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Emlyn Hughes was my hero as a kid, Carra is one of heros now I am an adult YNWA Jamie.
16th May 2013 8:48
16th May 2013 9:03
"got a bit of a shock to see old red nose,not what I need the morning after Chelsea stroke another cup."
16th May 2013 9:05
"Nice touch. Wonder if Carra will return the gesture :)"
16th May 2013 9:18
"You need to respect quality and Fergie has done that so fair play. Nobody can deny Fergie was the master over the last two decades or they lack humility. Carra - legend, my favourite ever player as I have a soft spot for a good defender since I play there. YNWA lad 23 never worn again"
16th May 2013 9:25
"Glad whiskey face has 'gone'. Maybe Football will be more of an even keel- although looking at the U21's the other night, and the shocking refereeing, Im sceptical."
16th May 2013 11:09
"what a lovely man"
16th May 2013 11:21
"Carra is one of the all time great redmen, whats rednose doing here...."
16th May 2013 11:45
"There aren't too many like the Carra's and Ferguson's of the football world...loyal and without peer! Congratulations to you both."
16th May 2013 12:24
"please don't fall into the mind games of SAF, just ignore what he said."
Gerrard o ya beauty
16th May 2013 12:29
"I bet Carra would of been in bacon chops' team if he played for them, nice touch from him though and fair play he did knock us off our perch but now he's gone its only going to be better for Liverpool. I'm really going to miss Carra but we will find another top defender I'm sure YNWA"
16th May 2013 12:49
poolman 96
16th May 2013 13:02
"didnt expect to see fergie picture on lfc. "
16th May 2013 13:09
"As much as we all hate him, old whiskey nose has been our biggest threat in the past decades. He set out what he intended to do and as done a really good job of it. As good as Moyes may be, I think hard times are ahead for Manure. They are also due to loose a lot of experience. For once I feel positive that we can knock them off their perch."
16th May 2013 14:01
"Wondered what the happened when I saw his face when coming to the website. Ferguson is the only manager Carra has scored two goals for in the same game, while playing for Liverpool."
16th May 2013 14:59
"You have to give fergie respect for what he has said about Jamie and done for the past 2 decades ( painful I know). Also 7 years ago my son was 9 and started playing football. I told him to watch and learn from Carra as he has continuously proved what it takes to be a top player and person. True legend..gonna be missed YNWA"
16th May 2013 14:59
"This guy has done all he could to knock LFC in every way possible. A bully in everyway. Not a patch on Shanks, Paisley or King Kenny.."
16th May 2013 15:07
"Players like Carra are not made anymore he would through walls for Liverpool,and he is a giant to all around him.I hope he doesn`t stay from Anfield for to long.YNWA Jamie.Our loss is Skys gain."
16th May 2013 15:58
"WhelanR- Me and you have very similar views!"
16th May 2013 15:58
"Whelan- we have very similar thoughts.! Not even sure he should be given air time on our website."
16th May 2013 17:07
"I knew it, I just knew it.. Ferguson has a boner for Liverpool.. Thank lord he ie leaving football, Alex that is. I can't really say I ever loved him even though he was in love with proper Scousers. A proper Scouser is a man that is an honest hard worker and Carra Stevie and Rooney are all that kind of people, exactly the kind a proper Scottish manager would love. "
16th May 2013 17:15
"I'm not saying Ferguson was one of the proper Scottish managers because if he was to be one of those he would have to be honest... We have had our share of those in the city of Liverpool and they are remembered as legends... Good riddance AF you were a rotten %&/$#$ and you won't be missed a bit.. at least not in my corner.."
16th May 2013 17:22
"was that no23 on his back or no 2 and 3 ynwa"
16th May 2013 17:29
"Is Ferguson drunk here? Slirring his words"
16th May 2013 17:50
"I wonder if shares in Wrigleys have been affected by the departure of Whisky nose? "
16th May 2013 17:58
"Is purple nose looking for forgiveness? we'll remember him for the ref bullying over the years and the extra 6+mins if they were not winning, good riddance why did you wait until our legend was retiring?????"
16th May 2013 18:08
"the same man was mocking us on the tour of Manchester, we don't need his praise and i am sure Carra doesn't too"
16th May 2013 18:15
"Rushjob, I dislike the man intensely..he hasnt shown one bit of respect for LFC in his entire career..he did all he could to banish Suarez from the Premiership..shame on him. Guess what old whiskey nose, LFC are still on top!"
16th May 2013 20:00
"I love how Liverpool did not say 'Sir' Alex Ferguson."
16th May 2013 20:53
"just one word for rednose. FIVE. Still on the pedestal! Weep....."
16th May 2013 21:22
"Mr Ferguson, bet you loved him when he nearly put Nani into orbit with one of his special Carra tackles? Poor Nani sat on the ground sobbing like an infant for his Nanna. Mr Ferguson, could you please call off your dogs from hounding Luis Suarez? It would be appreciated so much, get them to back off and leave the guy alone eh? Remember Eric Cantona? "
16th May 2013 21:22
"Whelan r- 1815- your bang on, fergie as never shown any repect for us. In fact he has hated us, since he first joined manure.He had run- ins with rafa on more than one occasion. We will not miss him in our house onr jot- good riddence to bad rubbish is putting it lightly"
16th May 2013 21:29
"Ferguson just letting us know that even if he has 'retired to the stands' that he still thinks he's the godfather and his reptile forked tongue will still keep spewing out venom as usual, every single controversial situation arises, the ol' devil will be sure to stick his fork in were it hurts. If only some kind soul would devise a way to fit a football in his gob!! "
16th May 2013 21:31
" Will the fa be able to manage without him, whos going to tell them how to do things now eg how many games to ban our players for etc. "
16th May 2013 21:46
"I knew it, I just knew it! Ferguson's mouth and his influence hasn't retired and this is him just letting everyone know it! Am I right or am I right?"
16th May 2013 21:53
"Thanks Fergie,YOU ARE IN RETIREMENT HEAVEN.Top manager no doubt,but we are now in another era.Gives our muppet no EXCUSES OR BS.NEXT SEASON BR OR YOU ARE GONE."
16th May 2013 22:20
"Don't like Ferguson as much as anybody, but, he didn't have to say anything nice or anything at all about Carra retiring, so thanks for that."
16th May 2013 22:59
"23 Carra gold.!"
17th May 2013 1:03
"Don't need old whiskey-nose words to know the kind of good player Carra is. "
17th May 2013 5:20
"to whom it concerns,please get this vile,lfc hating venom filled ,excuse for a class manager off this site asap.his image with old scaffold in the background doesn't deserve to grace the same site as our past greats."
17th May 2013 6:43
"Worthless praise to our LEGEND and the same mind games continues even in his (AF)retiring days. Hope you will stop this and leave no legacy I the near future. The English football will now take its course as it was totally derailed by this....."
17th May 2013 8:04
"AF...The guy may well be a decent bloke outside of football but the one we see has no likeable characteristics at all. Those who choose to bow down to him and put him on a pedestal also choose to ignore his diable behaviour and atude towards his opponents - and he was knighted for his services? WHAT A Bl00DY JOKE!..."
17th May 2013 8:05
"Some may fail to see his influence on all aspects of the game but it's there to see. He's had help at the FA with David Gill and has bullied officials throughout his career - Hope your proud of how you've achieved your success old man!"
17th May 2013 8:11
"dis picable not diable - thank you editors! keep forgetting about t i t syllable arrrgh!"