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Coutinho & Sturridge = Bromance
13th May 2013 8:57
13th May 2013 8:59
""I want to say thank-you to all four. Hopefully I'll have a long career ahead of me at Liverpool." :D"
13th May 2013 9:13
"Class yesterday, budles of energy but with the right apporach more direct. Some games he dances around with the ball too much, yesterday is what I like to see of him, pace,power and control, Couts was also outstanding, what a ball thruogh for his 3rd goal."
13th May 2013 9:19
"You've been exceptional Daniel. Really impressed. We need a song for you though-any ideas reds fans? Needs to be unique and not a championship type song that Stoke and WBA would sing....."
13th May 2013 9:30
"Daniel you have shown you can be up with the best forwards in the league! That should be your goal! A great game against Fulham!"
13th May 2013 9:38
"You know what's even better than that neomax2011? Coutinho + Sturridge + Ericksen + Suarez! What a sight it would be! YNWA! "
13th May 2013 9:46
"Went to school with sturridge, so happy to see these goals going in. Wish I was in his position banging goals in for LFC"
13th May 2013 9:49
"'I'd like to thank my teammates, the manager, God and my family', no thanks to us Liverpool fans???"
13th May 2013 9:57
"I confirm I am over 13 and that my post abides by the rules of the The Kop"
13th May 2013 9:59
"Great game, great result (although Senderos wasn't playing for Fulham)."
Papa Syed
13th May 2013 10:08
"It aint over yet....hope to see CL & Top 4 next season!"
13th May 2013 11:30
"One-man Liverpool fall apart without Gerrard. Oh and Suarez, so that's two-man Liverpool!"
13th May 2013 11:41
"I love the man, love his sense of humour - keep up the good work Daniel!"
13th May 2013 12:23
"Its funny only last week I saw a lot of Lfc fans giving him unnecessary stick and saying how greedy he is. Newsflash Kids, yes he can be greedy at times but so is Suarez and Coutinho and Gerrard because there class players. Keep banging em in Sturridge. The statistics are stating a legend in the making, 3rd fastest Lfc player to get 10 goals. INCREDIBLE"
Gerrard o ya beauty
13th May 2013 12:51
"What a top striker sturridge is, his strike rate is excellent and he is deadly in games, very good striker and we've got him just at the right time of his career. Also he's 23 years old so he's got loads more years in him. YNWA"
13th May 2013 12:55
"If Sturridge was spanish or Brazilian some of you would be drooling over him. His banging goals in a faster rate than Torres and some still go on like ur waiting for him to fail."
13th May 2013 13:13
"Good on U lad. He's like a cool but confident version of LS which is exactly what we need. PC is irreplaceable at the moment. If BR can step it up and cut out some of this seasons silly mistakes - Who knows where we may finish?"
Stan Still
13th May 2013 14:07
""We need a song for Daniel" How childish is that?? LOL Just keep banging in the goals Dan, great strikers are always selfish. Fowler, Keegan, Rush, Muller, Lineker, Wright the list goes on and on ... all of them selfish in front of goal. That's their job. Go for goal. Dan's doing a great job. Glad he's playing for LFC. Keep it up lad. "
13th May 2013 15:55
"the best thing about our strikers,players even, is they love scoring. its a joy to watch them celebrate great goals! "
13th May 2013 16:18
"As for the Song how about Danny Boy Oh Danny boy the Kop the Kop is calling, from stand to stand and down the Anfield Road You score the goals and keep the Red Men flying, Oh Danny boy, Oh Danny Boy we love you so! "
13th May 2013 17:20
"Fantastic display. Daniel could have scored another two or three easily. "
13th May 2013 17:40
"Classy Fulham fans... Booing a player because he outplayed everyone on the pitch"
13th May 2013 19:30
"you know how to shut them up danny boy."
13th May 2013 21:25
"keep yourself healthy, stay outta trouble,you are well liked here in the lfc family, hoping you enjoy and prosper anfield road... and never forget liverpool is bigger universe than the stars in it... "
14th May 2013 0:11
"Dan the man... you and coutinho just keep on keeping on... hammer those defences, and when Luis returns.. mash up comes to mind. stroll on next season... come on you reds."