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no. my god get douglas or a really really young lad who will have to sit on the bench but can learn from skrtel and agger. on the other-hand GET ERIKSEN please he would be the buy we have been needing so much. and wanyama would be nice :P
11th May 2013 13:52
11th May 2013 14:19
"think i'll watch this match and have a look at him."
11th May 2013 14:27
"this is about the 10th center back that is 'replacing' Carra. Just get the Ajax captain and Douglas for free = two for 8m. "
11th May 2013 15:13
"Why do We need another Left sided Defender when We aready have DAgger, Jose Enrique and Andre Wisdom who can all play on the Left? YNWA REDS"
11th May 2013 20:56
"NO WAY! He played half a season in Germany (Bremen)and he was absolutely rubbish. I can remember at least 10 awful mistakes he made in just 17 games !!"
12th May 2013 0:49
"danny simpson is on a free and so is douglas why not just get them easy pickings and pay them very little"
A Red In My Bed
12th May 2013 1:32
"Give me a break!"
A Red In My Bed
12th May 2013 2:04
"Looks like we Will Be Signing Toby Alderweireld (IF Brendon wants him..) Here's what he said Saturday. â"
A Red In My Bed
12th May 2013 2:04
A Red In My Bed
12th May 2013 2:09
""I'm being very selective over my new Club. I don't want to go Man City.. They have Vincent Kompany who plays in my position" "Liverpool on the other hand have the potential to return to being a Top Club" ...Remember you read it here first!! :-)"
12th May 2013 9:55
"THIS IS A GREAT SIGNING!! Cheep, young and good, with a lot of potential. For only 5 mill! great. We have enough money for eriksen and with some players sold, we might have enough for a star striker!"