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A great tribute from a great player to a Liverpool Living Legend! YNWA!
17th May 2013 8:56
17th May 2013 9:48
"The best I have ever seen Carra play is against Chelsea in 2005 at Stamford Bridge in the first CL semi. In fact, it is probably the best defensive performance from an individual player I have ever seen. How many players would have been able to stop Drogba at his absloute peak? You're in a class of one Carra lad!"
Hend of
17th May 2013 9:57
"Some of his best performances were against Drogba who is a real powerhouse. Carra is the man!! "
17th May 2013 11:50
"Loving this. Two great opponents in Henry and Drogba praising our lad Carra. Great sportsmanship lads cheers"
17th May 2013 12:09
"And how much we all loved the Carragher/Drogba battles too!"
17th May 2013 12:44
"drogba was some player, but tell you what, we are going to miss carra, at least he may put souness in his place on skysports"
17th May 2013 13:43
"How we are going to miss you when you hang your boots up. The best performance for me was Istanbul even when you had cramp you played through the pain barrier.I salute you Sir Carra.YNWA"
Vosta Lee
17th May 2013 15:16
"Loved their duels. I remember a moment where Drogba looked like he had gotten away and had a shot but Carra somehow tackled and got the ball away causing Drogba to go to ground. Both men got up and gave each other a high five. It was a beautiful moment of respect for each other."
17th May 2013 20:28
"oh ,yes Drogba has had battles with Carra and i hope Carra get a goal "