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A sad day at LFC , we have lost a legend ,which is bad enough. Now we must go through the close season waiting to see what other players we might loose. I hear Reina and Suarez are just two who will be much sought after. This is season I will soon forget , I have hope in my heart for a better 13/14. YNWA Jamie Carra. LEGEND.
19th May 2013 19:22
19th May 2013 19:31
"No its not going 2 be easy 2 replace him so i beg u not 2 get AW from your old club as he could'nt lace up Carra's boot "
19th May 2013 20:30
"I think everyone will miss carra,As the old saying goes: you don't know what you've got till its gone.True Lfc legend,It will really hit home on pre season tour when he's not their!"
19th May 2013 20:58
"" don't agree with BR's branding Carra as world calass .He was benched for over a year while Agger-Skrtel done a strong defense the best in the EPL. Carra does his job with 100 percent commitment but don't make him look like Puyol,Hiero,Scholes ,Ferdinand ..,players who won big trophies again & again. ""
19th May 2013 21:06
"Absolutely love the fact Coutinho scored in the 23rd minute. A fitting tribute. Well done, Phil!"
19th May 2013 21:15
"And HabeshaKop, jog on will ya? Carra is world class because there are so few of his type around. Above all else he's Scouse class, and that's all that matters to me. We all dream of a team of Carragher's... most people assume that means 11 hard-as-nails defenders but to me it always meant 11 players willing to leave everything on the park for the fans. Legend!"
19th May 2013 21:39
"put Kelly in at leftback skrtel and agger Enrique at left best defence in prem with pepe in goal."
19th May 2013 21:46
"Eh HabeshaKop are you nuts, how can you say Carra hasn't been world class for Liverpool, name one defender as good as him, one who would put his body on the line game after game. Yes he might not be as skillful a footballer as the likes of Ferdinand but its carra who pulled out defense together. "
19th May 2013 21:47
"You obviously don't go to see LFC play very often cause if you did you would hear the LEGEND calling to the players around him, telling them where to be and what needs to be done. LFC are going to sadly miss this great player. And if you want to know what a legend is watch the famous game in Istanbul and tell me he's not world class!!!"
Mr Ostrich
19th May 2013 22:46
""Traditionally they come off at the end and I was frightened in case I forgot!" - classic quote from BR, lol."
20th May 2013 0:03
"A true legend, going to be missed dearly, always gave 110%. Only have to remember the 2005 champions league final to know how much commitment man gave to this club. YNWA Jamie YNWA "
20th May 2013 0:07
"We must hold on to our players and resist the temptation to sell! Our key players must never be allowed to leave because they will have a very large part to play in our challenge for a top four placing! Thanks for the memories Jamie! You Will Never Walk Alone!"
20th May 2013 1:44
"Well, it definitly wont be easy with AW so please stay away from him"
20th May 2013 1:59
"habeshakop, you're enled to your opinions, but maybe you're on the wrong website. is the all red one, are red & black"
20th May 2013 2:49
"HabeshaKop..... ah here... dont make me laugh, Ferdinand and Puyol??? Carra has always been a better defender than Rio Ferdinand, hes a clown who constantly makes mistakes and over plays at the back, maybe England would have fared better in tournaments if they didn't play over rated big money players like Rio, JT and the newest to that list Phil Jones. "
20th May 2013 4:03
"HabeshaKop, are you mad or just another Manc?"
20th May 2013 9:10
"i hope rodgers doesnt go out and get another mate of his called ashley williams. watched him a few times, over rated. hu and s a lot and not so intelligent. i am praying he is not his replacement. Martin kelly should be switched to center back and lead from there. he is born for it."
20th May 2013 9:10
"koponlads 20th May 2013 2:49,you can love him but don't deny the reality.I admire his commitment & passion but that never makes him to be a player closer to the likes of Puyol who have every thing in their game.Carra rarely finds his team mate with his blind long balls and played lots of back passes anot good enough for a passing game & I hope deep inside BR feels his departure as a blessing. "