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What a performance!
12th May 2013 17:03
12th May 2013 17:04
"wd Daniel. Fantastic performance and a well deserved HT. We could have scored 15 wp lads YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:05
"That'll hit 'em where it hurts! Will they comment? Will they 'uck! The re-build will continue in the Summer and we will only get better! "
12th May 2013 17:05
"First of many! Savour that Daniel you were terrific today"
12th May 2013 17:05
"Absolute class from Sturridge. Walk on you mighty Reds.. YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:05
"Fantastic result, well done lads"
12th May 2013 17:06
"I guess most of our defence problems should be solved now. Wisdom and Coates were very good today. Sturridge, of course, was the man of the match, but if he was a little selfless, we might have gotten 4. Also, we need to stop allowing the opposition too much possession in the first half."
12th May 2013 17:07
"Very very poor game in the first half. Overall our top 3 performer : Sturridge, Coutinho, Reina. Top 3 rubbish : Jonjo, Coates, Lucas. However, 3 points thats important.."
12th May 2013 17:08
"So easy in the end well done redmen, so happy to see SEB CO get a game,and 11 goals for DS"
12th May 2013 17:11
"Well done redmen onwards and upwards if we get the right player in the summer we will be in the top 4 "
12th May 2013 17:14
"Great second half. Only one let down and it's the same EVERY time he plays. Please BR...Get RID of Shelvey...He's a clumsy lamebrain liability!"
12th May 2013 17:14
"Sturridge, Coutinho, Suarez and one more deadly winger in that attack and we will tear teams to shreds. Maybe Tom Ince? Defence and a very good midfielder who can keep the ball and control the tempo like Xavi or Pirlo then we'are getting ready for the top. Raheem and Suso would get better too."
12th May 2013 17:15
"our new king!"
12th May 2013 17:17
"Great game! YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:18
"Teixeira can control the tempo but he's young so maybe a South American or Spanish player in the Xabi-Xavi-Pirlo mould. "
12th May 2013 17:18
"DS and PC make a whole lot of difference compare to the last season for just 20mil. Nobody mentioned their names when asking for 'world-class' players. But I wouldn't swap them for the so called world-class players either. First hat trick in 15 games. I wonder how long does AC need to wait in LFC Shirt and when the next Torres's hat-trick in CFC."
12th May 2013 17:19
"Excellent game especially the 2nd half.Great performances from Sturridge, Coutinho, Reina and and good game for Coates"
12th May 2013 17:20
"Well done today. There as BEEN a improvement this season come on Liverpool the team is fighting back"
12th May 2013 17:21
"Dats an exciting win indeed. Up reds!"
12th May 2013 17:21
"Good teamwork between coutinho and sturridge. Keep them at lfc."
12th May 2013 17:22
"An exciting win indeed. Up reds!"
12th May 2013 17:23
"An exciting win indeed. Super Dan. Up reds"
12th May 2013 17:24
"We are only the third team to hit 70 goals at 37 games. Centre-Back will be the top priority in the summer transfer. "
Gerrard o ya beauty
12th May 2013 17:24
"We need more players like Coutinho and sturridge they are the ones that get u goals and win u football matches. Just proves aswel that we ain't a 1 man team. Sturridges finishing is devastating he's on the top form at the min. Come on u reds!!! YNWA"
Vosta Lee
12th May 2013 17:24
"Coutinho had a very quiet game today...and TWO ASSISTS! Class. "
12th May 2013 17:26
"Well done everyone!"
12th May 2013 17:27
"But DS better start setting up goals for Coutinho too. else Coutihno might stop the supply. Too many chances for DS to pass to PC and Jonjo (but this, I can understand why)"
12th May 2013 17:28
"Coutinho and Sturridge have proved top players don't need time to settle in! Allen and borini take note."
poolman 96
12th May 2013 17:28
"where is all the man u fans. oh wait i forget man u are still playing"
12th May 2013 17:30
"Congrats, but worried about the number of chances we wasted. We could have been punished. That said, I think the future looks brights. YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:31
"Very well played in the second half. The team were slow off the blocks, which has seemed like a common occurrence in away games this season, but they made up for it. It was an excellent performance by Sturridge. I'm sure he'll treasure that match ball. May it be the first of many!"
12th May 2013 17:33
"Just seen the goals on my ESPN phone app- great 1st goal by sturidge-3rd goal great pass by PC for daniel to score. Were having a good finish to the season. Weve lost one in eleven"
12th May 2013 17:34
"Daniel Sturridge scored his deserved hat-trick but what really mesmerized me was the sublime passes and movement of Phillipe Coutinho! Shelvey was too stiff to be a Stevie replacement, Hendo was also stiff but he worked hard! I really would like to see Suso be given a chance to start along Phillipe in our last home game against QPR! Well done lads! YNWA! "
12th May 2013 17:36
"I think it's clear to see that Sturridge and Coutinho have a very bright, red, long future at the club. If they keep up this form well into next year and Borini gets firing alongside Suarez, then a few more signings and we'll be signing at the end of the season."
Buckie LFC Supporter
12th May 2013 17:37
"DS was like Suarez today. Too selfish! Our strikers need to improve their decision making for the team. Twice DS had 1 on 1 with simple pass for tap in but chose to shoot. Game was at 2-1 and on another day we would concede & not get the 3 points! Come on make the game safe 1st then you can be greedy!"
12th May 2013 17:37
"Well Done DS15!"
12th May 2013 17:42
"Great win...with a weakened side too. Noticed that "mushroomscouser" geezer hasn't posted any of his usual negative anti BR comments on this story....I suppose there's still time! "
12th May 2013 17:42
"that was absolutely crazy game of football from our team. our defence was abit of a mess at times. but that was bcause there were lots of changes to it. congrats to sturr, his 1st hattrick in lfc shirt. hopefully more to come from him, next match would be great to get another one if he doesnt mind;)"
Stan Still
12th May 2013 17:43
"Super Daniel Sturridge! "
12th May 2013 17:45
"Great performance from Sturridge, we were a little lucky though as we almost gifted them a goal with some typical stupid passing around the back. Lots to improve on for next season. YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:45
"i would just like to thank FSG for making us look pathetic with rodgers in charge no cups no europe next season thank you once again"
12th May 2013 17:46
"Great overall performance redmen! Keep this going into next season and we will be in with a shout. Shame the season didn't start in January!"
12th May 2013 17:47
"well done Dan the Man.. you made my weekend bud. YNWA."
12th May 2013 17:49
"hulksmash don't despair, I tell you, manure fans already soiling themselves when they see what a team we're building"
12th May 2013 18:09
"Lets give Brendan and Allen and Borini time to prove themselves next season. With the right signings we should be able to leapfrog arsenal and tottenham, everton has over performed and we have under achieved this season!"
12th May 2013 18:12
"PC and DS epic fantastic"
12th May 2013 18:26
"Now we just need to create a fotress at Anfield and become more clynical at home. 13 draws for Liverpool is also not good enough, 7 of them before the end of November showed we needed some much neede support for Suarez and some better defending which seems to have come in the last 3 months on many occasions. B.O.N.S.!"
12th May 2013 18:37
"What a second half. Should have finished by six or seven Liverpool goals. Enjoyed every minute."
12th May 2013 18:40
"i know people have said it before -if we had sturridge and coutinho at start of season - it does make you think where could we be now-also bad ref decisions costly-i am very optimistic but have been for a number of years-hope next years the one"
12th May 2013 18:42
"Can't quite believe certain people on here can't help but slate the team. Anyway great idea bringing in seb. Good performance. There's not a team around that isn't gutted we snatched coutinho pure class at 20 yrs!!"
12th May 2013 19:05
"CLEAR PROGRESS to be seen by all, next season is going to be so exciting, Rodgers is building one hell of a team, and we had a weakened side today, missing 3 world class players, saurez, Stevie G and Agger! quite amazing really! if you take 3 of spurs or arsenals best players out of their team they would struggle!"
12th May 2013 19:11
"Good win... Ball possession 65% to Fulham but we create many more chances... Shows ball possession isn't everything... it's how you use the possession that matters... Good play between DS & PC. YNWA"
12th May 2013 19:22
"The light 19.05 - well said lad - yes we are building a team and its looking interesting for next season - if fans cant see this then their are clueless"
12th May 2013 19:28
"Man I hate wishing the summer away - but simply can't wait for next season. We may have finished without a trophy or European football, but anybody who can't see the difference in the club doesn't understand football. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to get moving forward again."
12th May 2013 19:34
"Goooooooooo Redmen! Three of the best! Could have had more, but no complaints from me. Excited for next season, I am. Please support Rodgers, FSG."
12th May 2013 19:47
"That's to all the haters calling him "lazy"!!"
12th May 2013 19:59
"Great end to the away fixtures this season."
12th May 2013 20:01
"Sturrindge's hat-trick is the first of the many to come in Liverpool shirt. well done boy, keep it up.YNWA. "
12th May 2013 21:13
"Well played by ALL the team! Good things are happening!"
12th May 2013 21:21
"Hardly any miserable gits, not a surprise! They've let you down with a 3-1 win!"
12th May 2013 21:27
"I don't trust BR talkings on beautiful football if Downing and Henderson are part of his plan for next season."
Red Yank 1969
12th May 2013 22:02
"really toyed with Fulham in the 2nd half...great job from coutinho and hendo...great hustle from Sturridge..lets finish strong against QPR"
12th May 2013 22:02
"Looking...looking...still looking... Can't see any comments from the fungi, which seems strange after a great result! Draw you're own conclusion about them. Last season lost 1-0, this time ...! Oh and that 40-yard ball from johnson!!!!!"
13th May 2013 1:11
"add mertens to that strikeforce and we will be top scorers next year wow !!!"
13th May 2013 8:05
"Probably the best Hat-Trick since God last graced the pitch. Well played"
13th May 2013 8:36
"There is no pleasing some people. The team wins and they still find something to whinge about. All top strikers have a degree of selfishness in them, and that's what make them who they are. Get off Daniel's back and enjoy the win. "
13th May 2013 8:46
"Duo fantastics: Sturridge and Coutinho!!!"