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lad i thought you were brilliant keep working hard and i think you are a big part of our future
20th May 2013 10:47
20th May 2013 11:03
"I would be delighted with that performance too... well done Ibe, for having your first assist in your first match. Not as spectacular as a debut goal but I would take 20 assists over 10 goals from you any season... Keep up the good work. YNWA"
20th May 2013 11:26
20th May 2013 12:01
"Brilliant debut Ibe..Congrats definetly a man of the future"
20th May 2013 13:43
"It was a good game by Ibe. Keep working hard and you will get your rewards. "
20th May 2013 13:56
"you played brilliant jordan keep up the good work ynwa"
20th May 2013 15:17
"One of brightest side this season for liverpool. With Ibe & Sterling on wide side, our future seems interesting..."
20th May 2013 15:30
"Quality Debut Jordon look forward to you starting a few games next season!!"
20th May 2013 16:46
"Good game lad. Unfortunately you were playing against a very bright looking right back otherwise you would have probably scored or got even more assists."
20th May 2013 18:00
"Great debut Jordan. Congratulations. There is no subsute for hard work. Jamie is the shining example of that. Stay grounded, loyal to the club, work hard, and we will all enjoy watching more of you for years to come! Kick on lad!"
20th May 2013 18:33
"I didn't watch the game except for the start & ending for Carragher's reception but watched the highlights n was surprised n impressed with his play. Jst reminds me how sterling was on his debut. Jst have to nurture him n soon he will b a important player for us. All the best lad !!!"
20th May 2013 18:36
"Highlight was chasing their player down into our half , overtaking him to whizz the ball off his feet and play a simple pass. Just right. Like Mascherano!"
Vosta Lee
20th May 2013 20:47
"In agreement with iamaFreeMan. His first touch in the game was excellent. Trapping to perfection an aerial ball in his own third under pressure. Liked that he felt confident enough to try to curl one in as well. Look out Raheem!"