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well done young fella. I bet the Anfield atmosphere did a lot to help you too. YNWA Dude!
20th May 2013 8:33
20th May 2013 8:48
"He did very well. well done, the fact that your the same age as me motivates me to do better!"
20th May 2013 9:01
"Very well played, indeed! Probably will have to be loaned out to gain regular first team experience as the opportunities will be quite scarce next season. Perhaps as part of a deal with newcastle to bring moussa sissokho the other way?!"
20th May 2013 9:08
"I thought Ibe was excellent, and unlucky not to score too"
20th May 2013 9:12
"For me he looks more accomplished than Sterling and less erratic on the ball, fair play to him at 17 its a huge opportunity, lets hope he can grow from it. well done!"
20th May 2013 9:13
"Manc Tw"
20th May 2013 9:31
"Well done young lad! You will do well in the future! YNWA!"
20th May 2013 9:32
"I thought he looked extremely confident and played very well - promising!"
20th May 2013 9:35
"he is gonna to hv a bright future hope to see him more nxt season better than downing, shlvey,allen"
20th May 2013 10:46
"Ibe ..well fact u are much more promising than Raheem and u played better than the flop Downing "
20th May 2013 11:21
"Great game lad, looks like we are sorted on the left for the future with young Jordan and Raheem. YNWA"
20th May 2013 11:27
"Very good debut-must be a great feeling! With these youngsters coming through we look good for the future, and the near future with Coutinho and Sturridge. Hendo played well too. Cheers Carra!"
20th May 2013 12:55
"i think that he has more team sense than raheem and links up quite well with philipe.i think that he is also a quick learner.raheem fouls a bit and if i had to choose one to go on loan,it would be raheem to watford or crystal palace."
20th May 2013 13:24
"Great game played! Well done. Just keep progressing whilst keeping you head down."
20th May 2013 14:28
"Well done lad, a good display and the croud loved you, well done on the assist, the atmosphere will help you grow, a promising sign for the future, good luck in the squad for next season."
20th May 2013 15:07
"The future is bright the future is Red, what a debut performance lad. That lung busting run to his own half to win a tackle is what its all about, work hard and stay focused and you will be star. YNWA"
20th May 2013 17:18
"Congratulations to Jordan not just on making his senior début but on how well he played. Well done lad! "
20th May 2013 17:19
"Well done... Shows skills and pace going forward but also good work defending..."
20th May 2013 17:20
"Well done... Shows skills and pace going forward but also good work defending..."
Dede 7
20th May 2013 17:53
"Thank u BR for giving this very promising young lad a chance. his game is mature and pleasing. i think he has a bright future. YWNWA."
20th May 2013 18:00
"Very direct and gets defenders on their heels. He hasnt been trained out of his natural confidence which is great. Some experienced players play with fear. We need this youthful gung ho approach he has. Suarez has the same. Sturridge too. "
20th May 2013 18:49
"Well done for both you Ibe for hard work and Br for letting to feel the taste of prem lg. This will definitely motivates Ibe to get stronger for next season."
20th May 2013 19:36
"I think he did very well...he has a bright future ahead of him... He has something that Raheem is lacking...a physical presence... Raheem better hit the gym this summer and buff it up a lil bit otherwise Ibe is gonna take his position.."
20th May 2013 19:39
"This young man had a fine game yesterday and hopefully the club will continue to develop his trade. Well done Jordan."
20th May 2013 19:53
"Started a bit slow, but then ended up putting in a good performance and creating chances. Good game to debut in, nothing much to play for so no pressure and all the attention was rightly on Carra. Set up the goal too which may be forgotten due to how good the goal was and because the game will always be remembered for Carra."
20th May 2013 20:09
"V impressed. Where as Sterling looks like a toddler that's found a wrap of speed in his jelly babies - Ibe looks composed, a lot like what was his name now? John somebody,Surname began with B, had a go at rapping apparently......."
Buckie LFC Supporter
20th May 2013 20:10
"I didn't rate Ibe in reserves as I thought he was too single minded, but I was impressed with his performance on sunday. his weakness is obviously his left foot, my tip is go on outside on weak foot 2-3 times & then try an attempt to cut in on good foot(you might get more space)"
20th May 2013 21:07
"Ibe is another exciting youngster coming through the ranks! He should appear more next season with the likes of Sterling, Suso etc."
20th May 2013 22:14
"such a good player, young sterling will have to step up to keep this young lad out of the team!"
20th May 2013 22:24
"Well done yute! I must say you may be better than Raheem ... keep up the hard work YNWA"
Gerrard o ya beauty
20th May 2013 23:42
"Long way to go, keep your head down and good luck on your LFC career YNWA"
21st May 2013 2:01
"Jordan you have a long future at LFC if you want it. Always smiling and very humble in interviews. Outstanding young player. Can't wait to see more of him."
21st May 2013 3:26
"Well done Ibe & i still rmb u wiped in a vy good, dangerous low cross to the box! Work hard on your weaker foot over the summer and i bet you'll be a better player next season!"