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There is no evidence that BR and Liverpool were even after this guy. Bids need to be placed and contracts agreed.
13th May 2013 13:54
13th May 2013 14:00
"Game over for Liverpool, This is exactly why we need CL Football!"
13th May 2013 14:59
"90% go to BVB."
13th May 2013 15:19
"Pre contract ever hear of that fsg where is all the money going I bet your Boston team is just dandy taking our money and pumping it into Boston liverpool will never learn red faced again American owners have not got a clue "
13th May 2013 16:26
"Has he said he has made his mind up yet? Has Ajax announced the move yet? No so its media talk just now. Id love to get Eriksen but if it doesn't happen then there are plenty other options out there so its not end of the world. Ive also heard we have agreed a double Ajax deal for CE & TA just personal terms to be negotiated now so who knows maybe we have been doing early business."
13th May 2013 16:28
"Well said luis7??9, will only consider bid serious if we made a bid and it has been rejected or accepted not these linked linked every day, these off season rumours stress some of us. We made bids for Sturrigde and Coutino look what happened."
13th May 2013 16:36
"We need more depth and creativity in the squad. Having players who don't make mistakes is not enough. To get into the top4 we need creative players who can run the game. Get someone else if not Eriksen"
13th May 2013 19:08
"the longer we out of Europe the type of player we will be able to attract will get poorer and poorer."
13th May 2013 19:27
"who cares? we have philipe coutinho. "
13th May 2013 20:59
"Well said Captainkirk. Eriksen occupies similar to space to Coutinho, we don't need him. Spend money where it's needed."
14th May 2013 1:51
"I hope your right scotty78ynwa! These two for around the 20-25million would be a bargain! What source was it? "
14th May 2013 3:01
"You are an IDIOT. I am a liverpool fan but being from america i know that the red sox make a lot more money than pool do, not to mention the other involvements that JH has that are put into the team. Maybe someone from your country will one day make enough money to fund a sports team. How many NFL teams have foreign owners? "
14th May 2013 3:03
"That was to lfc.tomo "
14th May 2013 13:55
"God dammit. No doubt some of you will backpedal and say we don't need him but truth is we do."
14th May 2013 23:24
"Bid bid bid LFC , the young man is keen to pen a deal and know of his future and is wasting no time in stimulating interest ."
15th May 2013 0:32
"I think Henrikh Mkhitaryan is just as good. He's 24 and scores much more than Eriksen, and he might be cheaper. "
15th May 2013 15:16
"yes get him he is brilliant "
15th May 2013 16:35
"if there not interested in eriksen then theres something wrong with them if they are they should act fast if dortmount was in the pl they will be 6th or 7th the problem is that they dont have much compeon in there leagues except from top four (same thing with athletico in la liga)"