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We don't want another signing like Assaidi. Get someone who can hit the ground running
14th May 2013 10:45
14th May 2013 11:28
"Stupid comment.. We will buy a experienced centre half! But llori is an exceptional player for his age! And to say not to buy him for a couple of million is silly! He's everything we need and he will be awesome in a few years! Deffo push this deal through! "
14th May 2013 12:34
"Buy him for the future. But now, focus purely on a quality CB and Diame who will be our best signing of the season in the summer."
14th May 2013 14:21
"get him! if we could get him under 2m then great"
14th May 2013 15:01
"Last week story..."
Vosta Lee
14th May 2013 16:00
"Never seen or heard of him. He could be a Raphael Varane for all I know."
14th May 2013 16:47
"Dr.LFC - have you accidentally taken stupid pills? Another Assaidi signing? We paid less than 2.5M for him, he hardly plays but is twice the player Downing is who cost 20M. Laughing at you kid! "
14th May 2013 17:12
"For me Lpool still able to attract big name players to our squad. Mix experience with young player. Lets together help SG achieve his premier league medal. He deserves it..."
14th May 2013 21:26
"experience please we got plenty talented young players,"
15th May 2013 1:14
""We don't want another signing like Assaidi??" the lad has only played a few games, mostly as subsute, give him a chance, I think he is an excellent player, and i don't like bashing our own players, look up the word supporter!"
15th May 2013 10:45
"the next raphael varane"