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Outstanding Business would be: "IN - Eriksen (15million) Alderweireld (8million) Wanyama (10million) Tello (8million) Digne (6million) and Tiago Llori (2million) Total 49million Out - Wilson, Carroll, Pacheco, Spearing Hopefully Between 15-20million We will be ready for Champions League football! "
13th May 2013 10:42
13th May 2013 11:51
"Every Liverpool fan should know that if we had Sturridge and Coutinho at the start of the season, we would have finished in the top 5. Having this in mind, hopefully they now realise that we do not need a whole bunch of players. A couple of big signings will get us top 4! It is up to BR to make those right signings. "
13th May 2013 15:38
"If the 25mil for transfers is a figure set in stone then it will be very difficult to achieve a top 4 finish do FSG realise the added revenue generated by the CL it would make financial sense to invest 50mil now to achieve that goal. You feel the Red sox would be given that for 1 player if they requested it. LFC YNWA"
13th May 2013 16:38
"Good dreaming Steven 1988lfc."
13th May 2013 22:25
"remember FSG threw 120 million at the team to get champions league football and and it failed, they are not going to throw money at the team again and rightly so, slow and steady progress is what is needed, not a quick fix! buy right like PC and DS, gems for the right price is the answer!"
14th May 2013 0:42
"i agree with BR - if FSG can give him the backing he needs, they will see a much quicker return on their investment - with this great club, you always get back what you put into it..."
14th May 2013 4:02
"a good left back like Baines , a DFM like Alonso , a proper CB like Carra ...and add players like Diame , Benteke , A Keeper from Reading ..and we are done Get rid of Allen , Downing, Coates ... "
14th May 2013 4:09
"Steven1988 go back to playing FIFA mAte"