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16th May 2013 9:25
16th May 2013 9:32
"Such obvious promise and attributes but I wonder will he ever reach his full potential. I wouild like to see him drive the game more the way Gerrard did, at the moment it just looks like he is trying to do the right thing all the time and not show his talent, time to grow but need to start soon, Eng U21 tourny important!"
16th May 2013 9:45
"Jonjo, you had been presented with very good opportunities to convert in front of goal with the limited chances you to impress, but you just screwed them all. Go out now show..we support you."
16th May 2013 9:46
"Seemed to have the ability but doesn't look like he will fulfill it. Would rather see Suso or Sterling get a run out at the weekend."
16th May 2013 9:53
"Here is the rub - Shelvey needs game time. In the next 6 - 12 months there is little chance of it. He made a dramatic improvement at Blackpool. I think he needs another loan spell, preferably at a PL side where he will be played every week."
16th May 2013 9:53
"Kopking100. My thoughts too. I reckon Jonjo 'will make it', just not at LFC. Id loan him out next season to a Cardiff type club. He just has not kicked on and I worry if the pressure of first team affects him- cos U21 he's head and shoulders."
16th May 2013 10:21
"the lad has ability no doubt but cant seem to show it unless he's playing wit youth players ie in europa when we played our youth so for me he needs to be loaned to a premier league side "
16th May 2013 10:34
"I agree Rushjob. No doubt Shelvey has potential..but I too doubt whether its us that sees the best of him..I hope so though."
16th May 2013 10:47
"Keep your feet on the ground???"
16th May 2013 11:50
"We see 'those' moments but inconsistency and a 'loose' game are your problems Jonjo. Hopefully things have changed for the better because you do have promise."
16th May 2013 11:52
16th May 2013 12:20
"It's in your own hands Jonjo; bags of potential and a great future - if you get it right."
16th May 2013 12:32
"This lad can look really good one minute then like Bambi on ice the next! Don't think I've ever seen such a clumsy looking player with some talent. Can't see him making it at LFC"
16th May 2013 12:47
"He hasn't stepped up this season when given the opportunity, too many glaring misses in front of goal. If we are lucky enough to sign Christian Eriksen in the Summer then Shelvey will definitely be moved on."
16th May 2013 12:56
"This kid is the real deal but he will have to bide his time whilst SG is still going strong. He plays in exactly the same position as our captain and even he will agree that SG is boss. But Jonjo has all the qualities to make it at LFC, and I look forward to seeing him become a fixture for years to come. "
16th May 2013 13:20
"If Rodgers has an ounce of a football brain Shelvey will be the first to go in the summer break straight swap for tommy Ince. Shelvey is useless. wherever he is positioned stand in for Stevie is an insult to Stevie.Against QPR my midfield 3 would be Hendo, Wisdom & Coady."
16th May 2013 13:26
"Rubbish player and his whole family are a bunch of thugs. Sorry but they are. My friends have played against his brother and have witnessed Jonjo and his dad abusing a 50 year old man on the sidelines.. and that was park football! No time for Jonjo, Rot in the reserves."
16th May 2013 14:29
"Got a chance with the last game(or part of), then U21 tournament. Next season- if Gerrard needs a game off with his shoulder fixed, then a game or two and the cups, but I think a loan for part of the season would give him game time."
16th May 2013 14:57
"Come on Jonjo. Find some space in the box and just make sure before pulling the trigger. Play to your strengths man. Storm forward and make a difference to the game. In your Charlton days, I reckon you'd be looking to bury QPR."
16th May 2013 15:02
"karimessex81- why bring stuff like that on here about one of our players you idiot! everyone loses there head at footy get over it, dont come on calling his family thugs!"
16th May 2013 15:08
"My worry about Shelvey is impatience. He has to learn his trade over the next few years and learn from Stevie. Hendo's mentality is much better and thats why he is favoured by BR currently. The boys got bags of talent for sure"
poolman 96
16th May 2013 17:01
"i think your guilty of trying to hard "
16th May 2013 17:23
"The kid is only 21 years of age. All you lot complaining about him-what were you doing at 21? Playing with doll-babies probably. Jonjo is immensely talented and will be a great player-at Liverpool."
16th May 2013 17:30
"We shall see, Jonjo. The way you have been playing, I doubt it. Your defence has improved a lot but otherwise, it is still up in the air. Your showing at Fulham is not highlight material either. "
16th May 2013 17:44
"He cant show anything until he his loaned for a whole season or 2. He is not Liverpool quality just yet and has to show he will ever be. We need quality players like Coutinho in our midfield to be a force again."
16th May 2013 17:47
16th May 2013 18:46
"Jonjo arrived 3 years ago, with many tipping him to be the next Stevie G. Although we have seen glimpses of what he has to offer, he is not living up to his potential, and I sincerely hope he puts that right soon. Needs to develop the mental side of his game, but hopefully Brendan gives him the guidance and the chances to fulfill himself."
16th May 2013 18:51
"Rushjob_. 16th May 2013 9:53 - agreed. A season-long loan with Cardiff would be the perfect platform for Shelvey next season... if he's not sold, that is. Time is on his side, so I hope we don't sell him, but he's not gonna get regular playing time in our squad next season"
16th May 2013 20:14
"bye bye jonjo. not the standard we require for top 4"
16th May 2013 20:23
"He's big, He's red, He's got a baby's head, Shelvey, Shelvey. Come on Johnjo, we are all hoping you make us proud and yourself a legend. Never give up and we'll be right behind you."
16th May 2013 20:27
"Good player for the future as he has a shot in him, he also has the confidence to pull something out of the bag but he's prolific at picking up bookings and gives me bad anxiety when he's on a yellow so he really needs to work on that part of his game. Hope he grows from the U21 tournament, a loan move may be the best option in the mean time."
16th May 2013 20:32
"best odds coming up now....shelvey to get a yellow card in first 5 mins..."
16th May 2013 22:39
"he is not liverpool class, enough about the rubbish of game time, coutinho didnt need game time , sturridge, saurez and so on game time is an argument for losers. he had chances and he screwed them all. enough "
16th May 2013 22:46
"Its clear that Jonjo will only shine when he is played as the main man at LFC - controlling the midfield. He will not excel playing out of position. Its the same with Wilshere who had to wait for Fabregas to leave to shine. As Rushjob said - watch this lad with the youths and he is the boss. "
17th May 2013 1:05
"Buddha, Jay Spearing used to boss u-21 games as well but thats nothing compared to prem. He's got some talent but if your saying he's ever guna be our main man god help us."
17th May 2013 4:49
"He is terrible. Given so many opportunities but never made the most of it. I hope he gets sold in the summer transfer window. He just does not have the stuff for LFC. "