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Nice one Danny, keep up the good work. Great hat-trick.
YNWA Liverpool FC
13th May 2013 10:58
13th May 2013 11:01
" keep scoring goals danny boy thats what we want,coutinho for player of the year next season,that boys gonna be a lfc legend!"
13th May 2013 11:03
"keep scoring goals danny boy,thats all we ask:)"
13th May 2013 12:11
"You'll have a long, successful career at Liverpool Danny! YNWA!"
13th May 2013 13:11
"an in form striker is a great asset to have in your team, now we have two. The fact that every time we attack our players feel they can score will give them enormous confidence."
13th May 2013 13:26
"Dont worry Dan, In Liverpool your dreams will come true. Keep it up boy .YNWA"
13th May 2013 13:26
"Dont worry Dan, In Liverpool your dreams will come true. Keep it up boy .YNWA"
13th May 2013 13:26
"Dont worry Dan, In Liverpool your dreams will come true. Keep it up boy .YNWA"
13th May 2013 13:36
"I repeat - the best buy of the January transfer, followed closely by Coutinho. Not bad from the rookie BR, lol. "
Stan Still
13th May 2013 14:11
"Beautiful first goal Daniel. The other two were good, but the first was pure class. On his own, beats the defender, and then bangs it hard into the roof of the net. Brutal finish. Top class! 10 stars! "
Stan Still
13th May 2013 14:13
"Brendan just in case you read these comments that lad at Wigan Macca on the right wing looked class. We could do with another Macca on the wing. Get him Brendan! "
13th May 2013 15:52
"great hat-trick daniel 11 goals in 15 games says it all really excellent work ynwa"
Stan Still
13th May 2013 16:36
"11 goals in 15 games!! And people complain that he's too selfish! Ignore the whining trolls Daniel. Keep banging in those goals! Stay selfish. That's the mark of a REAL striker! "
13th May 2013 18:45
"totally impressed with your start at lfc-and like your atude and things you say-keep going daniel stay true to lfc way,hardworking,humble and loyal and you wont go far wrong"
13th May 2013 19:21
"we should look forwad Sturridge,Suarez n Coutinoh..but Erikson world class striker,center back n everyones would agree Xabi Alonso..lets also maintain our current team,when we had injuries we were stretched.We have jelled n am sure if we just add experience and quality plus some consistency in our game. we just need the never die mentality in our squad.."
14th May 2013 2:27
"Hope the one thing he learned from Drogba is how to win the Premier League."
Dede 7
14th May 2013 14:21
"Good Words. YNWA."