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<3 you Carra. Absolute LEGEND!
19th May 2013 19:48
19th May 2013 19:57
"Great pics! The look on Lucas's little son's face is priceless."
19th May 2013 20:04
"It was a long hard season and a well deserved Lap of honor for both the team and the supporters. And a great send off to the legendary Number 23 Jamie Carragher. YNWA!!!! "
19th May 2013 20:26
"That final snap - going down the tunnel for the last time. The end of an era, will we see his likes again. Thanks and farewell- YNWA"
19th May 2013 20:57
"YNWA gents :)"
19th May 2013 21:09
"This looks like only 4 players plus the manager were deemed worthy of being photographed. What about all the other players and their families??? "
19th May 2013 21:25
19th May 2013 21:37
"lucas & son. fantastic foto. priceless expression on his son's face. suarez is STAYING"
19th May 2013 21:40
"what a player coutinho is. if brendan can get another creative player like him and a solid midfielder then forget top. we could win league. we play the best football and no other team has dominated games like we have "
19th May 2013 21:44
"2 or 3 additions to improve the squad and add consistency and i honestly think this time next year its possible to be lifting that premier league trophy. what an exciting time to be a red. i hope you all agree"
19th May 2013 22:01
"city utd and chelsea will all be going through changes which can only help our cause. we have the best fans and with BR we are going to have the best team. just one more thing it was sad to see owen go out with such a whimper. he deserved a carra like send off for the career he had especially with us"
19th May 2013 22:21
"we go into next season 8 games unbeaten, we did quite well in league really just too many draws and we could have done a bit better in cups got sturridge n coutinho too late, will get top four next year no doubt just need a bit more depth i have renewed faith in rodgers his first season was always going to be hard at such a massive club in transition"
Mr Ostrich
19th May 2013 22:35
"A 1-0 victory sums up Carra! 61 points overall is not bad for BRâ"
Mr Ostrich
19th May 2013 22:43
"Some of these pictures of Brendan such as the 5th and 12th are the type of poses I expect to become iconic images in many years to come."
19th May 2013 22:48
"Can we see photos of other players and the children please?"
19th May 2013 23:14
"Boss photies Carra what a legend. But whats going on with the golden boot/trainie awards whoever gifted them wants slapping with them. anyway roll on next season, Ibe looks class as well.YNWA JF96. Mooresey."
19th May 2013 23:58
"You are a true Liverpool Legend Carra! No. 23 must not be worn by any other player! YNWA!"
20th May 2013 0:59
"THANK YOU CARRA! #fighting tears#"
20th May 2013 5:49
"Nice to all the players' kids. They look as proud as their Dads and they have every reason to be too. "
20th May 2013 6:25
"Lucas & Suarez kids - cutest... YNWA"
20th May 2013 7:05
"Suarez's daughter is adorable!"
20th May 2013 11:31
"Thank you Jamie for the wonderful memories, YNWA lad."
20th May 2013 13:55
"check out grandpa Brendan. LOL. their kids all look so sweet!esp luis n lucas's. and jamie n stevie's daughters look really pretty. no chance they'r into playing football like dads, huh? "
Dede 7
20th May 2013 18:17
"these are amoung the best pics i have ever seen. "