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that tash of yours is coming along nicely mr suarez
17th May 2013 18:32
17th May 2013 19:04
"Louis you should have had player of the year award too. Good on ya.ynwa"
17th May 2013 19:24
"congrads suarez come back 30% more sane and u will own the pfa next season."
Stan Still
17th May 2013 19:35
"Chokes me up that. The disabled have it tougher than most of us, so it makes me very proud to have those guys and girls as our fellow supporters. Well done Luis and David proud of you both for making it such a special day for all those who voted. Nice one. "
17th May 2013 19:39
"The guy's got class on and off the pitch."
17th May 2013 21:14
"Good stuff Luis Suarez"
17th May 2013 22:14
"Congrats Luis! the best award. "
17th May 2013 22:31
"Fantastic pictures of the fans, Luis and David. Looks like everyone was enjoying themselves."
17th May 2013 22:40
"Good for him. These awards actually mean more than these fake PFA Awards that are based on popularity. If they were based on talent, explain to me how Suarez han't even got a PFA Player of the MONTH Award."
17th May 2013 23:56
"good stuff luis you should fill up at these award do's and not not on your fellow players lol "
18th May 2013 0:24
"This is better than any PFA award because it comes from the hearts of people that matters! The PFA awards though have obviously been rigged! As Arcee said, "...explain to me how Suarez hasn't even got a PFA Player of the MONTH Award." What more proof do you need! Proud of you Luis! YNWA!"
18th May 2013 2:46
18th May 2013 3:05
"Fight to keep Suarez. Get in at least one more striker of his class. Wilfried Bony, Christian Benteke, Jackson Martinez and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang come to mind."
18th May 2013 6:54
"This shows the power of the LFC family and how it is a 2 way street on how OUR family reacts from the players down and from ALL members up. Faulous work David and Luis, thank you. YNWA"
18th May 2013 9:42
"A great night and a wonderful man, so helpful. Great photo's too!"