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Another missed opportunity!
18th May 2013 11:01
18th May 2013 11:02
"good news."
18th May 2013 11:41
"people make me laugh, another missed opportunity... we might not of wanted him, he might never have been leaving his club... so many muppets comment on here!!!"
18th May 2013 12:19
"Paper never refuses ink, city chelski and utd will spend big so we have to be excellent in who we bring in we'll be fighting for 4th with arsenal and spurs arsenal are reported to be trying to sign jovetic who is top class so BR's team know the standard required when recruiting "
18th May 2013 14:33
"One go, who's next..... "
18th May 2013 16:23
"I don't know how people consider this a missed opportunity? The window hasn't even started yet. In any case what can anybody do if the player is loyal to his current club; (which is laudable) either by staying there or the year's extension will get them some more money."
18th May 2013 17:41
"TheLight i know mate my heads done in with all these comments from so called fans that are always criticising either the manager,players,the owners or anything the club does or like that muppet at the top claiming a missed opportunity seriously are people that stupid? Its getting beyond the joke now on this site. "
18th May 2013 21:01
"I don't know why the most ideal top players to sign are even discussed on these boards as all it does is build up our hopes only to see them dashed because FSG talk the talk about us competing with the Barca's and Madrid's for top signings but they don't walk the walk."
19th May 2013 1:54
"The Light and Scotty, feel the same! Iv realized most of the comments i make are trying to put muppets straight. Lost causes but sure il keep trying :D How exactly is another teams player renewing his contract anything got to do with our manager or owners?? 'missed opportunity' and 'slow to act' the window isn't even open never mind neither the papers nor us know who BR wants! "