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thanks for all the great memories Carra,we will miss you so much!!! God Bless You & have a great day on Sunday.YNWA
16th May 2013 16:40
16th May 2013 17:12
"I hope anyone who has criticized BR for playing JC and not MS for the past four months reads this and understands that this was the right thing to do. Carra is a legend, and will be sorely missed. YNWA Jamie!"
16th May 2013 18:52
"Massive loss it will be. Massive. Hopefully we can move on wifhout being so reliant on him. Real opportunity for others to step up! Whose got the gonads for it!"
16th May 2013 22:44
"Jamie: I've supported LFC longer than you've been alive and of all the players to come and go in that time I'll miss you more than any since Rush. I love your no nonsense approach, giving 100% with no fuss or drama every second on the pitch, and being a good, humble man off it. A role model and a true club legend. Good luck with Sky, and I hope to see you back as a coach and future manager."
17th May 2013 1:08
"An emotional day it will be indeed for all of us... the bond between him and stevie g is unheard of.... I think if it was a different manager in charge he would have stayed in the set up.... no disrespect mr Rodgers but I don't think u have wat it takes to bring world class players to anfield but we are very much hoping yr bargain buys will pay off and rtn us to the top... YNWA "