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im waiting for the new signings before i buy one, but ive got Coutinho 10 in my mind right now.
17th May 2013 8:54
17th May 2013 9:28
" iMarkLFC I bought a Coutinho jersey as soon as he was confirmed a LFC player risky but no regrets now..."
17th May 2013 12:54
"iMarkLFC You have the same idea as me :D if no nice signings come in i will either do a custom one with "14 Alonso" or coutinho :D"
17th May 2013 13:40
"This is such a typical American marketing ploy to entice supporters to make more profit. For me personally it will now feel less special when they wear it for the first game of pre-season or first league match. Maybe I'm just overreacting though? "
17th May 2013 14:04
"Should have wore a Carra special kit with his foundation advertised on the front."
LFC Nuuk Greenland
17th May 2013 15:12
"Great kit. I've ordered my number 8. The greatest of them all. YNWA"
Vosta Lee
17th May 2013 15:19
"We better win that game and not to jinx the new kit LOL."
17th May 2013 16:33
"Ordered mine weeks ago for the kids.....deliberately didn't get Suarez' name on either of them just in caught out like that with Torres, bought three shirts & 3 weeks later he was gone!"
17th May 2013 18:53
"TimH - in fairness, it's something we've done for a few years, I don't see the harm in it. Just a reminder that whatever the season has thrown at us, another is just around the corner and there's always cause to be optimistic."
17th May 2013 18:55
"Euro, I like that idea - similar to the Seeing Is Believing initiative we've worn before. As far as the new shirt goes, if I could afford one I'd get it with Justice - 96... Never goes out of fashion."
17th May 2013 22:48
"I really do not like this idea, new season means new kit, stupid choice why on earth are they doing this?"
17th May 2013 22:49
"completely agree with timH"
18th May 2013 3:10
"I don't get what's wrong with a sneak preview..."
19th May 2013 12:29
"Im afraid to say this is just the Yanks way of saying gimmie all your money! Show us a new stadium first you fools!"
YNWA Liverpool FC
19th May 2013 13:18
"I'm gonna buy one that says, Carra 737"
19th May 2013 14:46
"Carra should be invited to help train young players at the FA Centre"