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This cant be true cos Spurs aint interested.
14th May 2013 17:53
14th May 2013 17:57
"buy wanyama, digne, alderweireld then we will be set. i mean id love eriksen to come, huge fan of his, but yer i dont think it can happen"
14th May 2013 18:51
"I agree with your desired players Stroth "IN - Eriksen (15million) Alderweireld (8million) Wanyama (10million) Tello (8million) Digne (6million) and Tiago Llori (2million) Total 49million Out - Wilson, Carroll, Pacheco, Spearing Hopefully Between 15-20million We will be ready for Champions League football! ""
14th May 2013 19:56
"Admits candidly that his dream is to play for Real Madrid. His statements lead me to believe that he will put his own interests ahead of the club. Too many other good strikers out there to put up with that nonsense. Not LFC material."
Vosta Lee
14th May 2013 21:06
"Not a problem if he wants to go to Madrid if he can give us a few good years. Buy cheap (13M), sell high and get more Coutinho's with the money."
14th May 2013 23:35
"forget him if he wants real let him go there...."
15th May 2013 10:25
"Hahaha Pob615. And I wonder if our scout are doing part time scouting job with spurs also. Cos every time i can see lpool & spurs are chasing same players..."
16th May 2013 7:35
"Keep Luis Suarez at home! Don't you dare to let him leave! All possible striker signings are nothing really if you compare them with Luis. YNWA"