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lol the last gossip blog said the echo have said we are not interested in louvren its comical cant wait for official announcements on here
17th May 2013 10:51
17th May 2013 12:05
"Can't wait for the market to open, and see just who we buy this summer , would love to see all the agents faces of the players they have put forward as possible Liverpool players , but is it the agents or the papers, with all these views on players, roll on the summer and then we will all know , but whoever we buy hope they turn out as good as Coutinho and Sturridge have, "
17th May 2013 14:47
"did he not have a busy up with the club? hence why he's been out of the side since their defeat to spurs?"
17th May 2013 21:25
"what a load of rubbish"
18th May 2013 4:18
"LIVERMAN, I suggest you do research before you make conclusion. I swear LOVREN is the best DC between all the rumours since April."
18th May 2013 6:07
"well he is a left sided cb like Dagger so not exactly gonna replace JC is he... cant wait to see how our 10-0-0 formation works out next year, all of our attractive inventive attacking play this yr was for nothing with all these cbs coming in :D "
18th May 2013 6:25
"fast, good positioning,great first touch and physical confrontation. I can see why the manager always place him to facing biggest threats from opposite such as Ibrahimovic."
18th May 2013 7:20
"To fans who come on here and actually moan about the gossi, can I ask why? You remind me of those people who complain about FB but go on it. No one forces you to read these articles. However, not all of these will be bogus because our scouts can't be hidden from who they are checking out all the time."
19th May 2013 14:57