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nice to see luis in the stands come back stronger for next season and what a day for CARRA THE LEGEND YNWA
19th May 2013 17:59
19th May 2013 18:07
"If you haven't voted for Man Of The Match yet please Make Sure you Vote for Jamie Carragher. YNWA REDS. "
19th May 2013 18:25
"Thank's Carragher... :"( We'll miss you... YNWA!"
19th May 2013 18:35
"The new kit looks smart! Next season looks better! Give more of the young bloods a chance please. players like Samed Yesil can be the answer to our back up striker problem! YNWA!"
19th May 2013 18:37
"A team without Stevie, Agger, Suarez...and later Carragher ...performed remarkably well! YNWA!"
19th May 2013 19:22
"reina johnson skrtel agger enrique gerard lucas hendo coutinho suarez sturride subs gulasci coates kelly sterling/suso borini"
19th May 2013 20:25
"Isn't Reina wearing the 12/13 kit and not the 13/14 kit?!"
19th May 2013 20:30
"Coutinho looks good in the new kit together with the number 10!"
19th May 2013 20:33
"You'll Never Walk Alone!"you are deserved next manager*** cara *** !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
20th May 2013 0:17
"God bless Carra.Thanks for the memories.A true great of English football.YNWA"
20th May 2013 7:37
"IBE the future of reds"
Dede 7
20th May 2013 18:11
"The new KIT is nice. i hope we shall be as good as it looks next season. YWNWA."