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I think it's an absolute disgrace that the club are charging £35 for this, it should be free. When are they going to give the fans something back.I just hope that no-one pays this.
22nd May 2013 10:11
22nd May 2013 11:22
"How is it part of their objective to bring the club closer to the fans when they want £35? Why not make visiting Melwood free and instead charge for the other things mentioned?"
22nd May 2013 12:59
"Like I said of the decision made to wear the 2013-2014 home kit against QPR, this stinks of American marketing strategies. Any way to squeeze every last penny out of us. I wouldn't have minded if the money went straight into the transfer kitty, but we all know most of it won't."
22nd May 2013 13:47
"i fully understand the 35 pounds. can you imagine how many people would come there if it was free?"
22nd May 2013 14:20
"I paid the FA cup final £5 at Anfield last season happily, and this should be similar. I'd like to know how much the mini-tour costs, plus the chance to sit in Gerrards seat on the team bus!I think it would have been better to set something up at Melwood, such as football games/training for fans(are you reading this LFC?!)if they're paying for it. "
22nd May 2013 14:23
"Why not set days and times so people can plan/book and have free/low-cost for Melwood,and extras for a price. Seems better for everyone (club included! I fear they could make a loss on this) As for the new kit last weekend-no problem, people have pre-ordered it so why not wear it? (maybe I should be more cynical!)"
22nd May 2013 15:24
"Pathetic I remember the days and not to long ago when you could go down to Melwood go in and watch the team training now it seems they have found another way of trying to rip the fans off for more money your not even seeing the players train. "
22nd May 2013 18:04
"1986lfc - "it should be free" haha are u having a laugh"
22nd May 2013 18:37
"Great revenue generating idea! I'd pay it. YNWA"
22nd May 2013 18:46
"Bondy9-As has been mentioned in the press, man city train next to a pathway, so have to let people close and have been subsequently (believed to be) spied on! Melwood should be free-especially to schools nearby- or very cheap (£1-5),with photo's, the team bus, Anfield tour and so on paid extra for. Have game set up too-come on LFC!"
27th May 2013 14:06
"Considering the normal tour is £16, I don't see why everyone is angry about this for. I'd gladly pay £35 for the opportunity to see Melwood and ride the team bus, but I won't be in the city until June 19th. Shame, that."
27th May 2013 18:03
"I think this is grrrrreattt!!!"
27th May 2013 19:59
"Well organised though in Melwood barely an hour,no access to dressing room.Please note Anfield part is mini tour only,no dressing room or tunnel.Not really worth money."
28th May 2013 10:56
"The club & players have never been further apart from the fans than they are today. I sat on the veranda with Shanks watching the 1st team train in 1973 for nothing. Now the club want me to pay them to not even see the players, just the rooms. Haha incredible!! What happened to my beloved LFC?"