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Hopefully we won't get him, too old, too expensive. Nkoulou or Alderweireld are better options.
11th May 2013 11:58
11th May 2013 12:09
"good news"
11th May 2013 12:25
"Great we gonna get Toby he will be class"
11th May 2013 12:59
"Quote from Alderweireld interview "I don't want to spread rumours around the world, but for example Liverpool have the potential to go to the top". Looking like he may be on his way here - hoping!"
11th May 2013 13:10
"hope they get him,"
11th May 2013 13:17
"Good cus we dont want him,were getting rid of overrated players not buying them."
11th May 2013 15:20
"for 12 million they can have him. he is not worth that amount of money"
Vosta Lee
11th May 2013 17:09
"At least rumours are having us dodging the bullet."
12th May 2013 1:26
"free transfers anyone, walter samuel, keisuke honda, danny simpson, douglas, flamini, hubocan, ivanschitz, metzelder, amorebieta, demichellis, doyle should we take any of them players ? pay them absolute peanuts as well might not be bad to have experience "
12th May 2013 8:58
"Yea, dear lord, please let him go to Arsenal.. Please no more Swansea players.."
Stan Still
12th May 2013 17:04
"Brendan I think it's VERY clear most of the Liverpool supporters don't want Ashley Williams! Listen to the supporters! No more Swansea failures please. "
12th May 2013 20:28
"Not good enough!! Everytime I watch him he looks poor. Better defenders out there!"
13th May 2013 7:53
"This is a no no please Im from south wales and have seen this guy on numerous amount of times..he is not a liverpool player he is too old and too slow and he kicks like a donkey...brendan please dont sign this guy"
13th May 2013 15:41
"Good Arsenal can have him, but we need to start pitting in bids for players the second the transfer window opens no wasting time this window. What ever amount we have we must get the best players possible rather 2 players of quality than 6 mediocre players like in the past. LFC YNWA"