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unsure of weimann
18th May 2013 12:21
18th May 2013 13:21
"Me too, looks good player, got goals in struggling team, works hard but just not sure!"
18th May 2013 13:35
"hmmm an ok player, similar to kuyt/borini, do we need him? rather have benteke!"
18th May 2013 14:04
"Who have we not been linked with?"
18th May 2013 14:32
"We got young players better than him."
18th May 2013 14:41
"Thiago Alcantra of barcelona for sale. Is liverpool should sign him instead of Tello?"
18th May 2013 15:26
"I don't think he's someone who would 'improve the group' as BR says."
18th May 2013 15:42
"Ur right Dr LFC. In case we miss out on Eriksen, we should try thiago Alcantra. Both are In same bracket price.."
18th May 2013 15:57
"No thanks! Ilori, McManaman, Ince and maybe a good shout would be Sinclair. "
18th May 2013 18:09
"benteke not this weimann "
18th May 2013 18:22
"get tello"
18th May 2013 18:23
"more media rubbish, we need 3 proven quality players we got plenty kids with potential,"
18th May 2013 19:48
"A good player but is he any better than what we have got now "
18th May 2013 20:56
"Sure get this guy but why are we not interested in Gaston Ramirez the Uruguayan who plays for Southampton, a super player who would flourish at Liverpool alongside his mate Luis Suarez!"
18th May 2013 21:42
"As much as I would like to see the players we want at lfc it will not happen as players want a team in the champions league and we carnt offer that anymore we are just an average team now and no longer a force"
19th May 2013 0:12
"Sign Benteke"
19th May 2013 2:06
"Weimann- a good young hard working talent, only 21 and yes better than a good few of the lads we have round that age; Pacheco, Shelvey for example... Loz99 we were, last year but he went to Southampton, for more money than he was worth... Hes decent but didnt set them alight, and wasnt always a starter for them so would he improve us?"
19th May 2013 9:55
"No not for me, dont think he is good enough! Why am I reading we are stalling on Erikson, he should be snapped up and at the supposed £15m he is well worht the investment, way better than Allen who came for the same fee. come on BR get him. We should also get Diame + 5m for Carroll to say at W/Ham."
19th May 2013 12:04
"For God Sake Do they Keep Putting These B/S Stories On Here. I Am Wasting My Bandwidth. We Will Be Linked With The Crazy Horse Next (Emlyn Hughes) LEGEND!!"
19th May 2013 14:18
"Benteke is the only player we should be interested in at Villa"
19th May 2013 17:37
"If we only sign one player make Benteke the first! He s a match winner!"
20th May 2013 9:59
"get that cristian eriksen"