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Looks a really good player.. He wants to be on the ball as much as possible and he uses it really well! Could be a bargain! I like how Rodgers focuses on the best young talent rather than paying over the top for average/good players! Allen & Borini both have good potential! Welsh Player of the year when he came and Borini was part of the Italy squad that made it to the final of euros!
18th May 2013 10:26
18th May 2013 10:28
"You can see why Rodgers would be interested in this kid! He would move the ball fluently! He will be awesome when he's matured! Bit like a faster version of Xabi Alonso "
18th May 2013 10:43
"Hahaha oliver for fernando....if he is half as good as el him"
18th May 2013 11:09
"We have a lot of youngters at Liverpool. He can gel with BR's system. Worth a look."
18th May 2013 12:48
"get him for 5 or 10 million"
18th May 2013 14:02
"Well, it makes complete sense to replace a Torres with a Torres."
18th May 2013 16:28
"David Fernandez is a Liverpool scout. He joined us from man city weeks ago. If he's there it means we are the ones who'll probably beat the others to the punch. :D"
Muzzmeister YNWA
18th May 2013 17:48
"Decent prospect from what I have seen. Also save me a bit in kits with Torres shirts lying redundant in the back of my sons wardrobe.....LOL!!"
Vosta Lee
18th May 2013 19:19
"Whereas Suso is like a Mata/Silva hybrid, Torres is like a quicker version of Alonso. Wouldn't mind giving him a chance here."
19th May 2013 3:49
"He could pair up very well with Coutinho."
19th May 2013 11:38
"It will not be okay to have promising youngster and not give them the required confidence. YNWA"
19th May 2013 12:06
19th May 2013 20:54
"their first team goallie not half bad either**wink**wink** nudge**nudge..cup saving game against real in kings cup."