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my god is there anyone we have not been linked too??? -.- please just try and get eriksen and wanyama. if not eriksen then tello :)
16th May 2013 10:05
16th May 2013 11:10
"Very highly thought of young player by his peers not seen much of him myself but looks like a real good technically gifted player dont think he is ready to step into the EPL yet but maybe wise to buy him now keep him at Anderlecht for another season he is playing regular football there he wouldn't here so would be a win win for everyone & he can continue his progress."
16th May 2013 13:54
"We dont need more players that arent quite reaady for the big time, we need epxerience as well as youth, I think Rodgers knows his targets, lets hope he can pull them off!"
16th May 2013 15:06
"StRoth U must be a rumor mill Eriksen and Wanyama would be great addition 2 our squad esp eriksen.... The thought of Gerrard, Eriksen, Coutinho, Suarez, Damiao in the same squad is MIND BLOWING!!! "
16th May 2013 16:28
"I'd rather have him than Eriksen, to be perfectly honest. Would be cheaper and he's got lots of potential."
16th May 2013 16:43
"No thanks, his stats do not wow me and would be a waste of space. "
16th May 2013 17:21
"Dennis Praet!!We need to discover some great talent before they become famus. We should keen on making star, not always depends on buying famous player.In fact, we r not in Champions League for long time, and we r not that rich in Europe, so we should consentrate on discovering gifted player and improving our training system."
16th May 2013 18:43
"Never heard of him so cant really comment although I would say if we are looking for an attacker it would be nice to get someone a bit more provenin first! "
17th May 2013 0:30
"we have someone in suso who i think is better"