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hope we get him he sounds like a good player nice to see Brendan getting business done early if true of course!!!
15th May 2013 23:52
16th May 2013 0:27
"£4m would be a bargain, but we really need someone with a bit more experience"
16th May 2013 0:36
"Liverpool can do nothing without money. Simple."
Stan Still
16th May 2013 1:56
"Going by FSG's useless ability in the transfer market I wouldn't be surprised if we got no one in. They should sell the club and stick to baseball. We need owners who are serious about winning the premiership not liars who say one thing then do the opposite. FSG OUT!"
Vosta Lee
16th May 2013 2:49
" PaisleyShanks they got rid of Joe Cole and brought in Coutinho and Sturridge. Let's not jump to conclusions about FSG."
16th May 2013 3:18
"PaisleyShanks...what useless ability? they have made more than enough money available since arriving, not completely their fault most of it was wasted by Kenny and Comolli. Tightened the purse strings a bit since but really can you blame them. They have money and will spend what the club thinks is the right amount on what BR and co think are the right players. "
16th May 2013 3:28
"not on this site yet but linked to McCarty and McManiman of Wigan. Being Irish i want to see an 'Irish' player in red again soon, thought maybe McGeady but James is a good bet, Hendo has come on but i think JmcC is a much better natural footballer, A good option! same with CmcM, and hes scouse, tho was once in Blues academy "
16th May 2013 6:47
"PaisleyShanks Do you know anything about football or you just come here to wee people off? If your going to make a comment make it a valuable one or stick to the sofa."
Stan Still
16th May 2013 7:04
"baftycrastard - Do YOU know anything about football or do just mouth off at LFC supporters from behind the safety of your computer? Either way, shut it and focus on football matters. I've been a LFC supporter for over 40 years, seen the good times and the bad so the last thing I care about is lecture from gobby little turd like you. "
Stan Still
16th May 2013 7:07
"koponlads yes, Macca would be a great choice. He played brilliantly for Wigan in the Cup final. But it remains to be seen if FSG act quickly enough to buy him before someone else does. "
16th May 2013 8:05
"PaisleyShanks - your comment about "FSG's useless ability in the transfer market" was short-sighted, and crafty is not the only one to feel at odds over it. We need a tall, commanding CB, so Ilori may be useful to us, but experience is key to a top CB so he maybe wouldn't make an immediate impact."
16th May 2013 8:47
"Is he an experienced, organiser - Don't think so! Not what we need I'm afraid."
16th May 2013 9:01
"Gettin 1 direct replacement for Carra in terms of communication, organisation & ability is extremely difficult. Therefore, we just have to get the most talented CB w/ massaive potential & a CB in their mid-20's w/ more experience to compensate. "
16th May 2013 9:06
"As we've seen a high price is not the only indicator of quality. For example Varane (Real Madrid) cost around 8M pounds & now he's being considered as potentially a world class CB after a yr. "
16th May 2013 9:12
"everyone calling for FSG out have avery short memories , they bailed us out of a bad mess"
16th May 2013 9:12
"everyone calling for FSG out have avery short memories , they bailed us out of a bad mess"
16th May 2013 9:19
"Really want Tiago Llori! A lot of people are talking about experience.. That is all this kid doesn't produce! He's as fast as lightning, good in the air and very composed on the ball! But please don't compare this kid to Jamie Carragher! Brendan loves working with young players and developing their game and I can see llori being one of the best centre backs out there in 5 years! Huge potential"
16th May 2013 9:27
"Steven1988lfc, you may be right, but we need a CB who will make an immediate impact like Coutinho or Sturridge"
16th May 2013 9:36
"we need a young talent like this, remember we have Kelly coming back, Skertl will have another full preseason training under BRs system so he will step up, then Coates is a good player!"
16th May 2013 9:38
"The muppets doubting FSG, we have just had the most successful january transfers of any club for a long long time, BR was left high and Dry in september and that was not FSGs fault, but now things have changed, we will be better this summer!"
16th May 2013 10:49
"we have terrible owners but a great manager"
16th May 2013 16:39
"Callum McManaman would be a fantastic bit of business and anything under 5M is a steal. BR will need to act fast to land him. Downing has failed to impress me for 2 years now and I will be shocked if he is not sold over the summer! Ilori may be a good signing and we cannot go wrong with a 4M bid. "
17th May 2013 1:38
"luis7??9..SD isnt a world beater, but is decent. Can see him staying, dont really have any other options for the right. Unless we get 2 players for out there it would be good to see if he would fight for his place. Though, 2 or 3 new wingers wouldnt shock me. BenArfa, McManaman, Ince, Tello, we are more than capable of signing all those "