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albiol would be great option
14th May 2013 18:06
Vosta Lee
14th May 2013 21:04
"The good: versatile enough to play as a defensive midfielder, experienced international with WC and 2 Euros to his credit a other things. The bad: Prone to occasional devastating lapses in concentration and not necessarily the fastest. Verdict: If all else fails worth a punt. Try to make all else work."
14th May 2013 22:39
"what is wrong with you people, this guy is no better than Skirtel or coates, if we must buy a defender buy one that is better than what we have. LFC should not put this kind of rubbish on the website. "
14th May 2013 22:43
"Vosta Lee, spot on."
15th May 2013 0:36
"Definitely good money for an experienced Spanish International!"
15th May 2013 1:29
"if five of the proposed transfers actually come off I will dance in the street, lets hope out of the huge list of players we are linked with we get at least 5 of them!"
A Red In My Bed
15th May 2013 3:47
"Media sure having a field day, linking us to every Tom, Dick and Albiol!!"
15th May 2013 8:56
"Albiol is , don't bother. He's also small and would useless defending set pieces."
15th May 2013 10:20
"50-50... "
15th May 2013 12:07
"I don't really fancy him and don't think he is Liverpool FC type to be honest... YNWA"
15th May 2013 16:28
"liverpool must act fast if they want to sign o proper defender like alderwield who wouldnt want the next agger "
15th May 2013 20:06
"West Brom are also interested. They would call him West Bromwich Albiol."
15th May 2013 20:14
"My apologies"
Stan Still
16th May 2013 1:53
"You guys seem to forgetting one important point - FSG are very tight fisted even though they claimed to be able to compete with any club in the world for transfers, they can't, they blatantly lied. And they will continue to do so. While every club looks forward to transfer time, LFC fans pray lying FSG won't it all up again. But I bet they do. "