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Well done BR. Was a bit worried we were going to be predictable, but you are proving that there is flexibility, and opponents will not be able to prepare all week to counter our tactics. Well done everyone, and now, with some improved consistency, we are slowly approaching a winning model.
13th May 2013 9:07
13th May 2013 9:09
"3-5-2 was rubbished. From the very beginning before the Fulham goal, I told my 17 year old son that this formation is not working. We are not getting ball out to the opposition half."
13th May 2013 9:10
"Stand up for the brother Coutinho"
13th May 2013 9:13
"For Brendan Rodgers, I will like to see him able to react with tactical changes midway through the game and employ those changes effectively. This is especially so when we are chasing the game or chasing for a win"
13th May 2013 9:23
"Fair play BR. Just hope that FSG back you come the summer and dont stiff you like last August, cos to be fair, theyve hidden away, and left you to carry the can win, lose, or draw- which on reflection was totally unfair. Ive been hard on you this season contd"
13th May 2013 9:24
"on these comments pages, due to the lack of experience. Im a lot happier now the transfer commitee is in place. It makes utter sense and leaves BR to concentrate more on the 1st team and coaching. Maybe, after umpteen mistakes FSG are learning too- we'll know more contd"
13th May 2013 9:25
"when we see who is sold and who is bought- but with the Managerial changes going on, there wont ever be a better time for us to really kick on next season. FSG-Its over to you....."
13th May 2013 9:36
"Want to read more of Brendan talking about what he sees in formations and other tactics. Not mere throwing around of Philosophy word. So, what did he see in the 1st half?? "
13th May 2013 9:52
"great performance, cant wait for next season. james mccarthy from wigan would be a great addition and we can have a good look at remy next week. ynwa"
13th May 2013 9:59
"Of course its about philosophy, but it can not only be about that. The players must have something to work with as well so the formation matters!! If the opposition defenders as huge and very good then one short striker will have a hard time, he'll be frustrated."
Papa Syed
13th May 2013 10:01
"Carry On Working Hard LFC! YNWA!"
13th May 2013 10:03
"All the Philosophy in the world won't make those defenders shorter or worse footballers but moving up a striker im for example 442 then they will be able to play 1-2 around them pull out and wide and so on, so having a tactical arsenal is absolutely extremely useful."
13th May 2013 10:07
"Seeing them trying to play three defrenders and wing back is very good because we have the players to do that and having the experiance and being able to use the center field more as a tactical option is good so trying new things now is very very good. We have nothing to loose and everything to gain."
13th May 2013 10:10
"Good Tactic,Good playing,Good finishing,good dribling,good defending,good attacking,good player maker,good striker.good goal keeper but excellent manager.thank you so much mr.rodgers.we will trust you and you will never walk alone(YNWA)"
13th May 2013 10:11
"Excellent work Brendan, you have been showing a lot of tactical quality since the Chelsea game. We just might have yet another tacian on our hands in Brendan, I think we will be in for a surprise next season, I just can't wait i'm so excited. "
13th May 2013 10:18
"BR has done relatively well in his first season however, i want him to use the pre-season period to equally work on his WINNING MENTALITY. We should have won more matches if not for HIS MENTALITY......"
13th May 2013 10:51
"Second half of the season has seen substantial improvement.Like Rushjob says it's all to play for next season and there will never be a better time for us to not just aim for top 4 but to go all out to win the league. We will have no excuse not to challenge with us being out of Europe too."
13th May 2013 11:25
"Can't believe there are still some giving the manager stick for his formation at the start of the game - it's clearly the one that works best in his style so he was always going to try it in a dead rubber, but we don't have the players for it. Once that was clear, who is it that changed the formation without delay to push for the win?"
13th May 2013 11:31
"Next season our players will have to be tolerant and patient as there will be more competition for places. They should follow Carra and Downing's example, both of whom spent time on the bench but still gave there all when called upon. Football is a squad game. "
13th May 2013 11:36
"Good tactical knowledge from BR. Can see 2 or 3 players leaving maybe 1 or 2 more on loan, with hopefully a choice selection(rather than a flood) coming in. It's not about the money and cost, it's about who we bring in and what they can do for LFC."
13th May 2013 12:57
"Some peeps talking about Brendan's lack of winning mentality, ? This dude beat us home and away with Swansea.. is that losing mentality?"
13th May 2013 13:14
"Flexibility is important and being able to adapt to different teams in PL. IF we can get 3 or 4 top quality players in during summer alogn with current squad then we can get top 4 next season..we have to!"
13th May 2013 13:34
"Br has had to change a lot about how he wants the game to be played, he has had to play 442 when he clearly believed in 433. Even the way we start from the back has changed since his earlier allen obsession. He deserves great credit because making changes at pl level can go horribly wrong."
13th May 2013 13:50
"Slowly but surely BR is showing why I see him as the nearest thing to the great Shanks. I know its one hell of a statement to make but I always admire courage in others and therefore I don't lack courage myself. Many laughed when I said this and I am not afraid to be shot down but, I am on record and I stand my comments! "
13th May 2013 14:02
"The person who's mentally strong in the whole camp is BR. Get some GOOD signings in the summer - one CB,LB,CDM,CAM(eriksen),ST we need atleast 45m for all these. Come on FSG do it this summer we can really move forward"
13th May 2013 14:53
"Buddha: "nearest thing to Shanks", steady on son BR has a very long way to go we still can't beat any of the top sides, Fulham were very poor . We are known as flat track bullies unless we score early we struggle. As i said before i am willing to give BR bit more time but please don't insult us by comparing him to the great Shanks."
Billy B girl
13th May 2013 15:30
"BR near Shanks - Don't think so more like Shank Pony! Come on we have had a couple of good games and it looks okay but let's see who goes in the summer and the calibre of players in?? Give it till Christmas as by then we should know pretty well the way we are going! Still gutted Rafa not here though!"
13th May 2013 15:39
"Rafa is utter garbage found out inter full stop "
13th May 2013 15:42
"kopak47, I stand by my comments. We shall see what happens..."
13th May 2013 15:46
"Billy B, as BR is going to be here for a while, maybe its best you retire from here and come back when he he has gone. Surely you must be tired of your incessant and pointless tirades which serves no one any good. I have to say reading your posts are very depressing and I usually skip them but now and then I look to see if you have cheered up. "
13th May 2013 15:57
"The Light, I didn't realise you were my good friend Lonewar, hello sir. I don't know where the rascal LDW has got to. I am enjoying my more sedate efforts on here and with Liverpool winning and doing well it seems the naysayers have mellowed out. Its quite pleasant on here these days, lol. "
13th May 2013 16:01
"Sturridge - getting first 10 premier league goal faster than Torres. Coutinho - Provide more assist per minute play since Alonso in the first season. Do you need Rafa to bring in 'World Class' Player?? Even players from his former teams wouldn't want to follow him. Ask Inter Milan & Alonso."
13th May 2013 16:02
"Rafa almost became the first manager to bring three different Europe Champions out of Champion League. Liverpool, Inter Milan and almost Chelsea."
13th May 2013 16:18
"Next season will be make or break for br, i do believe he is the right man at this moment in time, but 7th is not where we belong, with a bit of luck and decent team selection we are a match for anyone in the league, keeping suarez is key, lets hope he is as loyal as we think he is. "
13th May 2013 16:19
"if you want players with good technique get rid of downing and dare i say it shelvey. suso has so much more quality than downing and i really hope he starts against qpr. as for shelvey we have so many central players and probably still need another defensive mid to cover lucas and someone like eriksen or mkhitaryan. maybe loan shelvey if we dont need the funds."
13th May 2013 16:32
"Buddha: will see next season personally i think the players he signs will decide his fate any more from Swansea and it's goodbye."
13th May 2013 16:32
"Re:Lfc.tomo" You don't know much about football do you you son just like what Manu-SKYTv show you, after Rafa Inter Milan changed about 5 or 6 managers then they realized the players gone past it, not manager's fault. I think Rafa has done an amazing job at Chelski after all the he had to deal with."
13th May 2013 17:41
"BR is the man. I was surprised when we went for him but it took me 5 minutes into his first press conference to know we had a gem. Its amazing how some fans miss the obvious with players and managers. I do wonder sometimes if some fans just talk for talking sake, lol. "
13th May 2013 17:45
"Its obvious why BR bought Allen and Borini as he knew them and it was a smart move as he didn't have much time to scout. He then showed with the buy of Coutinho that we have a master at work. We literally have the signing of decade in this kid. He will be the new Zico and the fulcrum of both LFC and Brazil for years to come. "
13th May 2013 17:50
"As much as I rate Oscar, he is not better than Coutinho. We paid 8.5m while they paid 19.8m. This buy should make any BR doubters melt away. We have a gem on our hands and soon it will become obvious to all. "
13th May 2013 18:23
"Buddha. Are you aware that we now have a 4 person transfer committee in place- as from last December. The decision was made following the lack of impact by Borini and Allen for the outlay of £26 million. It's not a dig at BR, it's to assist him- as January's signings have proven. Contd."
13th May 2013 18:25
"It's also fairly common knowledge that there's a bit of a stand off presently going on as BR wants Williams, but the committee won't sanction it due to age/cost and better younger alternatives. Like I say, this isn't a jab at BR, and it's actually praise offered to FSG in recognising that help is needed. "
13th May 2013 18:28
"Rushjob, you don't really think that any player is brought to LFC without BR permission. You can see with how Coutinho has been treated from day one that its BR signing. He was thrown in from day one and is ever present a clear indication he is loved by BR. Let not be churlish and take away due credit ok, lol. "
13th May 2013 18:29
"Head of Analysis Michael Edwards is pulling a lot of the strings with regard to recruitment and reporting back to FSG. Whether BR is happy with it remains to be seen- cos a stipulation in him taking the job was that he wouldn't work under a DIrector of Football, yet the committee is as good as a D.O.F anyway. !"
13th May 2013 18:31
"Rushjob, also, for the record, Allen will prove to be an excellent buy. He is an amazing player and I am sure injury free he will be an asset. He showed in his first foray with us that he is more than capable of being a star turn. You don't go from being a great player to nothing in twinkle of an eye. "
13th May 2013 18:32
"Buddha- I'm not doing so, just stating fact. I couldn't give a flying who signed who so long as they perform, but to praise BR 100% is at best 'misinformed'. That's all. "
13th May 2013 18:34
"Allen is a misfit. "
13th May 2013 18:35
"Buddha- Allen may well prove to be, still don't get not buying Sturridge last summer for £15 mil, yet buying him in Jan for £12 mil. Utter madness to save £3 million quid. My issues with Allen are and remain currently- we didn't need him. And had we bought Studge last summer, who knows where we'd have finished- a lot higher than 7th is my guess. "
13th May 2013 18:36
"It would be beyond annoying if anyone other than BR tries to take credit for the good things happening at LFC whilst lambasting him for the bad things. This is BR Liverpool now and its well known that he is his own man and won't stand for unwanted interference. That is why I admire him. He told our owners he was not going to be part of a group and that won their respect. "
13th May 2013 18:39
"FSG, being sound minded astute business Americans, knew they were hiring an innovative forward thinking man of principles. A man who is not going to be pushed around. They were impressed with his ideas and his forthrightness. I also have friends within the players camp and they all say he is the real deal. "
13th May 2013 18:39
"Mushroom- currently Allen is exactly that, but as Jordan Henderson has proved, it can take time to settle. Also, with our non Tiki Taka style since Xmas, I really don't see slow Joe fitting in. As yesterday proved, LFC are lethal when direct and incisive, and as Celtic proved Tiki Taka slow build up play doesn't cut it over here. "
13th May 2013 18:39
"Besides a bit of luck with Coutinho and possibly Sturridge (if he can stay fit and not be consumed by ego) BR has wasted nearly £39m. Hence our current sad league standing and bare trophy cabinet.Small wonder a committee has been formed to oversee acquisitions. "
13th May 2013 18:42
"Rushjob, it was very important BR bought Allen and Borini as they were part of a blue print he wanted to set in. Its very important that the new guy hits the ground running and these buys signalled his intent. Now, Allen proved astute at the start and gave BR breathing room to plan ahead, cont.."
13th May 2013 18:42
"Rushjob....devils advocate mate. Some on here are quick to call for managers to be sacked and brand players 'misfits'. Some on heer even expected progress this season and will spout endless piffle to try and prove it. "
13th May 2013 18:44
"Buddha- google telegraph LFC transfer commitee- it's as clear as mud. And it is also common knowledge about the Williams stand off. He may well be his own man, but nobody is bigger than the club, and it appears that what with him and KK contd"
13th May 2013 18:45
"Allen steadied the ship when we needed him most but unfortunately his very high standards slipped. Most importantly it allowed BR to assess his squad and he was not afraid to change things when it didn't work. If you are going into a new place then having familiar faces around is a good move. I still see Allen becoming a star at LFC. "
13th May 2013 18:47
"Spanking zillions on 'misfits' FSG have rightly acted and out a structure in place. I'm all for it, as the committees January signings have prudently proved. It's actually the best thing (aside from picking us out of potential administration) that FSG have done during their tenure IMHO."
13th May 2013 18:48
"Rushjob, don't engage the loose cannon who is trying to interrupt a good yarn. Let us ignore him and he will go away. Back to the point, BR will get his way, mark my words. Its very clear that FSG sees BR as a revelation and will back him to the hilts. "
13th May 2013 18:48
"Anyway, I'm off to the Gym. Hope I've helped to clarify things a little. :) "
13th May 2013 18:50
"We'll see with this summers in/outs. That's when it'll become apparent where FSG are at. Laters. "
13th May 2013 18:51
"Rushjob, what you are highlighting is a fancy word for scouting. Don't get it twisted, this is very much BR show. He has made it clear to the owners what he wants and they will back him. When you have seasoned pros like Carra and SG waxing lyrical about him then you know he is the genuine article. "
13th May 2013 18:55
"It is funny, though, to see some trying to take away BR credit - as it shows he must be doing something right. When the doubters see Sturridge and Coutinho excelling beyond belief they are quick to find something to lessen BR skill. I am not saying you Rushjob, but your timing is very ironic. BR is the real deal! "
Billy B girl
13th May 2013 19:27
"Rushjob - you are a GEM !"
13th May 2013 19:34
"Got to give BR some credit, he seems like he's got a pretty good idea who makes a good player if DS and PC are anything to go by. Missed the last 2 games because of being away but we look dangerous and proves there is life beyond Suarez. BR be strong - Don't bow down to individuals next season. "
13th May 2013 19:44
"i quote from article above" If he keeps training well, then I think he'll have a outstanding couple of years for us. does that mean he wont be here at liverpool in 2 years???" "
13th May 2013 20:25
"Money wasted? Players sign 4 to 5 year contracts not 1 year contracts!!"
13th May 2013 20:28
"Lets be honest Allen has been poor but lets give the guy time, hes a decent player. I agree with rushjob re recruitment of new players. I think he has much less control here than he would like. Please people, stop comparing BR to Shanks, its an insult to the man. Lets see what happens over the next 15 years if BR sticks around.."
13th May 2013 20:35
"Yes it is a great time for FSG to back Rodgers and get quality players in during the summer to boost the squad. Amazing what one player can do, i.e. Coutinho..goes to show the recruitment committee is starting to work"
13th May 2013 21:25
"WhelanR- KK fan/BR fan- it matters not. It is obvious that FSG have not got the zillions of Abramovich and Citeh- which is fine. They've recognised that the millions wasted by the current and past regimes cannot continue- and they've actually done summit about it contd"
13th May 2013 21:28
"And I actually respect FSG for that. They've looked at Allen and Borini and their cost and thought 'not again'. We simply cannot afford to waste 26 million pounds ever again. This isn't a slate on FB or JA- cos I actually reckon Borini will come good. The cost though doesn't provide any return contd"
13th May 2013 21:31
"In terms of performances. No matter what sympathy persons have for Joe Allen, he's been dreadful- and I got slated for saying we'd have been better keeping Spearing and spending the £15 mil on Sturridge last Aug- but I'm sticking with it. The more direct play post Xmas will totally bypass Allen, and I predict he'll sink at LFC. Hope I'm wrong contd."
13th May 2013 21:34
"The reason I've mellowed a bit is cos FSG have actually acted and recognised an ongoing problem and massively improved it. BR has acted and recognised a problem (style of play pre Xmas) and he's done something about it- which says to me that the persons I deemed rookies are learning from their mistakes. If they continue to- we may just be ok. "
13th May 2013 21:37
"Great debate on posts today especialy buddha and rushjob- at the end of the day we all want the same thing - SUCCESS . We all know that BR is trying to BUILD A TEAM and after just 10 months i believe he is doing a great job"
13th May 2013 22:17
"I have to chuckle at the futile attempt to take away the credit from BR, its outrageous. Everyone knows Sturridge is a player BR worked with at Chelski and now that he is coming good some want to give credit to Dave Fallows, lol. Its a sign that things are working at LFC for some to now try and deflect praise. "
13th May 2013 22:20
"If you read the Telegraph story properly they talk about a system that is a play on the old scouting system, lol. The recruitment policy has not changed. Borini just like Sturridge are young hopefuls and the only difference is the latter has hit the ground running. The same with Allen and Coutinho, cont.."
13th May 2013 22:21
"Buddha- if that's aimed at me, then you're on the wrong path. However, persons deflecting praise sounds very similar to persons praising Comolli for some signings yet slating KK for others doesn't it? Irony. "
13th May 2013 22:23
"People always try and be clever when simplicity is easier. Its not as if the there is a new policy of buying world class players. We are still buying rough gems and hoping for them to come good. Sturridge and Coutinho could hit a rough patch and if that happened I bet my last pound that BR would get the blame for buying them, lol. "
13th May 2013 22:25
"Buddha. 'Oh so ironic'.. 2012 posts 'lest we forget'. :)"
13th May 2013 22:27
"That's me done for the evening- got some more tables to turn. Night reds fans. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
13th May 2013 22:28
"Rushjob, its not aimed at anyone in particular, but its laughable whoever tries to take away credit from BR. As you said, whether its a team effort, it matters not. I am a big fan of FSG and BR so I am happy for them to share credit. Its just nice to see the tide turning and I stand by every praise I have ever given them when it was not fashionable to do so. "
13th May 2013 22:33
"Wheelan, I stand wholeheartedly by my Shanks comparison. Some people are cautious with their deeds, some are negative or some are brave. I am the latter. I stated that Sturridge was the buy of the January window before he kicked a ball and that Coutinho was world class before he kicked a ball for us. I was mocked by some but I guess they are not teasing now, lol. "
13th May 2013 22:36
"Well, anyone who doubts BR, should get ready, because next season we are going to take the league by storm. He will recruit the 3 players needed to make a serious assault. I guess some will still find ways to take away his achievements then, like claim, he does not train the team and therefore Pascoe should take full credit :-) "
13th May 2013 23:01
"Allen is not a great player and Rodgers is no Bill Shankly!!! I despair at some people, I really do! Let's see who we sign over the summer, then see where we are at Christmas."
14th May 2013 0:08
"I said this, I Said that = Buddha loves the sound of his own voice. Thank god we cant hear it:)"
14th May 2013 1:57
"Go and get Andre Ayew! he's a beast. two or three to sell and get him, fast!"
14th May 2013 7:52
"coates, wisdom, shelvy, gained 1st. team expereince but not ready for automatic place. ?"
14th May 2013 8:30
"Be careful what you write hendodawarrior- he prints out all the posts (especially the ones agreeing with him) and places them on a wall in his shrine room to himself to satisfy his narcissistic supply....."
14th May 2013 9:23
"kingmat, why don't you just talk about LFC? If you say things that allude to me, you are only feeding my ego. You obviously have way too much time on your hands and clearly know by mentioning me will bring you much needed attention. Enjoy it and then move on - that's a good boy. "
14th May 2013 9:48
"Buddha, my advice to you. Read BRs latest article on this LFC site and get an education. Its obvious he an inexperienced manager (he admits this), its also obvious he only has partial control over signings (he admits this also). You comparing him to Shanks is a joke (i'm sure BR would agree with me on this also). Wake up to reality man. "
14th May 2013 9:56
"In reference to rodgers article 'i needed that experience'. The best i have seen from him, very positive, we're going for it type of article. Hope he consistently pushes this message from now. Top 4 next year is the target and the league in due course. Big opportunity next year, Chelski/S/Citee all undergoing change.."