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15th May 2013 9:36
15th May 2013 9:37
"of course, Eriksen would choose to go to Everton over Liverpool because THEY're the better team... (tongue in cheek)"
15th May 2013 9:39
"ha ha ha "
15th May 2013 10:15
"Eriksen interested in joining dortmund, Toby on verge joining Roma. So wat next??"
15th May 2013 11:25
"hahahaha,their is more chance of the sun freezing over"
15th May 2013 11:29
"Dont make me laugh"
15th May 2013 11:31
"I remember people saying erikson isn't good enough for us, people really make me laugh... Please be realistic, if anything he's to good for us at the minute. We have no European football, aren't competing in any competition and people still think for a main target for dortmund, madrid and so on isn't good enough for our 7th place, non compeive current team. "
15th May 2013 11:34
"If we get him I'll be so, so chuffed as he's a world class magician. But I still have my doubts that we'll get him as there's big compeive current teams wanting him, at the moment all we have to offer is history, fantastic fans, but on a football basis sadly in the current situation we're not competing in any competition or league. "
15th May 2013 12:06
"how can they be interested when the new manager is not even in place, just shows these rumours are full of, s--t, just like the rest of the press."
15th May 2013 12:28
"Dortmund agreed a fee for De Bruyne, so I guess buying De Bruyne AND Eriksen would not be useful for them. Hope he'll come. Come on Dagger convince him !!!"
15th May 2013 12:40
"That is a joke if Eriksen decides to come to England more likely to LFC anyhow because of Suarez a former Ajax player and Agger his countryman."
15th May 2013 12:43
"What as a player or the Manager "
15th May 2013 13:11
"I think they have contacted the wrong eriksen , its SVEN their after"
poolman 96
15th May 2013 13:31
"hahahaha lmfao. the joke of the week. this story really is hollywood comedy. "
15th May 2013 13:57
"Matt1966 ye cause all LFC has to offer in ways to get players here is our history & good fans eh. Thats like the old argument you cant get top players if your not in champs league load of crap we have signed Suarez,Coutinho,Sturridge from teams that every year are in the CL whilst we aren't so with those 3 top signings alone i rest my case. "
15th May 2013 15:52
"People shouldn't be laughing to much here, after all, everton have finished above us in the last two seasons. We would be more likely to get him but still people laughing should look at the leugue table, it isnt good enough for Liverpool standards. We will be good soon again and i have faith in BR"
15th May 2013 16:23
"Everton haven't got a pot to p!ss in how could they buy Eriksen? They are a team that is going to be on the slide from next season. Moyes going to the s, Screach will leave for a bigger club and so will Baines who I wouldn't mind seeing here he is a boy hood read (Its not going to happen though.)"
YNWA Liverpool FC
15th May 2013 17:07
"everton! yeah right"
15th May 2013 18:04
"thanks for this's cheered me up no end.classic."
15th May 2013 18:22
"I think it's true and I heard a rumour that they are after messi also, ha ha ha ha ha "
15th May 2013 19:29
15th May 2013 20:35
"Hahahahah ! no way the last place he will go Everton ha "
15th May 2013 22:26
"inside futbol,your writers are set for a bright future in hollywood.still getting the odd giggle and i read this in the morning.thanks once again,sincerely"
16th May 2013 1:39
"Well they got Mirralas last summer for 4m a very good player we missed out on."
16th May 2013 9:23
"Guys, whats wrong with you! As much as i Love Liverpool, but please be realistic and dont insult Everton this way, because IF it happens, I'm saying IF as we never know, we dont want them to laugh at us right?? So dont make fun, u never know...I still hope and pray Eriksen will play for us next season tho..."
16th May 2013 14:57
"We should buy Ignacio Scocco the player of Newells old boys (Argentina)enter to you tube and have a look at his videos. His a very talented player. "
16th May 2013 15:35
""scotty78ynwa" Yes, your completely right, we can get very good players... But when players are high profile doented players like Eriksson with vast interest around the globe from the likes of Bayern/Madrid/Dortmund why would he come here? In my opinion it wont happen and we're being unrealistic. BUT i really, really, really hope we get him as he's world class!"
16th May 2013 15:38
"It's also doented that when there's competition LFC never come on top. sigs, dempsey, forren for example. I flipped when we lost a player to southampton, and with Eriksson you can guarantee one thing: competition."
16th May 2013 16:30
"There is no evidence that BR and Liverpool are even interested in Eriksen. He is a top talented player but it would be no loss for us if we miss out on him as we already have talented playmakers in Coutinho and Suso. "