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No...please try and sign eriksen and wanyama. if not eriksen then tello....if we are gonna get a defender then alderweireld, steal him from roma.
16th May 2013 11:26
16th May 2013 11:35
"Well this is a joke!! If we want top four next year, we can't by relegated players!! We need quality!!! C'mon!!"
16th May 2013 11:41
"Please spend a little bit more money to get real quality players like Christian Eriksen! YNWA!"
16th May 2013 11:51
16th May 2013 11:52
"Some people just think oh no they got relagated so they must be bad players, well united got Valencia, Everton got Baines an Chelsea got moses!!! All from Wigan....."
10 gd
16th May 2013 11:54
"Mangala seria uma boa compra para a defesa "
16th May 2013 11:56
16th May 2013 12:05
"Huddo77 well said these two look pretty good to me Macca SMASHED CITY all over the ground the other night definitely worth ago the name can be sung around anfield again!!!!!!! GET HIM not to sure about McCarthy but he only young to so why not"
16th May 2013 12:09
"Mcmanaman definately worth a look at"
16th May 2013 12:33
"Mehdi Benetia from Udinese please"
16th May 2013 13:08
"Guys hearing strong rumour that we'r tabled 18m for shalke defender papodolopulus 21year old "
16th May 2013 13:11
"No no no, We do not need avarage players.Do not waste the few money we have. We need top class players like Reus, Ter Stegen, Zouma, Digne, Maher, Lamela, Lukaku, Micha Richards, Dzeko and a strong deffensive midfielder. "
16th May 2013 13:18
"mcmanaman is worth a shout, but not sure on the other lad, not a bad player but not a great one either! remember these are just rumours...... "
16th May 2013 13:23
"what is our priority in the coming market? To sign little or non-tested one timers? Please get me two topclass players who will join the first eleven and not flukes who had a great day playing against us"
16th May 2013 13:30
"Who feeds you with these rumours, yes BR watched that game but until we have really made an offer, it just remains your own thought, I think you have linked us with more than 30 players since March."
16th May 2013 13:33
"I like McManaman and I think he could be a useful signing for the squad. It would certainly be nice to have a McManaman back at Liverpool again."
16th May 2013 13:34
"I don't want either of them,both have had ok seasons but that's about it.We already have Henderson and downing,this summer we need quality not players who have had one good season."
16th May 2013 14:29
"Whats with you idiots thinking every time a rumour is put out BR is actually wanting these players get a grip i bet any money we dont try for these 2 players. Do you honestly think we went & brought in all these scouts to then just buy players from the same league for god sake use your brains for once. Those 2 players wouldnt bring anything we dont already have & im sure BR knows this."
16th May 2013 14:58
"Id take Mcmanaman on a bargain price. Good young skillfull player who is english so would be a good addition to the squad. Also Ince from Blackpool. We need more wingers as Downing has been 'ok' but not great. Mcmanaman ripped Man City to shreds!!!!!"
16th May 2013 15:03
""We should buy Ignacio Scocco the player of Newells old boys (Argentina)enter to you tube and have a look at his videos. His a very talented player. " "
16th May 2013 15:21
"God do you talk about anyone else besides Eriksen and Wanyama, there are more than 2 players available, And tello is average."
16th May 2013 15:24
"We have Foriegn flair in Suarez and Coutinhi, we need to replace Carragher and gerrard with English Steel, and whoever said Micah Richards haha The guys injury prone and too slow."
16th May 2013 16:54
"Callum McManaman, Thomas Ince and Tiago Ilori would all cost under 10M and would be a successful summer window for LFC and BR. James McCarthy however would be a wasted signing like Joe Allen. "
16th May 2013 18:40
"I dont think joe allen is a wasted signing. He is still young and has potential. The gaffer believes in him and I believe in the gaffer so I reckon he'll come good. Not a fan of these 2 wigan lads btw. Good young players but not sure they could be lfc standard if there's any truth to this article. Unless BR says so ;)"
16th May 2013 21:37
"jasjoh84 - For 15M, it was a wasted signing and one that was not even needed when we already had plenty of midfield players! His stats are also shocking. 0 goals and 0 assists in 27 league games. "
17th May 2013 2:04
"just because they have been relegated doesn't make them poor individual players. McManaman has looked decent and would be a good 2nd option if we get another good winger and SD goes. Id swap Hendo for McCarty in an instant a much better all round natural footballer. Being Irish(Scottish)and not English tho he will be underrated and not overrated. "
17th May 2013 10:35
"This is depressing"
17th May 2013 10:48
"last fews yrs we signed middle team players see now we are in middle table they couldn't save wigan liverpool is going to sign themm hahhahah,POOR SIGNING LIKE downing,caroll,henderson,borini,allen,are the reason why we r after everton for 2nd consecutive year coomon we want players eriksen,higuain,hamsik,benat ,alonso ,virj,dede,"
17th May 2013 13:01
"BR repeating Dalglish errors !!"
17th May 2013 13:09
"Yes he does have the same surname with one of our greats (Steve Macmanaman) no buying this one. Are we fighting for number 6-9 next season? "
17th May 2013 16:13
"Brendan just called me and when i asked him about these two lads, he just laughed it off and said he wouldnt be foolish to waste our money after Allen, Hendo, Carroll, Downing etc. We need players in Suarez-Sturridge-Coutinho's class. "
17th May 2013 16:37
"Please tell me this is a wind-up."
17th May 2013 21:28
"not good enough, we want world class players, not good players"