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And they have had this crucial evidence for how long? Why was this hidden for so long? Questions like this have to be asked but more importantly who is responsible for hiding this crucial evidence because im pretty sure with holding any evidence known it is evidence to prevent the course of justice is a criminal offence.
20th May 2013 17:02
20th May 2013 21:59
"Politics is a dirty business, has always been and always will be. There's a thing called 'The Truth' and then there's politics, says it all really. "
A Red In My Bed
20th May 2013 22:05
"Just watched it. Makes my ing blood boil. Those involved in the cover up MUST be charged and brought to Justice. It's horrendous what these 'people' got away with for SO Long! My heart aches for the families of those lost. yNwa"
20th May 2013 22:06
"scotty78ynwa- couldn't agree more. RIP Anne Williams, thank you for your strength. YNWA 96 RIP. Finally the truth is coming out."