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Um conselho BR vende este jogador foi um erro compra-lo vende o Andy não tem qualidade para estar numa equipa grande como o LFC vende este jogador
10 gd
17th May 2013 16:22
17th May 2013 16:23
"sell and reinforce in other depertments"
17th May 2013 16:32
"Andy Carroll is a battering ram and little more, perfect for Big Sams style of football but will never work in Brendans philosophy."
17th May 2013 17:00
"7 goals in 23 games is hardly prolific... and this guy's our number 9!! If I was Brendan, I'd be doing what I can to get 10mill for him, then giving our #9 shirt to someone more deserving... like Danny Sturridge!"
17th May 2013 17:00
"BR doesn't seem to have a plan B,he wants to improve plan A all the time!Andy Caroll is a fantastic player and we missed him this season.I hope BR learns the game quickly!"
17th May 2013 17:32
"Anyone who mentions 'Plan B' has completely swallowed the media nonsense. Every successful team generally can change a game by changing formation, bringing on an extra attacker etc and they'll call that 'Plan B'. Fine. But completely changing your style is never the way to go (give me one good example) and that's what the media want us to do with Andy."
17th May 2013 17:37
"A change of plan doesn't have to be a lump up to a big man. Again, name me an example of this tactic at successful clubs. And what people really tend to forget is what this article alludes to - Andy Carroll would not want to be the flipping 'Plan B' and fair play to him. If we change things in a game it has to at lest comply with the style the team bases itself on."
17th May 2013 17:58
"Sell him and spend the money on quality no more of the first window type players,"
17th May 2013 18:06
"ron23 - Couldn't have said it any better! Seems some people reckon they are playing Football Manager if they think Andy Carroll is happy to sit on the bench and act as a plan B. Mario Gomez this season has won the Bundesliga and possibly may win the Champions League and even he wants out of Bayern for having to be plan B. "
17th May 2013 18:43
"carrolls a very good player but not really a player for our squad get 13m 14m for him and buy tello or gremiero "
17th May 2013 19:48
"Ok , this is one thing Carrol was good the last few games for liverpool he was good but Allerdyce 's football is book head it in Carrol is taht player not a tiki-taka player if they sell him at least sell him for 10 million "
17th May 2013 21:45
"I have a feeling he will be sold because you don't just loan out a 35M striker. If we could get Ince and McManaman and improve our width, I will be very happy. We will be short of strikers but Sturridge and Borini play well as CFs. And Suarez will be back and feel like a new signing. "
Buckie LFC Supporter
17th May 2013 22:00
"I'm happy to keep AC. It's not about plan B it's about having a good strong forward. 1st year was tough, we played long ball to him which HE DIDN'T WANT! he wanted ball on the floor & crosses to attack, but they rarely came or if did slowly. Did Chelsea play long ball to Drogba? or Villa to Bentaka? NO!! so neither do we to AC. he lacks a bit of pace, but he can make it up with strength!"
17th May 2013 22:44
"The sad thing is Brendan has made it clear to everyone, he doesn't want Carroll, so we won't be getting anything near what he's worth. And then what we loan him out again, it's Aquilani all over again, good player messed around by new manager and then sold for half his value."
17th May 2013 23:59
"Andy Carroll has the ability to create space at the front, dragging defenders with him. not to mention he can finish. I'd be happy to see him back creating the space Sturridge and Coutinho need and getting goals from them"
18th May 2013 0:14
"He will be sold he doesn't fit the style of play BR wants the main reason is his movement isn't near good enough to play where the attacking players are always on the move pulling defences around thats what BR has said on many occasion he wants free flowing movement in our attacks Carroll isnt that type of player so why would he want a player he never signed that doesn't fit?"
18th May 2013 0:22
"As for people harping on about Plan B, Plan B doesn't have to & shouldn't be a total change during a game just to suit 1 player. Having a strong bench which BR has talked about how he needs to strengthen our squad so he has players that he can bring on to make a difference if players are having an off game. He has had to work with a very thin squad & use to many youngsters to many times. "
18th May 2013 0:38
"AC is a good player but the initial problem lies on the fact that Dalglish and Comolli decided to pay 35 millions for his services so is he really suited for LFC then under Dalglish or now Rodgers it is debatable and therefore any transfer fee for Carroll now or later will never recoup 35 millions."
18th May 2013 0:52
"That is why I think based on the fact that Carroll when he is fit he is always included in the England squad therefore it is up to the management team to come with ideas how to help Andy becomes useful to LFC and selling him in my opinion is not the answer."
18th May 2013 2:59
"The British media think we should sell Andy Carroll. Well, they thought we were better off with Roy Hodgson instead of Rafa Benitez. I think we can't have too many good strikers - and Carroll never got his chance. I think we should keep Carroll and get in another proper striker - say Wilfried Bony or Jackson Martinez. Or Christian Benteke. Some of the names being proposed are uninspiring."
18th May 2013 3:17
"If u come out here and say Carroll deserves more time, you are a disgrace to LFC fans. How many years has Sturridge gotten? Did we buy him for 35m? Its either u're good or bad. Scoring is not our problem anymore so goodbye to Carroll. At best loan buy anoda striker and seLl him asap."
18th May 2013 5:46
"Why would so many fans want AC back and ask him to seat on the bench? Look at how many goals has he score compare to Sturridge? How many games has he play for liverpool and west ham? A good striker doesn't create chances for himself just like luis. Whats the point of having a striker that can't score goal? "
18th May 2013 7:15
"sell him for 12 million and buy Ericson and also sell downing Carroll is boot up the pitch and head it in not a tiki-taka player last season he was unlucky"
18th May 2013 8:03
"ron23,a credible comment there.Carroll is a square peg in a round hole.He only fits to the old style English football.So don't waste time discussing about him.Sell and use the money to buy some one better."
18th May 2013 9:59
"Perhaps we should lend Rodgers out for a season,because his performance this season has been as bad as Carroll's last season. It smacks of hipocrisy. "
18th May 2013 10:00
"To clarify, I should mention that I'm a fan of Andy and think he'll be a good career. I just think the only reason we would keep him is to lump it to him. He has far more to his game than that but I don't believe his best attributes suit the way we set up. Can you imagine him slipping a defender from a coutinho through ball? He'd only be an impact sub and that's not fair to him or the team."
18th May 2013 10:00
"10 gd !"
18th May 2013 10:06
"Makes me laugh when people think this clubs problems stop with BR. It's naive to expect him to do what you want him to do in his first season with the problems this club has had over the last 4 years. He came in with the problems well entrenched. Of course, he now has to move the club forward and that's his next test but you can't focus your blame on him. It's a much older problem."
18th May 2013 10:07
"But if Carroll can be sold then he should be. But I hope he is replaced with better qaulity than Borini, Allen, uSayin, Assaidi,etc. AC should be replaced with a proven player,not an unproven kid. Next season is the season Rodgers has to deliver. Expectations will replace patience. This is Liverpool after all."
18th May 2013 10:57
"Mushroom, I agree that BR has to deliver but what is your understanding of delivering, for this club at the this time, considering the developments of spurs and city since we were last in the top 4? For me, we don't have to get 4th per se, we just have to look like we're capable of it past March/April. That'd be progress. We can't be out of the race in March as we have been."
18th May 2013 12:24
"mushroom- You wanted him out BR the first few games! That smacks more of hypocracy!"
18th May 2013 16:49
"No one is calling for anyone's sack, just calling for less bullsh!t. That is to say an acceptance from the manager that this seasons performance is not good enough and an assurance from the owners that they can afford to deliver the expectations and success our club was founded upon. On a personal note, I think BR looks shifty,probably because he knows the owners really are skint. "
18th May 2013 17:31
"There's no such thing as Plan A + B in a football game anymore. The whole plan is to have a squad fit & ready for match day. Manager picks the best 11 that is suited for the game & chooses his best options of putting on 3 replacements. People get sucked into believing Plan A + B exists but really it doesn't. Rafa saw it as a squad game and now Brendan sees it as well. Just my 2 cents."
18th May 2013 21:23
""On a personal note, I think BR looks shifty" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"