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this would be fantastic but what's his value?
17th May 2013 14:51
17th May 2013 15:07
"He is a must buy,he seems to have the right atude and hunger."
17th May 2013 15:25
"Before this Eriksen & Toby said almost the same thing. But when other big teams joined the race, everything change! Before this we are totally favourite to sign 2 exciting youngster, but now we are nowhere near! Unless bid have been tabled, this story is consider same like the others..."
18th May 2013 2:32
"Get in some mature talent, would you now?"
18th May 2013 4:32
"It appears we are link with only young lads with so call potential future stars.Not established and proven players. I doubt it we will experience CL in the near future."
18th May 2013 5:00
"dream team: ter Stegen- Johnson, Poppalopadus, Agger, Sakho- Gerrard, Eriksen- Suarez, Countiho, Tello- Sturidge 4 2 3 1 formation!!"
18th May 2013 5:57
"only linked to young defenders?? we have been linked to everyone, young and old. Lads its rare journalists know any more than us, id say fans start most of the rumors that end up in papers. All they know is we are very likely to buy a strong leader to go into the team and a younger cb with lots of potential."
18th May 2013 6:02
"though young or old, who cares if they end up being good enough... Nastasic of city and Varene of Madrid... both young and both top class even tho virtually unknown before this season. "
18th May 2013 7:48
"OMG - 'we are only being linked with young Probably the best and most experienced option out there but even who got slated. WHAT DO YOU FANS WANT? I get frustrated reading these bloomin comments man. I doubt half of you even support the club. THIS IS JOURNALISM, NOT REAL LIFE. "