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Test the water and offer the bargain amount of 15million pound and see where it gets us ! He's twice the player of Allen and we paid 15 for him! Grrrr don't let him slip away! >:(
13th May 2013 12:00
13th May 2013 12:02
"We have only been linked with Eriksen which doesn't really mean anything to me. I want to see bids being placed or pre contract agreements. If we cannot land this guy, my next choice would be Honda. "
13th May 2013 12:14
"So we lost him not disappointed cause we have a master class coutinho"
13th May 2013 12:15
"Well this isn't the best of news. Its bit ironic since BVB where in our situation but for a much longer time. A very historically successful club, who lost their way for some time but through a simply amazing youth system found their way back to the top. Anyhow I hope we at least make an offer so he can at least have something to think about."
13th May 2013 12:46
"I can't see him joining us,we just move too slow in the market to tie down these deals.Fsg are like a tight mate who leaves it the last minute to get a round in.Its a shame cus eriksen and coutinho would be amazing!"
13th May 2013 14:01
"metallicalive: are you serious? or you drunk? too bad. we should have tabled an offer a couple of weeks back when it was reported that our scouts were there to watch him play, we are not determined enough, this would have been a done deal weeks back. we just lack ambition, we are indeed a midtable club now"
No 7
13th May 2013 14:14
"we need to make a bid now or we will lose him come on fsg at least try.ynwa"
Stan Still
13th May 2013 14:19
"This is true FSG are FAR TO SLOW in the transfer market. In fact they are the worst in the Premiership. Fact is FSG are very tight-fisted and only dish out big money to the Boston Red Sox taken from LFC profits. Our 25 million kitty for transfers this summer is a disgrace! It should be at least 50 million or more. FSG simply don't have the financial clout to compete in the Premiership! "
Stan Still
13th May 2013 14:25
"Tom Werner and John Henry said "We can compete financially with any club in the world" TOTAL LIES! We will rebuild Anfield. Now they just back out of that agreement too. More LIES! FSG are taking big money out of LFC! All the supporters need to wake up and rally for FSG to sell the club. Thanks Martin Broughton for selling LFC to more lying Americans. "
A Red In My Bed
13th May 2013 14:50
"For f**k sakes!!! We gotta at least try to sign this kid!"
13th May 2013 15:07
"Not quick enough in transfers. Fsg get the finger out stop making money on our club you bought this club solely to build a new stadium a stadium that brings more revenue that we can compete so stop buying all the houses around anfield put money into the team an buy all the top class talent we can and please br no more Swansea players "
13th May 2013 15:45
"This type of story really ed me off!!! We managed to sign coutinho & daniel because there were no team compete with us to sign both this player. Why on earth we act too slow in transfer market when we got an opportunity to sign great players! "
13th May 2013 16:31
"We need additions in the midfield. Get someone else if not Eriksen. Allen Hendo Lucas haven't been creative enough. We cannot get into the top4 with our current midfielders ( except Stevie and Coutinho of course)"
Stan Still
13th May 2013 16:46
"Lfc.tomo - FSG lied. And they've been doing that since the day they bought the club. But the supporters don't see it, they're blind to the truth. Now FSG have backed out of improving Anfield. They lied again. They take huge profits OUT of Liverpool FC and give little for transfers for new players. They don't care about LFC they care about profits! FSG are compulsive liars! FSG OUT! "
Red Yank 1969
13th May 2013 17:17
"Hate to say it, but as an American, very disappointed with FSG's lack of assertiveness in the transfer market. I realize much of what is printed is heresay, but FSG have been non-existant all year. They havent been to one game all year. Shame on u FSG...terrible"
13th May 2013 19:17
"typical lfc like snails, why don't we bid 18m now ajax aint gona sell to a club who bids much less,if allen is worth 15m this guy 50m."
13th May 2013 20:00
"no chance,if he wanted to come he would have been here last season. "
13th May 2013 23:36
"Well there is always plan B, which is Mkhitaryan, who looks like a good player!"
14th May 2013 1:47
"Plan B - mkhitaryan will cost about 20million! Plan A - Eriksen around 15-17million! I remember an article a month or so back saying Liverpool believe they can get Eriksen for around 10million because of his contract situation! Simply too slow and very tight! Dortmund get to CL final! Gotze gets sold and we get pushed off the ball like sterling does! "
14th May 2013 2:15
"Gday from Australia all just needing some help here thanks lads. Im 39 been following this GREAT CLUB MY WHOLE LIFE just like the rest of you. Being here I don't get to hear all the behind scenes talk rumour etc I find it out by you blokes here so thanks "
14th May 2013 2:16
"MY QUESTION IS I was told we had a chance to have new owners back when hicks etc were owners from the guy or someone similar as the owner of city with that sort of money is this true and we got the yanks instead? All information would be good as sounds like we are getting really ripped by the yanks and if so out with them someone in the middle east Dubai etc must wanna buy LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!!!!"
Stan Still
14th May 2013 3:27
"FSG are a bunch of snakes and not to be trusted. This isn't Anti-American. If they were the right owners who loved the club and backed the manager with big money for major transfers then it would make no difference what country they are from. But FSG are ... (F)ooking (S)nakes in the (G)rass. Don't trust them! FSG OUT!"
14th May 2013 7:04
"Dont need him we have a better player for his position: Coutinho! Buy a decent CB De Vrij, Richards, Martins indi "
14th May 2013 9:54
"not frustrated if we unable to sign this kid...coz the key point we need to fix most is centre back"
15th May 2013 1:24
"No CL to offer him, Dortmund are a top side at the moment, great fans,ground, club, players, why would he choose us exactly? i hope he does though...."
15th May 2013 7:42
"we try to get eriksen. we can get players like hamsik,higuain,eriksen,virj, mica richard would b great addition allen shlevey ,carrol,spearing,dowining,wilson, coates,pacccho,assaidi must b sold to raise funds"