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Daniel Sturridge!
12th May 2013 17:39
12th May 2013 18:05
"Has to be DS with 3 goals but the whole team has to take credit for that win today. I thought there was a really good shape to the team today if you add the likes of Gerrard,Agger,Skrtel,Kelly,Suarez it would be more like GK Riena,CB Kelly,CB Skrtel,CB Agger,RWB Johnson,LWB Enrique,DM Lucas,LCM Coutinho,CM Gerrard,RCM Hendo,AF Suarez.ST Sturridge."
12th May 2013 18:12
"Then that is a very good starting line up add 3-4 more signings of the quality we brought in last window this summer plus the young players coming through we then are starting to build a really good squad but more important a very strong 1st team with loads of competition to keep everyone on their toes. Thats whats been wong for far too long not enough competition for places. "
12th May 2013 18:17
"pure class daniel "
12th May 2013 18:18
"pure class daniel "
12th May 2013 18:19
"pure class daniel S"
12th May 2013 18:19
"pure class daniel S"
12th May 2013 18:25
"Option a. Dan b. Sturro c. step dancer"
12th May 2013 18:54
"When Conor Coady stepped in for Downing, I thought for a moment Gerard was back. The height, the gait, the general features: all Gerard's."
12th May 2013 19:09
"DS by far. Coutinho continue to impress. BR made a good switch at halftime..."
12th May 2013 19:18
"I voted Phillipe cos Danny's got amazing talent but fails to select the pass to players with better options than himself sometimes."
12th May 2013 19:18
"I still think Dan overdoes it sometime. On several occasions, his teammates were in better positions , but he went on alone regardless."
12th May 2013 20:10
"More than encouraging to see our Nos 9 and 10 currently holding 91% of the votes in an away game. Pass of the week goes to Phillipe AGAIN. What a kiddy. Can't wait for the next ten years. "
12th May 2013 21:36
"Fix70 name those SEVERAL occasions? There was only 1 that he might of been better off passing thats only cause the keeper pulled of a good save. He scored 3 so get a grip hes a STRIKER why would you want a strikers first thoughts when in or around the box is shall i pass or shoot, NO!!! First instinct you want in strikers is hit 1st time or 2nd move the ball create a better shot 3rd pass."
12th May 2013 22:08
"I say 'FUNGI' Wait! He's nowhere to be seen (or heard!),which is odd. All the negative writings before and now after a record away goals, great GD, better points, better position, result- nothing! Curiouser and curiouser..."
12th May 2013 23:15
"People slate Fabio Borini for his goal return.. Now people slate Sturridge for not passing! Suarez should pass to others in better positions at times but doesn't! A greedy striker is a better striker! And they are the people that will bring the goals and points home! Suarez, Torres, Sturridge are all greedy! But have provided us the goods! Find something else to complain about!"
12th May 2013 23:38
"Who the hell voted Downing lol"
13th May 2013 0:23
"I voted downing by accident, pressed vote before selecting play by having fat fingers using my phone haha. He played well but so did the whole team. Has to be studge! Can't take the hattrick away from him. Ten league goals in half a season. Wish we had him from the start, coutinho was fantastic again. I say this every year but next season will be exiting!"
Brazilian meastro10
13th May 2013 7:41
"im sorry but Daniel sturridge was amazing. My MOTM However, has to be Sebatian Coates!!! I dnt look at typical big names, and I think coates and wisdom had both outstanding games, wisdom made a few stupid mistakes, hense my vote goes to Coates. well done boy, always sed u were brilliant, should play him wqith agger"
13th May 2013 9:11
"who else??!!"
13th May 2013 9:37
"Two players get 92% of the votes!! Need more such players or such performances from existing players. Desperate to get into top-4."
13th May 2013 9:49
"Daniel, Philippe and Pepe were all excellent. "