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Excellent, missed the game but have match of the day recorded tonight so cant wait to watch the highlights. Well Done Danny Boy.
12th May 2013 18:13
12th May 2013 18:13
"If only sturridge could shelve his trademark selfishness we would have had another. Should have hauled him off to prove a point."
jimmy liddel
12th May 2013 18:20
"if only we had signed him in the summer,we would have been knocking on the door of europe."
12th May 2013 18:21
"BR waffles. I just watched as Man Utd collected the trophy and where are we? So far behind we may as well give up. Sad day for Liverpool football club as Man Utd lift the le again! "
12th May 2013 18:24
"Yea quite evident."
12th May 2013 18:27
"The future is bright. The future is red, all red!"
Stan Still
12th May 2013 18:34
"A few year ago when he was playing for City I remember Daniel playing a beautiful pass to Bellamy or Tevez, I can't remember which one, but they scored. But the pass was incredible for a player so young. Daniel is incredibly talented and when he combines his excellent passing at the right time with his goal scoring ability he will be the best in the UK. "
12th May 2013 18:35
"Good goals. We need to work on pressing teams at their halves. We gave Fulham too much respect. Fulham came into this game losing six of seven. It just looked we were going to lose and the tempo was very slow. We can't always rely on second half, because better teams will make us pay. Fulham could have had a penalty and a send off!! Best to attack attack."
12th May 2013 18:36
"Well done Sturridge but needs to know when a player is in a better position to score. What about Coutinho, unbelievable player. Tries hard and not afraid to make a mistake or get stuck in. The new Zico. Will be worth 50 million by the end of next season. Lets hope he doesn't get into Brazils squad for the world cup or we'll find it difficult to hold on to him. Class act. "
12th May 2013 18:42
"Well done BR,credit where it is due- at least mixing it up a bit with a different formation at the start means teams will not be able to know for certain what formation to expect and prepare for in advance- it might not have been too fluid to watch, as we have only played 3-5-2 twice for about 20 mins previously this campaign, but it gives us a bit of an unpredictable factor."
Stan Still
12th May 2013 18:46
"After his excellent performance against City I think LFC should try to buy Macca from Wigan. He's strong, fast, direct, tricky and has an eye for goal. He's just what we need to challenge Downing on the right wing and he's scouse! "
12th May 2013 18:46
"well done lad keep it up"
12th May 2013 18:48
"Very disappointing defensive performance and a poor goal conceded. However, no matter what happens we are capable of creating so many chances and thankfully today we put a few of them away. Bring on QPR."
12th May 2013 18:49
"ThreePoints Sad you can't see the trees from the forest. "
12th May 2013 18:53
"the lad gets 3 goals and numpties still criticise him.. hilarious...well done Daniel, great centre forward play! keep it up!"
Billy B girl
12th May 2013 18:59
"Well credit to all today - great win and Daniel hat trick brilliant but hope he will learn to pass to other players in better positions. Coutinho what a player we have in him. Nice to see Coates, would love to see him get a run!"
12th May 2013 19:05
"agree with stan still macca is a great player "
12th May 2013 19:08
"and the toffies turned him down lol ynwa"
12th May 2013 19:13
"Stan stil 18.45 - agree we should defo buy macca from wigan - talked abt this last night - he would suit us perfect down the right side"
12th May 2013 19:14
"you can do it in a nothing game now do it when it counts roll on next season ynwa"
12th May 2013 19:17
"Excellent result, but I was not particularly happy the experiment in the first half. Please, experiment new formation with the senior players next time. I think the young lads had difficulty playing the new tactic. "
12th May 2013 19:18
"Macca definitely has stepped it up last couple weeks didn't realise he was scouse,well done today DS,"
12th May 2013 19:19
"Some really negative fans on here! Its the first time Liverpool fans can say in a long time January has been a successful transfer window!"
12th May 2013 19:32
"Sometimes Daniel should spread the responsibility and see who is a better position to score...That is what will make us win games sometimes. Just be unshellfish at the right time and you will be come a better player..."
12th May 2013 19:34
"Even if Moyes wins anything next season they will all say he was driving the car that fergie built and if he doesn't win anything they'll say he's useless because ferguson left him enough players to make 3 teams, moyes can't win if you get my drift. poison chalace "
12th May 2013 19:37
"papabobo, what were u not happy with ? He played the best available 11 execept from Enrique and Borini who is just coming back from injury. "
12th May 2013 19:39
"Wish that old rascal had retired years ago, I for one will be glad when he leaves manu completely, sick of the sight of him, let's be honest. wasn't that he was so good, it was because we weren't and still aren't, good enough. "
12th May 2013 19:39
"Sorry pappabobo: just saw I misread what u said. u meant the formation, not the players.. fair enough , can agree there, but nothing left to play for, maybe good to experiment, good opportunity"
12th May 2013 19:41
"it will be interesting next season moyles dosnt intimidate refs like purple nose does so more of a level playing field for all,"
12th May 2013 19:41
"wellyit 12th May 2013 19:14, best comment all day. "
12th May 2013 19:42
"The obvious truth is both DS and LS score more goals when playing as centre forward. However, LS still excels when playing out wide (in a 3-man attack) so I think this should be our set-up when (if!) he returns. The two of them can bag 50 goals a season... 30 of which will be assisted by Coutinho, no doubt!!"
12th May 2013 19:46
"Lozz99- will never forget in 2005 when everton were in fourth and he was asked what if lfc win the cl and he said, he wasn't concerned beacuse he didn't think we had a chance anyway.... Hopefully each week when he goes to fergie's head master's office to get his instructions for the week, he will share a few whiskies with fergie from that poisoned chalice...."
12th May 2013 19:53
"Daniel will improve by returning the favour to Coutinho and squaring it to him when better positioned to score. Still, Sturridge had his scoring head on today, so fair play to him."
12th May 2013 20:00
"Can't disagree with that. Want a destroying midfielder aside from the obvious defensive reinforcements. Credit BR today (again). No issues being proved wrong when it benefits the redmen. "
12th May 2013 20:03
"Kingmat, Moyes survived 11 years at the toffee factory and never won a sausage, not one, yet they say he was a brilliant manager to be admired, now he's fergie's remote controlled puppet. honestly, how long do you think we should tolerate Brendan Rodgers remaining outside top 4 ie how many more years should he be given? Even with FSG ten year plan?"
12th May 2013 20:05
"colle9, I dont have anything against the team selection. There is nothing wrong trying out the young Lads. My take is, Coates and wisdom were always going to have problem defending with a new formation, which was why Fulham got an easy goal. "
12th May 2013 20:06
"Well now is the time to strike and get quality players in during the summer. This is the time to spend money. Blue nose gone, Mancini gone, change at Chelski and both Arse and Spurs beatable! Next season is wide open! COme on redmen"
12th May 2013 20:09
"if you look at when the goal was conceded wisdom or coates wernt to blame it was whats his name."
12th May 2013 20:09
"all around a very good performance but under pressure our defensive midfield looks shaky and downing as always a bitter disappointment, our half backs are better than him going forward. "
12th May 2013 20:10
"Rushjob, well done. Now you must be able to see the steady progress. With the 3 additions I have advocated for, we will definitely be in contention for top 4. I said Sturridge was the buy of the January window followed very closely by Coutinho. BR deserves serious credit for taking on an enormous task. "
12th May 2013 20:14
"If we buy the power house Wanyama and the clever and ridiculously skilfull Ericksen and the sturdy and captain material Williams, then we will be ready to take on all comers. I have am so excited about the refreshing and innovative BR and predict he will become a LFC legend. "
12th May 2013 20:17
"Lozz99- I don't want us to change manager every time we have a below par season, and would like us to have the patience to give him at least five years by which point, if we are not challenging for the le, then at least he had the same chance as raffa and houllier. However, I got a feeling fsg might not be majority owners within 2 years and who knows what any new partners might want?"
12th May 2013 20:22
"A very good overall performance by the team. Danny is showing that he can be excellent alternative centre forward to Luis. Too bad we left it late this season and have nothing really to play for now ."
Billy B girl
12th May 2013 20:29
"I believe FSG will be gone by this time next year!"
Billy B girl
12th May 2013 20:33
"Good to see old red nose gone today - Rafa was definitely his Moriarty LOL. Moyes got a good send off from our warriors across the park and needs to step up bigtime. Very interesting next season. Please make sure you get a win on the final game!"
12th May 2013 20:36
"Just wondering where all the moaners ging Daniel off last game are??? Be very quiet"
12th May 2013 20:36
"Buddha, I hope your right re BR becoming a legend at LFC. Truth is if we finish 7th again next season no amount of bulls*ite will save him. On a positive note Coutinho has been outstanding since he joined. Cant believe we got him for 10m or so..much work to do in summer"
12th May 2013 20:39
"Delighted to see old blue nose gone, the biggest bullyboy the game has ever our turn..delighted he retired a failure in Europe!"
12th May 2013 20:40
"well said Buddha, just three players away from being much more than a top 4 side.... the future is looking very very bright for us...."
12th May 2013 20:42
"...and if we're being honest Steve Wonder would have achieved 7th for Liverpool this season. I dont want to be too unfair to Rodgers..we have been playing good stuff over the past few season is soooo important for LFC"
12th May 2013 20:45
"Brendan will never get 5 years if theres no improvement in this season, and that goes for some players too. I´m very optimistic though, and with the right players we will first grab cl place and then challenge the top teams again for the le!"
12th May 2013 20:51
"Kingmatt, Agree we wouldn't like to change managers too often. There has been good progress, not forgeting players need time to gell, January was good for business, DS did score against manu after all and PC's passes are something else. PC needs to score more and DS needs to pass more. Get Erikson, Alderweireld and Loic Remy, Toivenon or Van Wolfswinkle and we are dangerous again."
12th May 2013 20:53
"Welcome Billy b girl!"
12th May 2013 20:56
"3 big players needed now - looking forward to next seaseon - acid test"
12th May 2013 20:57
"Agree with your choices though I do like Moussa Sissoko as a strong box to box midfielder to add to your list, Lozz99"
12th May 2013 21:04
"Buddha,I don't think DS is a better buy than PC.DS stayed in the EPL long unable to convince fans & managers at his former teams & even here he tried to be good only against his former employers and was on the bench a lot.On the contrary PC been brilliant from day one and lively in all games he played.DS is way behind PC and he will be judged next season on important matches."
12th May 2013 21:05
"I really love Coates as a player, he was fantastic for uruguay at the copa de america and thoroughly deserved the award as best young player in the tournament, he also got a winners medal, was delighted when he signed for us, Carra said him and Agger were our future and I hope that he's given the oportunity to grow into a legend here. C'mon Seba!"
12th May 2013 21:08
"love SEB CO too"
12th May 2013 21:09
"Buddha, I'd have Eriksen and Wanyama for sure. Not Williams though. We need better than him. "
12th May 2013 21:12
"Coates has real potential, and so strong.... Opponents seem to bounce off him and he doesn't flinch! "
12th May 2013 21:15
"DS has now scored more goals in his first 13 Premier League apps for the club than any other Liverpool player. And some 'fans' still doubt his abilities; he has some learning to do regarding passing to a better placed opponent, but he's still young & still trying to impress the doubters. With his 1st LFC season's record he gets my backing."
12th May 2013 21:18
"Agree Rushjob would like alderweireld instead"
12th May 2013 21:19
"Moyes powers at manu will be seriously limited, e.g. how much will he be allowed to tinker with? Will he have to accept all the staff around him wether he likes it or not? No matter what he does, he won't be able to claim credit for anything other than his obedience to that regime. Baconface will monitor his every move and rebuke him when he wants, like a gargoyle on your back."
12th May 2013 21:24
"Redopm 12th May 2013 21:18 Fully agree, eriksen, wanyama (or diame), and alderweireld are a must & affordable. I also really like the look of Wigan's scouser McManaman; about time we had a McManaman back on LFC wing!"
12th May 2013 21:29
"yes macca in great form recently and certainly wigan going down hmmm interesting,"
12th May 2013 21:30
"Which affordable new striker would people like to see at LFC next season or do people feel we now have the full compliment?"
12th May 2013 21:33
"to be honest I think Liverpool have had a reasonable season 3 or 4 more additions and we will be challenging for CL places be patient with BR and I think we will be rewarded"
12th May 2013 21:33
"Loz99 12th May 2013 21:19 Good point made; interesting to see who will really be in charge at Manure next season??"
12th May 2013 21:33
"wellyit but Sturridge has been scoring goals when it counts! Goals at The Emirates, Etihad and Old Trafford!!!!! "
12th May 2013 21:33
"if carroll goes then we need another maybe remy, loan ngoo for a season"
12th May 2013 21:35
"Kingmatt, agree and forgot to say that Coates is still very young and seems to be a confidence player like sturridge ie if you believe in him and give him enough experience chances, he will repay you in spades, feel he needs a run of games in the epl and he will grow I'm certain. trust him!"
12th May 2013 21:37
"Would not mind McManaman as long as he doesn't dribble into all the dead ends or leaves on a free like the last one!"
12th May 2013 21:38
"Redopm 12th May 2013 21:33 Remy is a good shout, but would love to see Benteke or even Ba here next year. Don't know what it is with Chelski, but they ruin good strikers!"
12th May 2013 21:47
"benteke price rising weekly 25m+ now, remy 8m but very similar to DS."
12th May 2013 21:50
"BR you are hypocrite, if you really believing in Daniel, then why you did not started him or played him in every match since his arrival? You do not have the talent of managing and using good skills players. "
12th May 2013 21:51
"jimusan r u never happy? The guy scores a hat trick and all u can do is criticise him. I feel bad for u. Also ThreePoints whats with the negativity?"
12th May 2013 22:10
"to original75 21:50.. he did not use daniel in every game...three reasons.. 1.for to keep him hungry and fighting for his place, 2 he had a few niggles here and there.... and 3 squad rotation to keep players fresh... what a numptie you are...."
12th May 2013 22:13
"HEY!HEY!HEY!HEY! where's the fungi! If only we'd bought dempsey-*sarcasm off* That and Borini's great hit against the post. Looking good people."
12th May 2013 22:14
"people go so far out of their way to finds flaws with Rodgers... its scary..its weird actually..."
12th May 2013 22:15
"Coutinho is something else, he can destroy the lot of them next season, this kid is a genius and scary to think he could become even more dangerous, he seems to make it look so flippin' easy, yet the passes are absolutely world class, can imagine this superkid in Brazil next year playing for his national team with lucas."
12th May 2013 22:25
"as for Sturridge being selfish, yes sometimes he needs to pick a pass, but it was only against newcastle he put the ball on a plate for Henderson so zip, go and love rooney and co if you cant support this clubs current players"
12th May 2013 22:27
"and he is hardly more selfish than suarez, which we all love to have at the club right!? I know I´m always happier when he is in the team and I can guarantee u that the other teams defenders sleep better before the game knowing he is not playing"
12th May 2013 22:46
"Original75- wot planet are u on lad? I havnt seen one positive post from u yet?"
12th May 2013 22:50
"Danny Wellbeck 2012/2013 season: Matches 26, Goal(s)-1. Daniel Sturridge 2012/2013 season(Liverpool) Matches 13, Goals 10. How dare you compare them? Even Chicharito has not managed that this season (21 matches, 9 goals). The most underrated striker in England. "
12th May 2013 22:51
"The only thing Sturridge has in common with Wellbeck is his first name and Sturridge has scored almost the same number of goals Wellbeck has scored in his entire Man U career this year alone (in 13 matches)."
12th May 2013 23:02
"What about Valencia and downing and all the slating he gets."
12th May 2013 23:11
"Great win today! Think Alderweild, Wanyama and Eriksen would be perfect this summer and will give us that springboard into the top 4. Will give us a better squad than spurs in my opinion. Good job so far BR."
12th May 2013 23:18
"I don't understand some fans. We win well today and yet some still moan. I despair..."
12th May 2013 23:22
"Rushjob, if we want a Carra type leader at the back - then Williams is our man. He is a monster of a player and is captain material. He is technically much better than Carra and is just as tenacious. He is well respected by fellow pros and managers. "
12th May 2013 23:37
"Hey Buddha, this is war of the lone here... and I agree with you about williams, apparently its his agent trying to get the move, but he is a very good player, I dont understand fans who doubt him.. they have probably not even watched either!"
13th May 2013 0:05
"Would love us to get Gaston Ramirez and Michu if we don't get some of the other tasty players."
13th May 2013 0:11
"ThreePoints - you're a negative idiot. Give credit where it's due. Well done Liverpool and to Sturridge for the hat-trick! Next week let's finish the season on a high!"
13th May 2013 1:08
"Well Done DS!! Well Done PC too!! and for those that says DS is selfish, for goodness sake....that natural predator instinct. Did you see the back heal pass that he set Borini up? Well done team. YNWA!!"
13th May 2013 1:26
"great stuff Daniel but I also thought coates did well considering the lack of match practice and he will only get better well done seb "
13th May 2013 7:11
"We can win at any long as they below us right?"
13th May 2013 7:37
"So the Toffees again finish above LFC in the EPL. Congrats to Moyes. Forever Red."
13th May 2013 7:44
"Hoping the so called brain trust of LFC are taking heed to what is obvious to others. There's management changes in the five teams above us (only a matter of time before MCFC fire Mancini and possibly AFC if they fail to finish Top 4). The 2013/14 season will be our best chance to make Top 4. Hoping some quality in to make that happen. Foever Red!"
13th May 2013 8:17
"Lovely game, nice to see the movement getting more fluid, nice to see the lads try new things and gain some tactical experiance in the Tactical arsenal. its really starting to come together now, they are pulling opposition out and making space.. excellent second half."
13th May 2013 8:48
"Coutinho is fantastic!!! Next year he'll play like Messi...."
13th May 2013 8:51
"Daniel was phenominal such composure and concetration, incredible.. what is even better that is his influence on other players, is it just me or does Borini seem more confident with Daniel, Borini had a storming game, he was showing bits Ive never seen. I am starting to believe he is quite the striker."
13th May 2013 8:53
"and yea, Kudos Coutinho has some magic in his feet, that much is quite obvius."
13th May 2013 10:13
"he and coutinho are superb shlvey is not so good for liverpool liverpool need to buy 1 prolific striker 2 central defenders, 2 or 3 midfielders assaidi,shlvey, dowining, must go these players can't make liverpool win trophies WE NEED MORE STURRIGE,SUAREZ, COUTINHO,GERRARD TYPE PLAYERS they hv winning mentality"
13th May 2013 13:07
"Young Eriksen off to Dortmund it seems..there lies our problem..difficult to attract top players when finishing 7th and out of CL.."