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LEAVE INCE. go for eriksen, who would be an amazing buy. go for wanyama as well since he would be the best cdm in the UK. if eriksen fails get tello, he is fast, smart, great touch and can score. plus he is 21. leave ince out of this. make more boys like pc and ds
15th May 2013 10:45
15th May 2013 10:55
"hope paul ince gets the 25m he thinks his son is worth LOL"
15th May 2013 11:24
"The only problem is liverpool would pay the £25.000.000 blackpool would want. Andy Carroll for example"
15th May 2013 11:42
"The Tom ince deal is dead in the water,lets move on.We have Ibe and sterling coming thru and their is also better players than ince in Europe.Let Paul ince keep his 25 million pound son,how sad are Blackpool that they had to get his dad as manager to try and keep him!"
15th May 2013 11:47
"Nice one...Perhaps now we can get someone who wants to play for us..."
15th May 2013 11:48
"we don't need him get tello, eriksen and stefan de vrij if we sign them we'll get top 4. then we can go for the big names "
15th May 2013 12:27
"Quality player, a player we should buy. Even for £6M"
15th May 2013 12:37
"If that is the case with Tom Ince and Blacpool then why not LFC sign Calum McManaman of Wigan he is young included in England under 21 squad and bearing in mind LFC will get at least 30% of any Tom Ince transfer deal in the future anyhow."
15th May 2013 12:38
"Wanyama, Benteke, an organiser at the back and a winger to replace Downing - THAT'LL DO!"
15th May 2013 13:09
"If hope he signs a new deal and he scores 25 goals and David Moyes at Man Yoo wastes £25 million on him. It would be nice taking £8 million of their money."
15th May 2013 13:18
"Come on you all...... Tom Ince price is really 25 mil pound... IN PAUL INCE DREAM!!!"
15th May 2013 13:45
"Please dont we can do without him, and his dads interference too.He is not worth it."
15th May 2013 14:04
"erikson wants c/l football we cant offer him that doubt if would come "
15th May 2013 16:16
"I'd rather we signed Callum McManaman than Ince he has more top flight experience and is also going with the U21 to the tournament this summer with a couple of our boys."
15th May 2013 16:20
"we dont need him. He should have stayed when he had the chance.Go for tello faster smarter scores goals and he is more consistent both the same price if INCE renews his contract so GO FOR TELLO BR! YNWA "
15th May 2013 17:41
"Sell him this year then, y' greedy so and so's"
15th May 2013 18:12
"tom ince is faaaaar better than some of you think.Paul was talking price in comparisson with Zaha,and by that i agree.I think he'd be absolutely fantastic.born into football.and let's face it,opring of a winner."
15th May 2013 18:20
"6 million and spearing will do it."
15th May 2013 22:16
"can't believe Paul Ince is putting his own career prospects (namely the price he gets for Tom) ahead of his son's (namely the quality of club he's playing for and wage he's earning...)"
15th May 2013 22:17
"maxadelic1 15th May 2013 18:20 - with Spearing in the deal we'd have to up our offer to £8million..."
15th May 2013 22:20
"matc9482 you baaaaad man."
16th May 2013 17:35
"Tom has proven to be a very good player but he will not be bought back to LFC for more than 6-7 mil and that means his cost will be around 4 mil for the club because of the fees owed to the club. I think he could fit in and it would be very very good for him to come to a club were he will get game time. If he is sold to another club LFC will get a part of the fee."
16th May 2013 17:38
"if he signes a new Blackpool contract he will not play for LFC ever again. We will take the money and say our farewells, his father is also a major problem. Anelka had problems similar and he got snubbed because his brothers (managers) were not able to see Anelkas best interest, they were controlled by greed and Tom has exactly the same problem with his dad, Paul."
16th May 2013 17:44
"When you are young, you need to play for a club at as high level you can that plays you, look at Shaun Wright-Philips. his dad did him no favors. You need to get to play and then you get the money.. Doing what Paul is doing is like ing in your shoes in frost to try and warm your feet. "
16th May 2013 23:35
"hoping 15th May 2013 14:04 "erikson wants c/l football we cant offer him that doubt if would come "lol "