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All we want from you lads is to play your best in the last two games and come back even stronger next season! YNWA!
12th May 2013 9:23
12th May 2013 9:54
"Lucas for captain after Carra and Gerrard is gone!"
12th May 2013 9:55
"Thought he meant Gerrard or Suarez! Time for a start for a star- someone grab these games and make them yours."
12th May 2013 10:04
"I think what he means is each player is playing for there position or there contract at the club, I expect Rodgers to have some idea of what is needed to kick on for top 4 position next season, this means clearing out a couple of players, Downing, Skrtl, possibly Shelvey as well, we also need to build a stronger/deeper squad with more talent!"
12th May 2013 10:05
"Come on you reds, it's me birthday today, so lets have a strong finish to the season. See you in Brazil Stevie. YNWA"
12th May 2013 10:21
"Last yr we were at the same position. Nothng to fight for at the stage. We played shambolic, rubbish. But this year we are playing better. BR deserves a small credit for making the team work hard and focus."
12th May 2013 10:39
"Big andy might do us a favour today even a draw and chelski should beat neverton last game, but knowing us we probably wouldn't take the chance anyway, cmon redmen 3pts please."
12th May 2013 10:45
"Same position last season? How? Last season we had won a trophy and been to Wembley a few times, knocked the bitters out at Wembley and fought an FA cup final in front of millions. This season does not remotely compare to last. This season has been total crap. An embarrassment. And Rodgers needs to know it. He isn't at Reading now. Or is he?"
12th May 2013 12:41
"mushroomscouser; c'omon man there is always hope, br had a very poor first half of the season and he will be judged next term more harshly but give the guy his dues he has done a great job second half of the season. Some progress there has been."
12th May 2013 12:44
"see our chief scout's stats, so how do you expect us to have better players?"
12th May 2013 12:49
"Get Wanyama!"
12th May 2013 12:54
"The whole club has been through a major overhaul, we all wanted better but realistically how could it improve on last year with all the changes. The only way was to inject the top end with huge investment and 'uck to the rest of the club! FSG are playing this one right - deal with it!"
12th May 2013 13:00
"I take it Henderson will drop back and Shelvey will play the more advanced role? Anyway, good luck for the game today lads! Keep those lovely neat passes together and you'll do well."
12th May 2013 13:00
"What a REal Surprise to see mushroomscouser0713 having YET another Go at Liverpool? Do you Really Support Liverpool Football Club or are you from a totally Different Planet? Do Us All a Favour and Go Back as I CAN'T remember seeing you post ANYTHING POSITVE yet. YNWA REDS."
12th May 2013 13:16
"DWH happy birthday"
12th May 2013 13:45
"yeah try to be positive - look on the bright side, we have cemented 7th place! Thats ours it's not going anywhere!"
Billy B girl
12th May 2013 14:01
"liverpoollover1 12:44 Just checked this on Wiki - OMG very depressing but not surprising the scout is from Ireland and he was at Reading - ring any bells???"
12th May 2013 14:21
"Perspective. BR took over in difficult circs. He also lost experience in Kuyt, bellamy and maxi. He had to try to stamp his mark on a weak squad and face some terrible fixtures early on to boot. Any wise fan knows change needs time and it's clear we are a different side now to 9 months ago. But BR had a weaker squad than kk had so progress is being made, certainly."
12th May 2013 14:29
"Judgements should be made in 12 months. The next two transfer Windows are crucial. Fsg, ayre, BR and the scouts need to ensure that we have a squad ready to fight for top 4. I'm not saying top 4 or BR goes, I'm saying we need to be in that fight until the end, not hit February with little or no chance. It's a really tough group to break now but we have to be ready to pounce on any slip. "
12th May 2013 14:43
"ron23 - I agree with you - top 4 or BR goes!"
12th May 2013 16:05
"Nice words lucas. But honestly your performance not good enough this season. Agree with some fan that you unable to steal opposition ball without making a foul. BR should think signing your replacement, not your back up."
12th May 2013 16:48
"BR should buy cdm, world class striker,right winger and cb. my shout is lars bender, benteke, jackson martinez or oscar cordoso, de maria or catian from benfica and sakho, albiol and fazio. "
12th May 2013 16:54
"if we buy those plyers. we will have a abig chance to compete the league let alone top 4 come on liverpool."
12th May 2013 17:50
"Redsquirral, I didn't say that, sorry. I said he doesn't have to, he just has to get us in a position where we're ast it. Completely counter-productive to get rid if we finish 5th, say, and in with a chance upto the last couple of games. There's a real strong group ahead of us and we need to get on par. If we're miles away with no signs of progress, then ok. But a challenge is a must."
12th May 2013 19:14
"Yeh, do your best in the last games and set the scene for next year..."