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I for one am very optimistic for next season with the right buys in the summer we can push on and get a top 4 finish
19th May 2013 19:57
19th May 2013 21:30
"again very good performance today , ibe was impressive but creating so many chances and scoring only one goal says it all time and again this has happened we need a sniper we need benteke"
19th May 2013 21:31
"again very good performance today , ibe was impressive but creating so many chances and scoring only one goal says it all time and again this has happened we need a sniper we need benteke"
19th May 2013 21:37
"With a better first 5 months next season we could certainly make up 12 points. We just have to keep up a decent level of form throughout. If we can stop shipping goals from silly situations (which, to be fair, we have done recently) and keep the goals flowing we'll be ok. It's all ifs and buts right now BUT IF we get it right thus summer, it's not beyond us."
19th May 2013 22:32
"well, 210% increased goal difference on last season, a premier league record for away goals in one season and 20% increase in points and a record for clean sheets in one season.. what an improvement on last season! The future is looking very bright!"
Mr Ostrich
19th May 2013 22:35
"A 1-0 victory sums up Carra! 61 points overall is not bad for BRâ"
19th May 2013 23:01
"well said thelight!"
19th May 2013 23:28
"Hear hear, TheLight... "
19th May 2013 23:40
"We sold a young player called KaÄ"
20th May 2013 0:48
"Top4 starts from game1...YNWA!"
20th May 2013 2:04
"too right we should be optimistic! with Dani and Phil from the start, who knows what would have been, momentum is massive in football. Really hope we go out and get a real top class commanding CB. Marty made a few rash challenges and attempts to clear the ball even today. JC- what an irreplaceable LEDGEND tho, watching him refuse to get emotional on LFCTV right now :D "
20th May 2013 8:35
"It's great to see positive comments. BR had it tough with that fixture list at the start and the horribly thin squad. Suso and Sterling were regulars! This is the youngest team in the league, we have scored more, conceded less, more clean sheets and away goals record. IBWT is all I can say!"
20th May 2013 8:40
"I agree with Stivie's self assessment than anyone else .... on top of strengthing the side, my disappointments were, converting set peices and defending as well .... The Stat-man can tell, but I guess it was very minimum to convert corners into goals"
20th May 2013 8:41
"Not a bag d season but believe it could have ben better again a massive transfer window this summer and with red nose out a real chance for LIVERPOOL to be no1 come on FSG 1 more push and we can cross the line LFC YNWA"
20th May 2013 10:35
"my mind says we can finish top 4 next season... but my heart says we champ!!"
20th May 2013 12:50
"TheLight- thank you for that. I saw progress but I'm not really a numbers guy and didn't realize the stats were that good. I hate to say "If Only" but I really feel that had we not thrown away so many points on draws when we SHOULD have won, we would be top 4 THIS season. CONTD... "
20th May 2013 12:50
"....Games we not only could have won but (IMO) SHOULD have won: City H/A, Sund A, Stoke H, Evton A, Ncstl H, Chel H, Swan A, Asnl A, WHam H, Read A. 22pts lost to draws. LFC IS A TOP 4 club. Anyone who says the future isn't bright is blind. "