going to improve and continue to build our team then we MUST keep LS.however teams may put in big bids for him and this may test his resolve."
22nd May 2013 20:01
"Hulksmash - I'll stick up for U. Just this once though lad. Not really interested if he does or doesn't stay. He's a talent without doubt but he unbalances the side by trying to turn and loses possession easily.He's selfish and his atiitude will never change.His role model is that cheating tw&t Maradonna - enuf said. "
22nd May 2013 20:51
"If he goes he goes and we will replace him just like with did Torres and we play better football with out him anyway "
22nd May 2013 20:54
"HendoDaWarrior Luis scored 23 goals in the premiership and 30 in all. If you think that is not good enough then there is sometning that we all are missing from your enlightened wisdom. Which player would you replace Luis with who is available?"
22nd May 2013 20:57
"lfc4ever76 We are trying to build a squad of ecxellent players and not just relying on one player. The last few games have shown we are on the up but where would we be without Luis' goals. We can't afford to buy this sort of class. Even if we did sell him do you think the money would be reinvested???"
22nd May 2013 21:06
"LFC1958 - Where would we be without his goals. its not about his goals. how many times have we won without him. Far more percentage wise and lets not forget the cup games that he has come on as a sub when we were goals up and then we lost.Look at the bigger picture."
22nd May 2013 21:09
"He may be entertaining but he seriously unbalances the side. Its just a 1 man mission when he plays. I'm an LFC fan 1st, a lot of U seem to be LS fans. I admit I have a soft spot for Hendo but that's down to his selflessness. Not denying he doesnt work hard but look at the league table, it doesn't lie. "
22nd May 2013 21:11
"HendoDaWarrior From what i have seen it is not just his goals but his work rate and putting the fear in defenders that makes him so good. I agree that he needs to curb his nastier side and with new players like Phillipe and Daniel he will not have to carry the burden himself. I believe that was the reason for his selfishness. He did carry the forward line by himself for most of the season."
22nd May 2013 21:13
"To answer your question of who to replace him with, im sure either DS and FB can hack it when we have PC in the team. Then we look to the kids for support. Not bothered in big names, lets make names not buy them."
22nd May 2013 21:16
"HendoDaWarrior Had Luis had support from another couple of good playmakers( Phillipe is one) I am sure we would have been higher up the table. In Luis I see the passion to win at all costs and that is what we have been lacking for the past few years.Other players within the Team are finally getting that passion to win. It does rub off."
22nd May 2013 21:25
"1958 - The fact that we now seem to be stable will mean that he will be even greedier when he comes back. I know how his mind works. He wants to be a hero like his hero Maradonna. He could be great but I honestly cant see him changing. Sorry but I think he is and always will be nothing more than a mildly amusing liability."
22nd May 2013 21:35
"HendoDaWarrior His hero Maradonna was a winner and is regarded as one of the greatest footballers of all time( Fallen from grace in his latter years) I didn't like the hand of God but that saint Thierry also did it!! If he did go I would miss the nutmegs, the goals from the half way line the goals form impossible angles the goals and assists from the outside of his boots, etc,etc etc..."
22nd May 2013 21:48
"way not buy Jovetic,it would be ideal for Liverpool?why not play Asaidi,does anyone?"
22nd May 2013 21:48
"way not buy Jovetic,it would be ideal for Liverpool?why not play Asaidi,does anyone?"
22nd May 2013 21:48
"way not buy Jovetic,it would be ideal for Liverpool?why not play Asaidi,does anyone?"
22nd May 2013 21:48
"way not buy Jovetic,it would be ideal for Liverpool?why not play Asaidi,does anyone?"
22nd May 2013 21:48
"way not buy Jovetic,it would be ideal for Liverpool?why not play Asaidi,does anyone?"
22nd May 2013 22:09
"Hendo warrior: wow we have had few weirdos here but I think you top the lot, bcos Suarez's idol is Maradona the best player ever to play football we should sell Suarez, FB and DS to replace LS what u on , is it the mushroom season already."
22nd May 2013 22:48
"Liverpool can forget about winning the League unless UEFA change finance rules, insists Bundesliga chief Read more: Follow us: MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook"
22nd May 2013 23:08
"I don't see what we can offer him on a footballing front which would make him want to stay. Not going to get CL until Rodgers goes (mid-table coach at best), no other world class players (Gerrard not the same player he was due to age). A big bid he will go i think. "
22nd May 2013 23:15
"ChampionOfEurope05 22nd May 2013 23:08 You always manage to come up with something depressing. Be a bit more positive, support your manager (cos he's not goin anywhere), cheer your team and hope for the best. Forget about winning the league for the next 3 season. Too much damage was done after Rafa left. It's a rebuilding process, and our owners are not from Dubai or some sh*t like that"
22nd May 2013 23:20
"barometer1955 22nd May 2013 22:48 I just read the article. depressing! "
22nd May 2013 23:40
"suarez is our next captain doesnt matter he is crazy sometime... but hi is uruguaian captain"
23rd May 2013 1:27
"Suarez will stay ! he loves LFC and we need him, that's all."
23rd May 2013 4:24
"DS and FB replacing Suarez?? What a joke!! And if you think that he's selfish, what about DS? Wants to be a hero? You don´t really know him!Please, feel lucky to have him!"
23rd May 2013 4:53
"Manager should Stop responding to our important players' leaving rumors in future! It sounf like our club is smaller than the players, it an insult! Those who will leave will do so eventually. No players are bigger than this club, no doubt he's a talented hardworking player but no one is irreplaceable! "
23rd May 2013 4:53
"BR should be more concern who wear the red shirt next season. Players like outgoing downing, Carroll, and error prone Johnson, Skrtel and Reina will be going sooner or later! "
23rd May 2013 6:01
"I think Suarez will stay cos he has unfinished business of getting the golden boots, which robbed him by the ban."
23rd May 2013 6:01
"For those who think becos of Chelsea and ManCity, Money can buy success. What make you think that big money won't result in World-Class flop like Kaka, Robinho and Torres (by Chelsea). (AC is a flop but not world-Class). And what make you think that small money get leftover? Coutinho, DS leftover? Diamonds are rock in the eyes of the fools (Inter and Chelsea)."
23rd May 2013 7:17
"Well, we will see. Has he learnt the lessons? I certainly hope so; when he is playing his prime he`s out of this world."
23rd May 2013 7:29
"Lets go for the le. Lets make Stevie G smile. YNWA"
23rd May 2013 7:42
"HendoDaWarrior, you are such an arse and blind little crap!!! Having ppl like you in fan base is one of the reason why we are where we are! Shut up. Luis is the King and no1 is better than him, even if we sell him 100mil, still not good enough tio find somebody like him. Oh u like Hendo who is lazy, but u dont prefer Suarez who gives his life inside the field. Stop talking in here man"
23rd May 2013 7:53
"We need him next season in order to secure champs league for the season after. If he goes this summer, we can't get good replacement because we are not playing in the champs league."
23rd May 2013 7:55
"funny how Suarez is not on the website cover or outside the ground. Images are of Gerrard and Sturridge. Do the club know something we dont?"