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Zouma would be a quality signing, along with Papadopolous. Both are coveted so much though that signing one/both will take up a large part of this reported 20M transfer kitty. Still think Eriksen should be the priority, especially as we have Skrtel, Agger, Kelly, Coates and Wisdom as CBs
17th May 2013 10:40
17th May 2013 11:42
"Get him if price is right, we need real competition for places in backline, thats not there at the moment"
17th May 2013 11:53
"I've watched him in France. Comfortable on the ball and wise beyond his years. Would be a realistic and good signing"
17th May 2013 11:58
"good player but more potential in squad is not needed. this is huge season and we need quality to go with the youngsters we already have. i think martin kelly will be our new carra."
17th May 2013 11:58
"Zouma would be a great signing. Coates not good enough for me, Wisdom a better player."
17th May 2013 12:44
"GET HIM BR!!!! WOULD BE an amazing signing!!!!!"
17th May 2013 12:50
"We already have 18 yr olds. No? plus Kelly, Wisdom, etc. Bench warmer or ressies at best. 1 for the future perhaps, but not a JC replacement."
17th May 2013 14:04
"18 years old but already looks like a monster in defence. Agree that he will not be a straight JC replacement, but he can learn to be one of our best defence..."
17th May 2013 14:46
"very flattering of his agent to say, seen St etienne as a team 3 or 4 occassions and their two CB's were very solid even know i didn't know who they were. 18 years old ! wow fantastic talent"
17th May 2013 16:01
"Kelly is too injury prone and we have not even tried him in centre back(at senior level) to know how well he fits in. Zouma has potential to be much better than Carra if only we can make him develop d Carra passion which might not be impossible"
17th May 2013 16:27
"Ok, ask their clubs about the players mentioned, but concentrate on Zouma!, this boy could be the rock in our defence for the next 18 years. I hope Brendan and his crew make it so"
17th May 2013 17:38
"He is good "
17th May 2013 21:23
"hey i got Zouma playing for liverpool on fifa 13,, maybe i should be a"
18th May 2013 7:33
"A CB is the priority. I know everyone wants Eriksen and I do too, but BR needs to think about the entire season and to think Skytl and Agger, who can both get an injury will last, think again. A CB and then a CAM and Striker/Winger. YNWA"