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Howay redmen!
12th May 2013 16:07
12th May 2013 16:36
"What type of chances does jonjo need to score a goal???? People said he is SG in the making...rubbish!! Loan him BR..."
Stan Still
12th May 2013 16:54
"Daniel Sturridge you are one heck of a striker. I knew you were super talented when you were at City but now you're getting better and better! Man of the Match! Brilliant performance. Well done Daniel! Well done!"
12th May 2013 16:59
"he got hat trick! he's a man of the match! Sturridge! ynwa!"
12th May 2013 17:00
"Sturridge was awesome today, Borini unlucky not to score as well well played reds"
12th May 2013 17:02
"WOW, the last 10 minutes of the game were brilliant! Don't see a big thing i Jonjo though? Hope you can prove me wrong someday, but right now I prefer Suso! "
12th May 2013 17:03
"Is it me or does Srurridge play better without Suarez? Anyway great hat trick lad. For me though the best signing since Suarez is Couttinho. What a little magician he is turning out to be. If these two lads are an indication of the quality Rogers is bringing in, next season looks awesome!"
12th May 2013 17:05
"Great performance by Sturridge and Coutinho. The latter is proving to be quite the steal. Borini did quite well too, unlucky not to score."
12th May 2013 17:11
"Good performance. I was hoping to see Suso with Coutinho and i hope we keep coates and enrique."
12th May 2013 17:13
"fantastic away support !"
12th May 2013 17:16
"The Fulham Goal shouldn't have been allowed as there was two players in an Oide position including Berbatov. Winge Over. Well Played Reds just QPR to go now, so please finish with Another Win to end this season at Anfield. YNWA REDS."
12th May 2013 17:22
"It could have been 8-0 actually. YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:23
"Dan The Man!!!"
12th May 2013 17:25
"Coutinho The Wizard! "
12th May 2013 17:26
"Great performance today. More of it next season."
Vosta Lee
12th May 2013 17:28
"I like the look of the mascot with Carra there. The gaze seems to say "We're coming to get you!""
12th May 2013 17:31
"well done ds. i hope we add 4 more players or more. i would like us to get sackho,lars bender,erickson, catian, jackson martinez, benteke and munian. if we add these plyers we should aim the league not top 4. "
12th May 2013 17:38
"More of this next season please!!!!! YNWA!"
12th May 2013 17:39
"Love the pictures and a great ending for the travelling red army on the final away game :D"
Gerrard o ya beauty
12th May 2013 17:44
"Loving that second pic of Jamie C what a LEGEND!!! YNWA"
12th May 2013 17:54
"Funny how the usual moaners never leave positive comments after we win there was plenty of positives from that match but no comments from the usual BR bashers? Shows exactly the kind of fans they really are when you only come on to slate BR & players. BR put out basically a reserve team today & we still scored 3 & controlled the match on a whole hes not a good manager tho eh lol "
12th May 2013 18:01
"Nice one Daniel, best way to respond to the stick you were getting from the Fulham fans."
12th May 2013 18:09
"Howay redmen?? wool. bigger gimp than that fat lad in the penguin top. 7th people, 7th progress"
12th May 2013 19:07
"Great team effort. Daniel good performance, bit less selfish when needed please. Shelvey? What sort of chance does he need to score a goal??? YNWA"
12th May 2013 19:11
"Dan the man"
12th May 2013 19:25
"Keep it up BR,We expect to be in top form next session. Suarez, Sturridge, Couttinho, Agger, Lucas and others under the marshall of Steven England no one to stop us in top three. YNWA"
12th May 2013 19:31
"scotty78ynwa 12th May 2013 17:54 - Couldn't agree more... Where are mushroomscouser and Billy B Girl tonight?? What we are seeing is undeniable levels of progress since BR joined us, and if he can pull off 2 or 3 more transfer coups like he did with DS and PC then we will be challenging at the top again..."
12th May 2013 19:49
"Superb Danny lad- and a big credit to BR for changing the game. Well done!"
12th May 2013 19:56
"A pleasure to watch. Daniel Sturridge is such a talent. Well played Red Men YNWA"
Gordon Ottershaw
12th May 2013 20:08
"Is it me or did I not see a rather nervous LFC today. I know we won 3-1 but really was it a performance that we expect from a top notch team. I am not convinced after seeing performances that really if one scrutinised may show up a lacking group of players. I am not being critical but trying to be realistic. Good result though. "
12th May 2013 20:43
"Great pics."
12th May 2013 21:00
"scotty78ynwa too right! he's doing a really good job. Okay so we'll finish 7th but next season is a whole season with sturridge and coutinho.. since theyve come in we've actually been pretty consistant.. Need to aim high next year, a few signings and we're on our way!"
12th May 2013 21:02
"Thats the way guys, though the coach near blundered by benching Enrique. Well done Coutinho and Danny."
12th May 2013 21:06
"lol fans still trying to call Sturridge selfish after scoring a hatrick!!! Keep on scoring one day they might understand how a striker works!!!"
12th May 2013 21:26
"Do any of our hardcore away supporters want Rodgers out - don't think so! They stood firmly behind Daglish and now can see the good work that Rodgers is doing - they are all fantastic! YNWA!"
12th May 2013 21:35
"YES RUSHJOB! listen up people (miserable ba$tard$ only) Rodgers changed things around and got us the win - the guy is good at his job! All the changes to the club and team and we've maintained our position - top 4 here we come next season! Scoff on that MB's!"
12th May 2013 21:41
"when Rodgers was giving the job I was never so excited for the future , I watched his Swansea team outplay man city arsenal etc, can't wait for new season ynwa "
12th May 2013 21:46
"Suarez coutinho sturridge gerrard sterling suso Lucas etc and 4 to 5 top players in the summer it can only push us toward the top again . Ynwa "
12th May 2013 22:05
"FUNGI! FUNGI! I CAN'T SEEEEEEE YOU! strange. no comments after a great away win... my search continues..."
13th May 2013 0:06
"How many goals now?????"
13th May 2013 1:57
"Get the right men around him & Sturridge could be world class.Do not think him & Suarez are best for the team.Definitely Shelvey will never be good enough.Sturridge was the only difference against Fulham our midfield were really shown up to be very poor,Lucas,Shelvey & Allen have got to go."
13th May 2013 4:29
"As soon as Carra moved inside to C/B Berbatov scored.Surprise,surprise. But i suppose Wisdom or Coates,will get the blame never mind only one more game,then no more Carra. Allelula thank you lord. "