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if it had gone in,we would not have allowed you to retire!!!
19th May 2013 19:01
19th May 2013 19:01
"if it had gone in,we would not have allowed you to retire!!!"
19th May 2013 19:05
"I wish it had gone in 2 it would have been a nice end 2 a great career thank you 4 everything u have done 4 this great club "
19th May 2013 19:10
"shame it didn't would get goal of the season,"
19th May 2013 19:25
"agree maxadelic1, not allowed to retire,.big carra,.big carra, we will miss him mates"
19th May 2013 19:33
"OMG! What a dream ending if it had gone in. Luv ya Carra! YNWA!"
Vosta Lee
19th May 2013 19:38
"A Gerrardesque moment from Carra and to think there are people claiming that Carra was technically challenged... Carra. Legend. Enjoy your retirement and hope to see you as a manager in future."
19th May 2013 21:02
"Hope he enjoys the clean sheet as much as he would have the goal! LFC will be strange next season..."
19th May 2013 21:10
"Would've been the perfect ending of his career. Rob Green's probably still wondering where that one came from."
19th May 2013 21:48
"That shot was all the carra years rolled into one split second. The focus he put into it was awesome. Carra is a true LEGEND. In my all time Liverpool team: Clemence Neal Carra Hansen Case Gerrard Souness Dalglish Suarez Rush Barnes "
19th May 2013 23:34
20th May 2013 1:02
"God why the woodwork?"
20th May 2013 1:19
"Perhaps you should have been a striker Jamie? All these years you've been playing at the wrong end of the pitch!"
20th May 2013 1:59
"If Carragher had played in this relaxed way from the start he would have been a far better player not made so many mistakes, and scored more goals for L`pool than against.Even i voted him MOM."
20th May 2013 2:19
"How sweet would that have been if it had found the back of the net? It would've been banana-time in the monkey cage at Anfield!"
20th May 2013 2:48
"Sensational! All the best!!"
20th May 2013 2:57
"well done Jamie Carragher ...thank you for all you have done for this club..We wish you all the best for your future & about an extension of 6 months for 13/14..??"
20th May 2013 9:09
20th May 2013 9:15
"I dont think he should have retired, at least one more season left in him after his 2013 performances. Legend and will be sadly missed. Good Luck with the TV role, some straight talking analysis I hope to out shine Keane on ITV. :) "