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Just gotta love Coutinho
13th May 2013 11:16
13th May 2013 11:49
""A Team Of Winners who are technically competent"...thats my kind of team. Lets get it right in the summer and hit the ground running in august. We'll definitely be very exciting to watch! "
13th May 2013 12:00
"World class player in the making is what I said about this lad before we signed him. I do want BR to sign another player like him but I am having mixed feelings over Eriksen or Honda. "
13th May 2013 15:29
"coutinho is going to be world class,if he stays focus,very exciting. great vision great passer of a ball"
13th May 2013 15:29
"coutinho is going to be world class,if he stays focus,very exciting. great vision great passer of a ball"
Afrika Kop
13th May 2013 19:35
"The 20-year-old has the look of innocence on his face but his feet are full of devilment and menace; the Premier League is quickly being exposed to his wicked ways.- This is qoute of the year!"
13th May 2013 21:26
"I think we have finally found the true replacement to the great Xabi Alonso, Coutinho is another piece in the puzzle to Brendans revolution to bringing back the great days of old,or the great days to come in the near future,Y.N.W.A"
13th May 2013 21:41
"Coutinho isn't going to be world class, he already is,his vision is like a well seasoned 30-32 year old and hes only 20,what a squad BR is putting togerher and the average age is crazy, future looking great, back to glory days I hope,,,"
13th May 2013 22:07
"Would be my player of the season if we had him from the start and he performed like he is at the moment."
A Red In My Bed
14th May 2013 3:42
"I so wanted to sign this guy. Glad we got him over Sneidjer. yNwa. "
14th May 2013 3:59
"BR made 4 purchases..1 flop allen, 1 average Borini , 1 with potential Sturidge and 1 gem COUNTtinho"
14th May 2013 10:56
"You can't say Allen and Borini have flopped. They've shown potential and have been unlucky with injuries. Stop being so impatient and fickle with new signings. Have you not learnt from the Lucas experience?"
14th May 2013 14:02
"Coutinho was known to be be brilliant for a while now. That most our supporters doubted him coming in really shows that most LFC supporters unfortunately know SOD all about football."