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Suarez is a class footballer and we should be doing all in our power to hold onto him.
22nd May 2013 9:11
22nd May 2013 9:20
"doesn't that confirm what we all know? MVP!"
22nd May 2013 9:42
"He could easily get the golden boot if he play for the remaining games. Hope this miss make him hungrier next season. "
22nd May 2013 10:00
"A highly talented individual who just need to curb his temper and frustrations. Liverpool needs him"
22nd May 2013 10:03
"No real surprise there..."
Brazilian meastro10
22nd May 2013 10:14
" ValiantSG I hope he understands what hungery you talking about,lol and doesn't eat any1!!lmao nevertheless, exceptional player. come to think about it. the league had a few star performers, eg bale, RVP,mata. All that have been here how long? Where as Suarez nd Coutinho made instant impacts. really top class players a top class club with a top class manager. YNWA"
22nd May 2013 10:24
"get taarabat and ben arfa in as well as DIame in ....come on rodgers"
22nd May 2013 10:25
"insane difference. he is just having fun playing in a league of his own."
22nd May 2013 10:31
"Good clubs hold on to their best players. We can afford to let him go, in fact LFC should put a buy out clause in his contract. Pepe, Glen, Jose, Daniel, Stevie, Luis, Philippe and Daniel S these are the cream of LFC then you add the graduates you have the core of your team. Then Brenden should add 3 class acts then top four will be beckoning."
Big Az
22nd May 2013 10:48
"I hv bin sayn it hia for a while nw,am glad som1 finally agree wit me. BR pls gt Tarabt n possibly Ben arfa LFC nid more creative n quality players.YNWA "
22nd May 2013 11:17
"I could have guessed he was top, but not by such a distance! Nutmegs...?! Suarez, Sturridge, Coutinho and Sterling can all run at players and around them. If we do get Tonm ince as well,then- ! "
22nd May 2013 13:36
"Spot on Jimmymac6, will be better than Torres if we could get him the right partner just like when SG partnered FT."
22nd May 2013 16:03
"buy of the decade for me settled right in the the team hasn't looked back since the best bit of business liverpool will do this season will be holding on to luis suarez there will be a few teams that will try to get him but i hope his heart is still in liverpool "
22nd May 2013 16:21
"No club would offer more than 40M for him after what he has done. This will only benefit Liverpool. "
22nd May 2013 16:25
"Class pure Class. Y.N.W.A. Luis "
22nd May 2013 16:39
"The premier league is too easy for him. "
22nd May 2013 16:41
"Suarez is a great player. Common Red Man "
22nd May 2013 17:28
"why not get Toby, diame, Erikson and Ben arfa or Taraabt. sell Downing, henderson, Wilson, skirtel, Carroll, Spearing, and the rest of the dead woods."
22nd May 2013 17:42
"I,ll keep repeating this until I,m red in the face, Luis is brilliant. No, he is 2 times brilliant. Bale should hang his head in shame for taking Luis,s awards!"
Dede 7
22nd May 2013 18:27
22nd May 2013 18:27
"Two three to players along with him ..his ability will be perfectly doubt"
23rd May 2013 1:02
"Pure genius, cant wait to see him back on the pitch. YNWA luis"
23rd May 2013 1:17
"Expected, brilliant Luis!"
jjj jo
23rd May 2013 2:08
"Buy Diame !!!"
A Red In My Bed
23rd May 2013 3:51
"I still can't believe he was Booed by his fellow 'professionals' at the PFA Awards! Can you imagine how Luis must of felt, on the inside, at least??! "
A Red In My Bed
23rd May 2013 3:52
"Makes me sick to my stomach that some players at the Awards would do that to one of their own. Especially as someone as talented as Suarez. My heart went out to him and his family. I'm sure his family must be saying to him, you don't need this crap! You are wanted all over the world and can walk into virtually ANY team, in any league. So Lets go where ur wanted!"
A Red In My Bed
23rd May 2013 3:54
"Those so called professionals (who Boo'd) should hang their heads in Shame and Embarassment!"