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we dont need this guy,what we is RAUL ABIOL.very experience and at 27 years of has alot to offer and also a bargain buy at 5m to 6m.also has leadership qualities as a former captain of valencia football club.
15th May 2013 15:20
15th May 2013 16:08
"we already have good young defenders all we is to pair daniel agger with a good defender like alderwield . raul is good but he isnt good as ramos or varane.although he did captain valencia he has leadership skills but doesnt speek to much to the players like carra "
15th May 2013 16:41
"frankcharlestob: please you opinion is not needed here, Raul Abiol is no better than Skirtel or Coates, what is wrong with you people? Rodgers will loose the confidence I have in him if he signed this mediocre, Kelly will do better than this guy, "
15th May 2013 19:28
"We must be a lot quicker in the transfer market than we've been for the past few years or we'll lose out to rivals"
15th May 2013 23:40
"redman-21, LFC always go into a drunken stupor most transfer windows, then realise far too late when they miss the boat. Fill our heads with anticipation and then dash our hopes, surrounded by rumours about all the good quality players but mostly always end up somewhere in the bargain basement fumbling through the left overs. "
16th May 2013 12:31
"Mehdi Benetia from Udinese please"