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could be a good signing. but we should really focus on securing a young but powerful defender and eriksen. wanyama would be an amazing buy but i dont think we would get wanyama + eriksen, if we did...our midfield would be...stupendous
11th May 2013 9:43
11th May 2013 9:54
"I agree YNWA"
11th May 2013 9:55
"Dont need this guy we need quality CB proven he will be like assaidi no"
11th May 2013 10:01
"dont know enough about him to comment, but he sounds promising, I like the sound of ALderwield though!"
11th May 2013 10:11
"Just saw his video clips. Seems powerful & no-nonsense defender. A player we should consider especially when he can play 2 positions in centre & left back. "
11th May 2013 10:13
"ALDERWEIRELD, MONTOYA, SAKHO & KELLY (as CB replacing Carra)..!! #YNWA"
11th May 2013 10:23
"I hope we sign him..from what I have heard, he could be a good signing.."
11th May 2013 10:23
"I hope we sign him..from what I have heard, he could be a good signing.."
11th May 2013 10:44
"do we really need him all this will do is stop the progression of Kelly coates and wisdom, we got DA and MS as first choice."
11th May 2013 11:22
"StRoth Abdennour only 23 is he too old for you ?"
11th May 2013 11:26
"BISTRY no he is not too old. but i would love to have skrtel stay, and well we cant just buy a world class defender and then ahve him sit on th ebench when skrtel plays? we have to buy real young raw talent. a super sub...that can learn from agger and skrtel."
10 gd
11th May 2013 11:56
"Eriksen seria uma boa compra"
11th May 2013 16:15
"and play him in Assaidi's position?"
12th May 2013 0:41
"must say we are better off buying players like this rather than the barca b team all the players we have been linked with from barca are not all that great, without there midfield they would not be that good."